Aspire Nautilus 2 Review

Aspire Nautilus 2 Review


The Aspire Nautilus 2 highlights another plan, superb form materials, and hopes to bring MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping back stylish. The aim has delivered a lot of tanks between the primary Nautilus and the arrival of the Nautilus 2. The most outstanding of which is the Aspire Cleito and the Aspire TRITON – both sub-ohm tanks. MTL vaping is a major ordeal for some vapers, and keeping in mind that great choices are insufficient, it is as yet a rewarding speciality for vape brands. The Nautilus 2 makes them interest loop choices. Above all else, they have returned to the first 1.8 BVC curls, so it is really cross viable with the OG Nautilus. Second of all, they currently have .7 ohm curls accessible, so evidently, you can do some sub-ohm vaping with this bad boy.


Onto the Nautilus tank, the look and plan of the Nautilus 2 is exceptionally retro with an advanced contort to oblige the vibe of the present tanks while attempting to keep up the first Nautilus styling. It's a one of a kind looking tank, and I am unquestionably a devotee of the styling. It doesn't seem as though whatever else on the market at the present time. And keeping in mind that the 2ML limit may appear to be a little on the insignificant side, the purpose behind this is TPD consistent.

The Aspire Nautilus 2 highlights a top fill plan, which is extraordinary. All tanks should be top-fill nowadays. It implies less wreck and fewer problems when you top up the tank. Furthermore, with 2ml to play with, you will get to this piece of the tank a considerable amount.

The curl framework here is equivalent to the first Nautilus. In any case, Aspire has refreshed it in a couple of decision regions: better kanthal wire and natural cotton are currently present and represented, and the net consequence of this is better flavour and expanded life span. The Aspire Nautilus 2 had the option to deal with the thicker e-fluids and fiendish like a fantasy. Indeed, even with the wind current all the way open, the taste was just thrilling, and on the off chance that you like a rich flavour and a warm vape, close those openings off a piece, and you get a lavish vape. On the 0.7ohm curl, I hit my sweet spot at 21.5watts vaping Black Note E Juice, a 50/50 tobacco e-fluid.

Filling this thing set aside some effort to become acclimated to; however, it bodes well once you get its hang. The Nautilus 2 is actually a top-fill tank since it fills from the top, however not the manner in which I was anticipating. Nearly everything about this tank pulverizes the Nautilus X in execution so far. Generally, the Nautilus 2 is a fantastic MTL tank. In the manner in which it is planned, the glass is really secured by an external shell, which additionally looks pretty dope. It unquestionably satisfies the Nautilus name, and the flavour is on par as well.

Notable remarks

The Nautilus 2 is a genuine wonder with its provocative bends. It is practically similar to a return to the first ringer moulded Nautilus and Nautilus Mini. The vibes of the Nautilus 2 are stunning and charmed by its wind current settings, and simply the general feel all in all. Numerous individuals were not content with the Nautilus X, and the hypothesis is that there is something up with the loops they use. They don't appear to hold up excessively long. It will be a new breath of air to vape on the outdated Nautilus loops. Being a devotee of sub-ohm vaping, it tends to be charming, in any event, when mouth-to-rushing it. The incredible thing that Aspire is giving a choice to both sub-ohm and more ohm curls for the various kinds of mouth-to-lung vapers.


  • Reduced form
  • Extraordinary flavour
  • Ideal wind current for MTL vaping
  • Secured glass
  • Snappy
  • It takes both .7 ohm and unique 1.8-ohm Nautilus loops


Ordinary of Aspire, the bundling is exquisite, basic and direct. There's nothing excessively extravagant here; simply a compartment for the gadget that is intended to protect it during travel. It incorporated a reasonable whack of the extra pack inside the crate, which is a pleasant touch. The full program of stuff included is as per the following:

  • Guidance Manual
  • Additional Glass tube
  • O-Rings
  • Coil 1.8ohm
  • 7ohm curl preinstalled
  • A Plastic Drip Tip – Black

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