5 Best 18650 Batteries in 2021

5 Best 18650 Batteries in 2021

Best 18650 Batteries

The 18650 batteries are regarded as one of the best batteries when it comes to vaping. Most of the high powered vaping mods support these batteries. The reason for this is that the 18650 batteries provide optimum power to the coils and can operate effectively at variable wattage levels. Some of the vaping mods have in-built 18650 batteries whereas other provides the option for changeable batteries enclosed inside a nice battery lid. There are certain high powered mods that provide you with the option for accommodating two or more 18650 batteries inside the device in order to increase the performance and battery life. Besides being one of the most powerful batteries, 18650 batteries are also very slim and portable in size, so you can easily carry these batteries around wherever you want, and they also fit quite easily inside the vaping mods. These batteries are not rare; they are readily available and are very common in the vaping industry. Another good thing about these batteries is that they charge up very quickly and can last a long time, depending on your vaping schedule. Here we have handpicked some of the best 18650 batteries available in the market for your guidance. None of these batteries is rewrapped. So take a look at the following list and select the best 18650 battery for your vaping device!

Samsung 25R battery

Samsung is one of the leading electronic manufacturers in the world and continues to provide new and innovative devices to make life more efficient. This Samsung 25R battery is a single cell battery that features two editions, one with the green wrap and the other with the blue wrap. These batteries provide excellent performance for prolonged periods. They are not very expensive compared to other high quality 18650 batteries. The batteries are easily available online, or you can also get them from the nearby electronic store.

LG HG2 Battery

The last battery in our list comes to us from a famous electronic brand called LG. this LG HG2 battery is a slim and sleek single cell battery that is wrapped inside a tough brown coloured casing. This battery performs very much similar to the Samsung 30Q and Sony VT6 battery. This battery is an excellent vaping battery and can provide optimum vaping performance up to a maximum wattage of 60W. It is an excellent choice for someone who wishes to vape continuously for longer amounts of time.

Sony VT6 Battery

Sony is a renowned brand that manufactures electronic appliances that are used all over the world. This VT6 battery from Sony provides a mind-blowing 3000mah capacity that can provide all the necessary power that your mod requires to function at variable wattage and voltage levels. This battery is regarded as the best 18650 battery for vaping devices that support mouth to lung style vaping. This battery provides a limited amp power and can be used quite effectively at lower wattage ranges for mouth to lung vaping. You can also increase the wattage power by pairing this battery with another VT6 battery in a mod that supports dual 18650 batteries.

Samsung 30Q battery

Samsung is one of the leading electronic manufacturers globally and continues to provide new and innovative devices to make life more efficient. Samsung 30Q battery is a smart and efficient single-cell battery that has a similar power level as the Sony VTC6 battery. This is a lower output battery that provides longer battery life so that you can enjoy your vaping sessions throughput the day. The batteries are highly compatible with a wide range of mouth to lung vaping devices. These batteries are packed inside a nice and durable pink and white coloured coating that is easily recognizable. With this battery, you will witness a longer working and a fast charging speed.

Sony VTC5A

The first battery in our list comes from a renowned electronics manufacturer Sony. This Sony VTC5A battery is a 25A battery. The battery is very effective for high powered vaping mods and has the capability of operating at high wattage levels without providing any sort of leakage or burning problems. This battery is a convenient option for someone who is looking to elevate his vaping experience at high wattages and power.

18650 Batteries specifications

The 18650 batteries are very durable single-cell batteries that are widely used in a list of electronic devices and are also quite popular in the vaping industry. Most of the latest mod devices support 18650 batteries for excellent vapour production. These batteries consist of a positive and negative terminal located and opposite ends and labelled with positive and negative signs. Inside the battery, you have your electrolyte and the anode and cathode. These are separated by a separator. All of this assembly is packed inside a durable battery wrap.

Capacity and performance

Battery capacity is measured in MAH that stands for milliampere-hour. This reading signifies the running time for the batteries and depicts how long your battery will run. This rating is stated in the battery wrap. Here we are discussing batteries that have 18650 batteries that feature a capacity of 3000mah that is quite decent for a smooth vaping action. These batteries also feature a CDR of over 20amps. Hey, charge fairly quickly compared to other batteries and also last for a longer time. 18650 batteries are also commonly used for other electronic devices such as:

  • LED Flashlights
  • Electronic Vehicles
  • High powered toys like Helicopter
  • Cordless power tools
  • Laptops
  • Gaming Consoles

Apart from these devices, you can also use these batteries for your vaping devices. They provide the complete power levels that your coils require for smooth burning at high wattage levels. This results in excellent flavour production and also results in a significant amount of smoke on every exhale.

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