9 Best Benefits of Vaping You should Know

9 Best Benefits of Vaping You should Know

Vaping is the vapour inhaled, created by the electronic cigarette. The battery-powered smoking devices are called e-cigarettes. Its cartridges are filled with liquids that mostly contain Nicotine, flavourings, and chemicals. In this process, the liquid heated turns in to vapour which is inhaled by the person. The aim of vaping is to provide a similar sensation to that of smoking tobacco, but without burning the tobacco.

Though Nicotine is a toxic substance but still if you are trying to quit smoking, vaping has many benefits over traditional cigarettes. Though It isn’t the only way to combat the addiction of cigarettes, it’s usually the preferred one. Here are a few benefits which vaping offers as compared to traditional tobacco smoking.

1: Safer if compared to smoking

As cigarette burns with an open flame, the result of this combustion creates smoke which is quite dangerous to inhale. Vaping is marked 95% safer than smoking by the royal college of physicians after extensive research. As vaping has no combustion, tar or ash, it enables the user’s health benefits from going smoke-free. So with better oral hygiene and lung capacity, you can even experience an improved sense of smell and taste. Smokers who have switched to vaping tend to have achieved half of the vascular health like that of a non-smoker within a month.

Researchers from many countries have found clear early benefits of switching from smoking to vaping. The users who left cigarette and chose to vape instead saw a 1.5 % increase in the function of their blood vessels in just four weeks. Though the researchers do not know the benefits would sustain, at least they showed these benefits in the beginning. A regular tobacco cigarette is known to contain 7000 chemicals, most of which are toxic. Though vaping isn’t safe, it is less harmful than smoking.

2: Instant satisfaction

You can silent your nicotine cravings quickly with vaping as they are very convenient to use. They mostly arrive pre-filled and are ready for use instantly. The advanced vapes, though, may require initial tinkering, but once your vape is ready, it’s simple to take a hit by pushing a button or sometimes drawing on the device (some even have an automatic draw). A charged battery and e-juice are the essential elements to make the vape work. You can sustain throughout the day with an average vape without the need for maintenance and upkeep. It’s always ready when you are.

3: No unpleasant odours

With vaping, you and your environment don’t smell of smoke; rather, you get an aroma of the flavours used. It saves you from the noxious odours of dead tobacco leaves. Some people even barely notice the smell of vapour, while others may get compliments over the aroma. Even the tobacco flavour of vape doesn’t smell like the rank fumes which come from burning tobacco leaves.

4: Flavors of each palate

Vape offers virtually endless options of e-juice flavours. New flavours are introduced all the time to give you the chance to try new flavours and select the one which satisfies your needs. The popular favourites among vipers are menthol, fruit, tobacco, desserts, beverages, and foods.

5: Control of vapour output

A huge advantage of vaping is you get control of the amount of vape you exhale. For low vapour, smaller and convenient devices like pod vapes are designed, whereas, for cloud chasing, high power mods are suited best. You can also fine-tune the vapour volume by adjusting its airflow, power output, and coil type. The choice of your vape depends on how minimal or showy you like.

6: Control of nicotine intake

With vaping, you have full control of your nicotine dosage as the e-juice arrives in different strengths, starting from nicotine-free and ending on high strength nicotine. You can select the amount of Nicotine in your vape or go nicotine-free. The choice is all yours. Usually, the vapers who have switched from smoking traditional cigarettes start from high levels of Nicotine and gradually get their way down to low levels till they completely quit it.

7: Easy to use

You don’t need any prior experience in using a vape. Anyone can use it. The beginners must cater to the starter kits and pod vapes as they are much easier to use than the more advanced products out there. There are countless options of vapes that require no prior experience. Some are even draw-activated, which only needs a puff on them to automatically engage.

8: On the budget

Vapour gives price points for every wallet. No matter your budget, there is always a vapour product available for you. There is plentiful competition in the vaping market. You can get a wide range of products, from disposable e-cigs to sleek vape mod or some top-shelf e-liquids at different prices. There are ready to use vapes in the market for even less than £10.

9: Wide access and availability

Vaping today is much accessible as compared to when it initially started. It’s so accessible today that you can even find vaping products in local convenience stores, smoke and vape shops and even at gas stations. You can also order them from online vape shops, and they will directly deliver everything you need to your doorstep. Every single store which sells tobacco today is usually meant to carry vapour products too.


Nicotine being a toxic substance is the basic component of both tobacco cigarettes and e-cigs; it is highly addictive. You crave for smoking more, and if you ignore the craving, you end up with withdrawal symptoms which are very difficult to overcome. With Nicotine, you end up with increased blood pressure, which ultimately increases your heart rate and may cause a heart attack.

The increased use of e-cigarettes, particularly in the young generation, is a dangerous trend that has real health risks. Due to the sleek designs, portability, and convenience of using these battery-operated devices, the young generation has adopted vaping in their lifestyle.

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