10 Best Vape Shops in Birmingham

10 Best Vape Shops in Birmingham

10 Best Vape Shops in Birmingham

If you are a vape addict and living in Birmingham city, you will definitely find a lot of places. This needs a little search over the internet. If you are in search of some of the best vape shops in Birmingham then multiple shops will appear and it is very difficult to choose which one suits your budget.

So for you, here we are trying to make things a little easier for you so that you can choose your best vape shop UK easily so we have compiled a list of the best online vape stores for Birmingham.

UK VaperStore:

10 Best Vape Shops in Birmingham

If you are looking for a vape shop then a UK Vaper store can be the best choice for you because here you can find E liquids, vape kits, Nicotine Pouches, Coils, Tanks, and different kinds of accessories for some amazing prices. Is the web store that has some amazing facilities that we like such as:

  • If the total amount is more than 20 pounds then their delivery charges will be waived off
  • If you are buying E-liquid products then you will get a 10% discount
  • They have one of the best prices in the united kingdom
  • Delivery 7 days a week

Vape Shop Birmingham:

Vape Shop Birmingham

The interesting thing about them is that if you are living in the Birmingham area then they can set the kit up outside of your home and can give you a personal experience to feel like you are standing in their store.

If you are living within 10 miles of Birmingham which includes Dudley, Walsall, and Wolverhampton, then you have to order before 2 P.M. on the same day of delivery. They are also offering 50% off on all CBD products including brands like Dinnerlady, Dr Watson, and many more.

You can also buy vape hardware brands such as E-liquid brands, vampire vape, etc. vape shop Birmingham also offers free next-day delivery on orders that are over 20 pounds.

Evapo Vape Store:

Evapo Vape Store

It is one of the best vape shops that you can find because they have such a large e-liquid range of brands including Ohm Brew, Jack Rabbit, etc.

The customer service is amazing that they are trying their best to help you decide which flavour is for you they also offer a fantastic loyalty card option so that you can use it in your local store in also apply it to online stores all you have to do is just to sign up and become a part of Evapo Club, after that, you can get points every time is a shop which can be redeemed for later purchases.

Evapo also offers you exclusive rewards throughout the year.

  • Free flavour bar so that you can go and try different tastes that are in the range of up to 180 flavours
  • Over 800 products are available in the store which includes vape kits, E-liquids, etc
  • They are offering 10% off for the students on presenting a valid ID card and Evapo club card which is eligible for the people who are 18+

GreyHaze Vape Store:

GreyHaze Vape Store

Gray Haze is a leading vape shop in Birmingham. Grey Haze is providing its brilliant service for a very long time. Grey Haze pause came into the market back in the year 2012. It has more than 14060 verified reviews.

With hundreds of reviews both online and offline, Gray Haze is a vaping powerhouse. After going deep into it we come up with hundreds of e-liquids on offer, dozens of box mods, more tanks, etc than any place we have seen.

GreyHaze is literally a one-stop shop for all your vaping needs. When we began to search for customer feedback, it was very hard to track find more than 10 or 15 reviews for each vape store, but easily managed to get many reviews on Grey Haze products.

They have a total of:

  • 343 liquids
  • 42 e-cigarettes
  • 50 plus liquid brands
  • 66 box mods91 tanks
  • 110 e-cigarette accessories for sale

Totally Wicked Vape Shop:

Totally Wicked Vape Shop

This amazing vape store was found back in the year 2018 and there have been transforming the lives of hundreds of vapers and smokers with their amazing combination of e liquids, devices, and such team of experts of 360 experts that is growing every single year.

You have such massive partners ASDA, Sainsbury, Euro Garages, Bargain Booze, etc. Totally Wicked is rated on Trustpilot with over excellent 25000 reviews. We add them to our list because:

  • They have vaping experts
  • 140 dedicated vape stores around the country
  • 90% of their customers have given up cigarettes
  • Search friendly and honest staff for advice

Tablites Vape Shop:

Tablites Vape Shop

Tablites was launched as an internet store back in the year 2011 and became popular in Birmingham City. now they have shifted to focus almost all of their attention on their physical stores, and this idea made them even more trustworthy and popular. All of their products are tested before being introduced to you so that you can shop without any hesitation.

They have a lot of branches across the country so that you can find them anywhere easily. They offer 100% secure shopping and accept payment through MasterCard, Visa card, Paypal, etc. They have:

  • 15 box mods
  • 26 tanks
  • 168 e-liquids
  • 35 e-cigarette accessories
  • 22 e-liquid brands, and 16 e-cigarette kits for sale



Ecigwizard is one more e-cigarette business that was on the internet initially and interacts with its customers on the website and when they recognized that vaping was at this time, not a common fashion but a revolution, they decided to use full energy into it.

If we say by full power, we meant more than 45 retail facades, one of which is their top-of-the-line Birmingham shop. See, we thought TABlites was great with their 12 store project. This ruins it as far as the number of customer-facing facades is functional.

If you are thinking how could they make this sort of progress? the answer is by utilizing the most important technique, "Superb customer care". Ecigwizard has one of the greatest appraised customer help divisions in the vaping field. Additionally, their scope of items is very exceptional as well.

Dragon Vapour Vape Store:

Dragon Vapour Vape Store

Dragon vapour is one of the leading Birmingham vape shops and they have such a wide range of products like tanks and liquids etc that will suit you in the best way whether you are a beginner or an expert vaper.

They buy their products from a small number of certified and trustworthy channels so that any product displayed is authentic and genuine with authentic warranties and support networks. It is one of the best vape shops in Birmingham.

They provide international shipping and you can also cancel your order by either calling them in the store or emailing them. All the orders that are over 25 pounds are free for delivery.

VVapours Vape Store:

VVapours Vape Store

VVapours is one of the best vape stores that you can find in Birmingham. They have all kinds of the latest e-cigarettes, Starter Kits,e- liquids, and other vape accessories. This shop is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM except for Sunday ( 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM).

Their return policy is great. All the unwanted products can be returned within 14 days of delivery for a full refund for the unopened products. They can deliver your products through Royal mail and Parcelforce Express.

Next Vapour:

Next Vapour

Next paper is one of the best vape shops in Birmingham UK it is also one of the most recognized vape shops. They have such a large variety of products even though they offer more electronic liquid brands than any other common vape shop. No matter if you are an experienced vaper or a beginner, this shop will fulfil all the requirements you desire.

They have products like batteries, Hand Gel, Vaping Kits, CBD, etc. They are not delivering their products outside of the united kingdom currently. They are also giving free product delivery if the order is above 30 pounds.

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