A Beginners Guide to the World of Vaping

A Beginners Guide to the World of Vaping

Joining the Vaping Community

If you're a smoker, you've probably tried to quit many times, and now you are thinking about vaping - well using an E-cigarette is a great way to do it and here are a few reasons why you should:

No more harmful chemicals

Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. Cigarette ingredients include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. E-Liquids used in e-cigarettes are made from non-toxic propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, nicotine (in various strengths or none at all) and flavourings. This means if you choose to vape you choose to free yourself from thousands of harmful chemicals.

Stop burning your money.

An average smoker of 20 cigarettes a day spends over £70 a week that's nearly £300 pounds a month or £3640 a year. A 10ml bottle of e-liquid used in a simple Starter kit or e-cigarette lasts on average for 7-10 days, the equivalent of about 120 cigarettes. With prices starting from as little as £2.49 for the e-liquid and an average start-up e-cigarette or vaping device costing less than £40, you would save over £250 a month that's over £3000 a year. Still thinking about it, then read on!

Listen to the experts.

If you want some sound advice, then hear what Public Health England have to say: "Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking." from doctors to scientists as more research comes to light so more and more the message is switching from cigarettes to vaping saves lives -

More choice

The choice of cigarette brand and flavour profile of cigarettes is very limited; in essence, you've tasted it a thousand times. On the other hand, e-liquids offer users a huge range of different flavours with regulated set levels of nicotine or even without. The choice is yours, and UKvaperstore has a huge selection for you to enjoy as you live a smoke-free life.

Choosing your E-Cigarette

Unlike cigarettes and their limited options, e-cigarettes come in a wide range of styles and features from simple cigarette look-a-likes to pen-style e-cigarettes to more sophisticated devices normally referred to as MODS, and even MODS have a wide range of styles and features such as mechanical (simple push-button devices) to variable wattage devices whereby the user can determine, by changing the volts watts or temperature on their device, for a more bespoke vaping experience.

For most people switching to vaping from smoking is a simple journey taken in small steps. We have all heard that saying, "don't run before you can walk" well, in vaping, the best place to start is at the beginning with a small starter kit and try to use it to replace your regular cigarette breaks. You may find it hard at first to switch completely, so having a small convenient device can help significantly during the early stages. Don't feel pressured into buying the most sophisticated device being offered just because your friend or colleague has one - at the end of the day, buy what you most feel comfortable with and one which will help achieve your goal of a smoke-free life. As you get more used to the idea and feeling of vaping, you will naturally become comfortable with the technology and progression onto more complicated devices becomes much easier.

Choosing your E-Liquid

For vapers' the choice of flavour and brand is infinite - some would say there's too much choice, and for a beginner, it's quite a task finding the right one for you. Our advice to you in this regard is this - 'keep it simple'. Choosing a tobacco flavour that is not dissimilar to your cigarette brand is a good place to start - why? Because when you are trying to quit cigarettes, 'keeping it familiar' is part of the process that allows your subconscious mind to switch in the first place. Once the cigarettes are no more and the old habit is broken, then you can experiment to your hearts desire with the thousand flavours readily available.

With or without Nicotine? What strength should I have?

These two questions are probably more important for the smoker in giving up cigarettes than anything else advised, and the answers do depend somewhat on what device you choose to vape with and how you vape. Let's start with the 'device you choose to vape' with.

The e-cigarette (look-a-like) and some vape pens (disposable and rechargeable)

When a person smokes, they take a puff on a cigarette that enters the mouth, which is collected there then drawn into the lungs, commonly known in Vaping terms as "mouth to lung" (MTL). The majority of e-cigarette 'look-a-likes' and vape pens are "mouth to lung" devices. In using one of these devices, a smoker who normally smokes a packet of cigarettes a day and the cigarettes are marked on the pack as 0.8mg (average) nicotine would require an e-liquid with around 16/18mg of nicotine to replicate their current usage and habit. A 10ml e-liquid with 18mg nicotine is equivalent to around 20 cigarettes, so this would normally be the recommended place to begin. The good thing here is that the E-liquid will likely last you far longer than you think, probably equating to 6 or 7 days worth of cigarettes.

You can, of course, choose lower nicotine, but you may find you are constantly puffing on your e-cigarette as the lower volume of nicotine gives cause to withdrawal. As you use your device and the urge to smoke dwindles, you can then lower your nicotine intake as you progress and wean yourself off the dependency on nicotine. Some people have done this and are still vaping but do so with no nicotine whatsoever; others have given up both cigarettes and vaping, and some continue to vape whilst no longer smoking but at a nicotine level that is considerably lower than their former smoking habit.

MOD starter kits - MOD's in general (VV/VW and mechanical) used in conjunction with sub-ohm tanks

When a Vaper uses one of these types of devices, it usually involves the use of sub-ohm tanks and coils. In this instance, the Vaper does not inhale into the mouth and then draw into the lungs but inhales direct, more commonly known as "Direct Lung Inhale" (DLI). This type of Vaping increases the density of the vapour (clouds), and thus the volume of vapour inhaled is significantly more than what a smoker inhales as with "mouth to lung". In this instance, using 18mg of nicotine would not be advisable as a result would likely be a violent coughing fit and a pounding headache.

If you choose to start with one of these devices, it is usually advised to use 3mg or 6mg nicotine. The level is lower, but the density is more so the vape stays smooth and palatable without the harsh throat hit and a subsequent coughing fit. In the beginning, if you are a smoker, this method often prolongs the 'still smoking period' although the cigarette intake is reduced, many find they are not quite able to give up completely. Whilst this may suit some, if the original intention was to 'quit smoking', then using a 'mouth to lung' device would be far better. Once the cessation of cigarettes has been achieved, then you can spread your wings, so to speak and try this way of vaping.

You are in Control

We hope that this helps you on your journey into a smoke-free lifestyle. If you would like to add anything to this to help others on their journey or just tell your story, then feel free to add your comment. You have the tools, so to speak, and you do not require willpower to make that choice - its a simple choice, and the decision is yours - You are in control - Welcome to the Vaping Community!

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