Aspire Breeze 2 Review

Aspire Breeze 2 Review

In this article, we are going to dive in and take a closer look into the brand new vaping sensation from Aspire called the Aspire Breeze 2. This mod features a new open tank pod system. This means that you can now change the coils inside the pod. It also allows you to fill in the tank with your own liquid. So without further ado let’s dig right into the Aspire Breeze 2 kit, and I am sharing my personal experience with the hope that it might help you in selecting the right vaping kit to make your experience fun and exciting. 

Key Features

Aspire Breeze 2 is a simple and exciting mod equipped with the latest features that a single firing button that covers a quite significant area of your mod. The button is smooth to press and hardly misfires. Apart from that, the device is equipped with the following interesting features:

Battery Capacity and life 

Aspire Breeze 2 uses a 1000mah battery. I noticed that it does not have much battery life as compared to the Breeze 1 device, but yet it can provide a significant amount of battery life if used properly. On the bottom of the device, there are some battery vents. Obviously, this device features a built-in battery that is not removable.

Size of the mod

The height of this mod starting from the base to the top of the cap is 96mm. So it is an ergonomic and portable mod that fits quite easily inside the palm. It has a maximum width of 19mm. I found it extremely lightweight and easy to hold.

Leakage Protection

Aspire Breeze 2 also features a little cap on the top that protects your tank. This is quite an effective option for someone who works outdoors in the dust and wants to carry his mod around with him. You can easily put the cap on and keep your mod inside your pockets.

Tank features

This device features a nice looking tank that holds about 3mls of e-liquid inside. You will also get a TPD compliant version of this tank that can hold 2mls of e-liquid. The whole tank can easily come out of you push the two buttons that are present on either side of the mod. The tank just pops out, and inside, you will receive your contacts that are positive and negative. These contacts match up with the contacts present at the bottom of your tank. You can also clean up the tank quite easily and can pop open the orange coloured port present at the bottom to let the water run down.

Wide Mouthpiece

On top of the tank, you have your mouthpiece. It is a nice and wide mouthpiece that features airflow feeding in on both sides. You can also pull the mouthpiece out to replace your o-rings. It does have airflow control present on top of the o-rings, which you can easily adjust to your liking by screwing it.

Coils and their features

Aspire Breeze 2 features two coil heads that come with the mod. One of the coils is a 0.6-ohm coil that is the same as the one featured with the Aspire Breeze 1. This coil features more of a mouth to lung style draw. The second coil features a resistance of 1 ohm, and this coil is highly compatible with nicotine salts. It features a tighter draw and features larger wick ports for the nicotine salts. You can unscrew the top of these coils to fill in the wick ports.

Airflow function for the coils

Both the coils feature airflow vents present at the top. These top airflow coil heads sometimes do get flooded, and you do not have anywhere for the liquid to go. So once it gets flooded, you will have to tip it upside down to get the liquid out.

Refill system

The Aspire Breeze 2 tank features a little gasket for the filling port, which you can easily pop open. This pod system features two different-sized holes, which is quite unique, and I have not seen it on most devices. The second hole allows the air to release while you are filling in the e-liquid. It has a sort of top fill system, so you can easily refill it without spilling the liquid. 



Aspire Breeze 2 kit has made a staple in the vaping industry, being a compact vape that provides a satisfying hit with a reasonable price tag. The new breeze 2 looks really different from its predecessors. It has a more angular shape that tapers down to the drip tip. Overall it has a bold look and is available in different vibrant colours. It has a front-facing fire button for smoke release. There are also two buttons on the sides, and pushing these buttons together will release your pod system. Inside the pod are replaceable stainless steel coils. These new pods hold about 3ml of E-liquid in them. To fill up your pod, just pop it out of the device, and you will notice a small rubber plug at the bottom. Remove the plug and fill it up easily. This makes the filling process easier and less messy. Aspire Breeze 2 has a whopping 1000 milli-amp battery. It usually lasts the whole day. It also has an amazing feature of adjustable airflow present at the chimney that allows you to adjust the draw. Overall it is a nice vaping mod and perfect for a smooth draw. I definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for a portable and cheap pod system. First of the flavour is very decent on this device, and it also provides a good balance between battery life, tank capacity and portable size. It is a little bit thicker and larger in size compared to the pen-shaped pod systems and the clamshell type pod system. It still fits quite easily inside the pocket. The battery life is more than enough, plus the e-juice capacity is also really decent compared to the small size!

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