Arizer Solo 2 Review

Arizer Solo 2 Review


The Solo II from Arizer is the 2017 update of perhaps the most dependable dry spice vaporizers. By numerous individuals of its clients, the first Solo is a darling workhorse of a meeting vape that delivered unfathomable flavour and vapour. The unit itself feels and looks truly strong; no modest Chinese vape here. It has a clay warming component and is made with quality clinical/food grade components. The Solo 2 is a meeting style dry spice vaporizer with half and half convection/conduction warming. It basically has two pieces-the body and the stem. Temperature control on the unit likewise can trade between Celsius and Fahrenheit, change drove splendour, change auto-shutoff between 5-15 minutes, and change time on postponement from 8-4 seconds.


The Solo II is a dry herb portable vaporizer with digital temperature control up to 220°C/428°F. It features a full glass vapour path & bowl, fast heat-up time, an internal battery that can last up to three hours, and it even has pass-thru charging. It has very low maintenance and easy to use. The unit works by conduction though it can exhibit signs of convection. It has an efficient extraction of flowers that can produce numerous hits of the goods. With a fully customizable menu and a simple interface, the Solo II could be ideal for beginners all the way to seasoned veterans.

Apparently, Arizer products used to come in plain-Jane packaging. But this box is sweet! It is a big logo-branded, rigid box – big enough to perfectly fit a pair of my four-year-old high-top Chuck Taylors. Even the instruction manual is nice. It is huge compared to normal "fortune cookie" instructional manuals for vaporizers. It is well laid out and easy to read on its glossy black paper.

Notable features:


The Solo II battery is a monster, It truly does keep going quite a while, yet it is a non-removable battery. Indeed, it is removable with a small Torx driver, but at the same time, you will void your guarantee in doing so. Charging it requires as long as 3 hours as well. Fortunately, you can vape it while you charge, so it is not actually a serious deal and practically discredits the charge time as a con. The charge port is on the rear close to the base, which implies you can charge it while it holds up. I accept this is a change from the first Solo.


A few people allude to the Solo II (and particularly the first) as an "at-home versatile" on the grounds that it's bigger and less attentive than most portables like the Pax or even the Arizer Air. In any case, since Arizer added the little strategic looking conveying case that holds the stem and gadget in discrete pockets, it makes the gadget significantly more versatile and amusing to complete. It sits safely on a waistband, making conveying the Solo II issue free.

Cleaning and upkeep 

Cleaning the Solo II is overly simple. However long you get the spice together in the bowl, not allowing it to jump on the base of the stove, it's especially easy to keep up. The stems are all you truly need to consider.


The fume quality is astounding, it's so unadulterated and tasty with its all-glass fume way. It's simply a fired warming component, glass stem, and your spice of decision. You can get some very great billows of pleasant strong fume out of this thing as well. The fume with the more limited stem can be somewhat hotter than with the long stem.


This vaporizer isn't for everybody, however. It has a more modest chamber, so it's most appropriate for 1-2 individuals, and it's not incredible for gatherings of individuals or individuals requiring substantial hitters. The stems are glass, so the individuals who are inclined to dropping things may likewise need to dodge it or possibly purchase a couple of additional stems. In any case, there are many individuals that this vaporizer would be incredible for as well. Anybody searching for a vaporizer that is anything but difficult to utilize, clean, and keep up while additionally having an astonishing flavour and being exceptionally effective with astounding unwavering quality ought to be content with it. Due to its straightforwardness, I accept that it's perhaps an ideal decision for a fledgeling vape while still additionally effectively holding a spot in a veteran's assortment. There's simply something pleasant about having a basic and dependable vape that produces steady and quality outcomes in your stockpile. Furthermore, the kind of all-glass fume way is difficult to beat.

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