Aegis Legend Kit Review

Aegis Legend Kit Review

Today I am reviewing the new sturdy brick style mod from Aegis known as Aegis legend kit. It is a smooth and long-lasting mod that withstands the difficulties of the outside, and it can be used daily. It is handy and cherishes your vaping experience.


The Aegis kit comes in a nice black box. The box contains the mod, which comes with a supplementary rubber plug for the USB port. The plug protects the port from damage and dust. It also contains a charging port that features an adaptable firmware and can charge at a rate of 1 Ampere. It comes with a Greek Vapes New Aero sub-ohm tank having an extra glass tube, extra coil, and a steel 150 drip tip adapter. It also offers a user manual and warranty card for the mod.

Aero tank and its properties

Let’s talk about the aero sub-ohm tank.


The tank is made up of tough stainless steel and is only available in black colour.


It is a 25mm tank and 45mm in length.

E-Liquid capacity

It can hold a significant amount of E-Liquid up to 5 ml. It also has an alternate glass tube having a capacity of 4ml.

Threads on the base

The base contains 510 pin gold plated threads that are smooth and also have an Aero Mesh Version written for your mesh coils.

Convertible Airflow

The base has a dual convertible airflow for smooth rotation.

Top-fill system

On turning the top cap halfway, it pops out, and you have your top-fill for e-liquid. It has kidney-shaped slots that allow you to squeeze your e-liquid quite easily.

Features of coils

The coil heads are replaceable and have mesh coils that operate at a wattage rate of 30 to 90 watts. The optimum performance you get is 60 to 80 watts. The organic cotton in the wicking slots provides excellent juice quality. The extra coil with the kit has a resistance of 0.15 ohm and is suitable for sub-ohm vaping at different wattage level. This coil can also operate efficiently at the 60-80W range.

Mod Outline

Colour options

It has 4 colour options. All are jet black with different colour options for grip.


The mod is 90mm by 54mm by 30mm in size.

510 connection on top

The top has a stainless steel 510 connection that holds together the tank. It is gold plated and has a spring-loaded 510 tip. The plate is made up of stainless steel, increasing the lifetime of your device.

Firing and Menu buttons

The front of the device has a fire button on top and a mini display screen, and an up and down button below the screen. The buttons are nicely made up of zinc alloy material.

Leather grip

The grip is nicely made of leather that makes it easier to hold. It has a thick, durable pad below the grip.

Outer plate

The outer plate is made of die-cast aluminium, making it more strong and immune. It has screws to keep it in place. A silicon layer runs outside the plate.

Dual 18650 batteries                

A door made of HRC carbon having vent holes keep the batteries in place. The encasing holding the batteries is waterproof. The battery door holds dual 18650 batteries together.

Display screen, settings and modes

The device turns on with five easy fire clicks.

Wattage adjustments               

The main mini screen has power level, dual battery gauge, volts, coils, amps and puff counts. The device quickly goes from 5 to 200W.

Additional settings

You can adjust power, TC nickel, TC titanium and VPC in additional settings.

Display adjustments

The colours of the mini screen can be chosen between red and blue.


The brightness can be increased by holding the fire and up button simultaneously and can be decreased by holding fire and down button together.

Experience and remarks

The device is quite powerful, with dual 18560 batteries and a 1 amp charging rate. The vaping experience is great, but sometimes I feel my lungs exerting a lot of pressure because of loud airflow. The steel buttons are very smooth. The screen is easily navigated. It is not the best mod, but it works quite efficiently and gives great flavour. For me, it is worth buying.

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