Beginners Guide: Simple Steps on How to use a Vape?

Beginners Guide: Simple Steps on How to use a Vape?

A lot of people who are excited to vape end up having a disappointing experience to mark the beginning of their vaping journey. That is because people often don’t realize that a vape pen or an e-cigarette is different from a traditional cigarette. If used correctly, however, it can give that lung punch smokers are looking for; if you want to vape to be a fun experience that truly alternates the smoking habits, you have to take your time to learn how to vape.

How does a vape pen work?

In order to understand how to use a vape, you need to understand how it works and what it is built to do. A vape is essentially a handheld electronic device that is built to simulate smoking in a less harmful fashion. By using nicotine liquid called Vape Juice it allows you to cater to your nicotine requirements with a flavour to go with it.

What is a vape pen comprised of?

Although this might vary from pen to pen for most vapes, the parts used are the same or similar.

  • Power Source: Also known as the vape mod, this is a battery device that uses lithium-ion batteries and makes the longest part of the vape pen.
  • Vapour Source: Commonly referred to as the vaping atomizer, which basically holds the vape juice and heats it to produce vapour. There are various different types of atomizers you can get, from prefilled single-use ones to rebuildable ones with user-installed wicks and coils.
  • Mouthpiece: The part from which you draw the vapour.
  • Charger: This is a separate accessory included in a vaping kit to charge your power source.

Which vape juice should I choose?

You can either choose propylene glycol PG or vegetable glycerin VG vape juices. Finding one that resonates best with you can be a lengthy process that requires a lot of experiments. While PG vape juice is made to deliver a strong flavour and a punchy inhale, the VG vape juice is made to deliver great amounts of vapour when exhaling. In order to find the most ideal of the two, you would need to experiment with them and use them with different flavours to find the one that provides the best experience.

Should I get a vape starter kit?

For beginners who don’t have experience in the field of vaping, it is highly recommended that they start off with a starter kit. As the name suggests, a starter kit is a cheap device that you can get to start your vaping journey. You can get POD vapes that are prefilled or refillable or AIOs which are refillable with a replaceable coil. On the other hand, you can either get E-cigarettes that are prefilled or refillable, or you can get disposable e-cigarettes that are prefilled. Find the starter kit that works best for you and gain experience before you start experimenting with different vaping combinations.

How to inhale a vape?

The first experience of vaping you have is defined by how you inhale the vapour. If you inhale incorrectly, the experience will be made unpleasant by the coughing and the nicotine rush that will follow. In order to inhale properly, you need to be informed of the two inhaling techniques.


Generally, MTL is the best way to inhale small vape pens which have a high resistance and nicotine level. The purpose of this type of draw is to recreate the experience of traditional smoking, which most smokers crave. That punch to the throat is something that makes vaping worthwhile for them. Nonetheless, it is a simple technique to grasp. All you have to do is slowly draw for a few seconds and hold the vapour for another few. Then open the mouth and just breathe in the vapour to your lungs. Exhale after.


Ideal for bigger vapes and sub-ohm vaping or vaping with low resistance and low nicotine DTL provides a smooth and easy hit due to the low nicotine. It is, in fact, a much simpler technique than MTL. All you have to do is quickly draw all the vapour straight into your lungs without holding it into your mouth. Then you have to exhale the vapour in the shortest interval possible.

Which drugs are better, long or short?

If you are a smoker that is shifting to vaping, you would be used to the short drags of smoking. On the contrary, a vape pen needs to evaporate the liquid, so a short drag will not do the trick. In order to make sure that the liquid goes across the heat source, you need to take longer drags, at least in comparison or else the experience will be unsatisfactory. Slower and longer drags are also known to provide the best experience in vaping. They also have the additional benefit of lowering the risk of ingesting vape juice by accident.


Contrary to what it might seem like from the guide above, there is no definite, set in stone way to vape. Vaping is an experience, and experiences are different for every person. You decide for yourself which combination of vape juice and vape mod works for you or which combination of drag and inhaling works for you. It depends on what you consider satisfying and what you don’t consider satisfying. For instance, some people would prefer shorter drags, while others will prefer longer drags when vaping. Nonetheless, it is still important that you know the basics of vaping before you indulge in it. Not only will it make the whole experience much more enjoyable, but it will also make the experience all the safer for you. In order to know the basics, just go through these simple steps to vaping in a way that satisfies you all the ways you want to be satisfied.

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