Aspire Atlantis 2 Sub Ohm Tank Review

Aspire Atlantis 2 Sub Ohm Tank Review

The Atlantis 2 is provided with two curl heads, the 0.5 Ohm and 0.3 Ohm. They are constructed utilizing 100% natural cotton with wire made in the USA. Before getting to the vape, here a snappy thing with respect to the curls. This would not impact everybody except merits referencing. The tank accompanies the 0.3 Ohm loop connected and the 0.5 Ohm as an extra. To vapers more current to sub-ohm vaping, I will say be certain your gadget will work with the 0.3 Ohm head. Any semblance of the MVP 3, Cloupor Mini, and Kanger K Box would not work with this head. This work with protections ranges from 0.4 Ohm and upwards. Obviously, it is anything but difficult to simply trade out for the 0.5 Ohm curl, yet then that will leave you with a pointless loop.

The fume volume is tremendous; the gigantic dribble tip furnishing an enormous wind stream certainly assists with this. The flavour additionally comes through truly well, firing cooler at 20W and heating up pleasantly up to 30W. It dealt with the 45W limit of the SMOK M45 with no issue except for the juice; 22-23w was about the maximum for my own preferences. Obviously, the 0.3 Ohm curl will better suit the client's vaping at a lot higher settings as they can deal with up to 80W.

For me, however, right now, you have no compelling reason to go to these levels. So for proceeded with utilization of the Atlantis 2 that will simply utilize the 0.5 Ohm and 1.0 Ohm curls. Here have, obviously, been calls for Aspire to make an RBA deck for the Atlantis 2, yet as per their site, this isn't something they are taking a gander at doing.

The curls are cross viable importance; you can utilize either set of loops in every one of the tanks. Anyway, when utilizing the 0.3ohm Atlantis 2 loop in the Atlantis 1, the fume and trickle tip get more sweltering snappier, as the Atlantis 1 doesn't have a similar wide wind current and wide bore dribble tip as on the Atlantis V2. The current wind alternatives are presently awesome on the Atlantis 2 and match the other more up to date sub-ohm tanks available like the Herkales, Freemax Starre, and the Crown Uwell. There are presently two wind current openings that are consistently open and various settings to look over.

Changes on the Aspire Atlantis 2.0 versus the Atlantis 1

Natural Cotton Coils: the first loops highlighted some odd artistic material that nobody was a fan of. As per Aspire, the new loops are 100% natural cotton.

  • 3ohm and 1ohm Coils Added: Previously, you just had the 0.5ohm loop; presently, you have 3 diverse ohm curls to browse.
  • 3ml Tank Capacity: Aspire has expanded the tank limit from 2ml to 3ml.
  • More Airflow: Instead of the one wind current opening on the first, the Atlantis V2 has two wind current spaces just as added wind stream spaces in the dribble tip.

High Build Quality:

The tank itself just feels all around constructed, and you don't have any releasing issues the same number of have given an account of their Kanger Sub tanks. The stringing on the tank is excellent, and the tank is genuinely simple to dismantle and assemble back. Atlantis 2 accompanied a 0.5ohm curl just as a 0.3ohm loop. There is additionally a 1ohm curl that you can also buy for the individuals who need a higher wattage loop. This implies the Atlantis 2 has a more prominent scope of wattages you can utilize it on, with various ohm loops for varying measures of fume and flavour.


  • Awesome form and looks the business.
  • Phenomenal execution along with extraordinary flavour and loads of fume.
  • Trickle tip wind stream gives some better tuning to your vape.
  • Smooth wind current control
  • Listening to Customer Feedback


The Atlantis 2 arrives in a clear perspex box with the accompanying:

  • Atlantis 2 tank
  • 2 X OCC loops (one 0.3 Ohm and one 0.5 Ohm)
  • 1 X Spare Pyrex Glass Tube

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