Best Nicotine Pouches Brands in the UK

Best Nicotine Pouches Brands in the UK

Today, nicotine pouches have taken over the industry as many smokers and vapers are switching to nicotine pouches due to smoking and vaping's health hazards. Nicotine pouches are safe to use, and they satisfy your nicotine needs in a similar way as smoking or vaping. You can use them publically anywhere and anytime without affecting the environment around you. It's very simple to use, and today many nicotine pouches even arrive tobacco-free. Here are some of the best nicotine pouches brands in the UK.


Lyft nicotine pouches are all white and slim with tobacco-free portions. They extract nicotine from tobacco, putting it straight in the pouch with tree fibres, water, and different aromas. They give you a similar experience as the older EPOK, but this one is without tobacco. Lyft nicotine pouches provide a great sensation under your lip. Being manufactured by an environment-friendly process from fibres of Scandinavian pine and eucalyptus, they satisfy your nicotine cravings in the best way possible.

LYFT comes in 2 strengths and 6 flavours. They have something for everyone with a unique variety. The LYFT nicotine pouches come in blueberry, ice-cool mint, mint, lime, liquorice, and lemon. The all-white portions of LYFT nicotine pouches are white as snow. You get no stains with it during or after usage.

2: Nordic spirit

The well known Nordic spirit introduced the whole new Nordic snus in 2018, which is made with natural plant fibres and nicotine and is completely free of tobacco. Its products are a unique blend of natural ingredients with fresh flavours. The all-white portions of Nordic are perfect for those who are worried about discolouring.

It Prepared in a patented process; the Nordic spirit products have balanced flavours with an inventive form. This Swedish company has a vast production line, and its products give you a real reminder of Swedish nature. The most popular flavours of their nicotine pouches include smooth mint flavour, flavours of elder and citrus, menthol, berry citrus mint flavour, bergamot wild berry, smooth mint flavour, sweet peppermint, spearmint and many more.

3: Skruf

Skruf is a well-known manufacturer in the market since 2001. They hold an important place in the snuff industry and are expanding each day. They are constantly jolting new trends and ways of manufacturing. The nicotine pouches of skruf are known as super white. They are made from plant fibres, and then nicotine is added to them, and it gives you the same kick as that chewing tobacco.

Skruf is among the original producers of chewing tobaccos and features an array of products with recognizable quality, strength, and composition. The small and familiar containers of nicotine pouches at Skruf are easy to take along where ever you go. With 100% tobacco-free pouches, Skruf offers plenty of pleasant flavours that are a pleasure to use. The amazing flavours include menthol, eucalyptus, rhubarb, spearmint, blackberry, blackberry, black current, and ice mint.

4: Shiro

Though being enormously popular in the market today, Shiro nicotine pouches are relatively new in the market. With amazingly cool designs, the Shiro nicotine pouches are very stylish. They feature catch lids for the used pouches. In 2009 Assens Tobaksfabrik formed a branch that would entirely focus on snus production. The first snus by this company was Fiedler and Lundgren.

The 2 hit flavours of Shiro are the sweet mint and cool mint. They mark great tasting products with a different combination of flavours. The mint flavours include spearmint and peppermint, which gives you a refreshing and intense cooling sensation. Shiro no doubt provides truly delicious snus with amazingly comfortable pouches. These nicotine pouches are extremely comfortable and release nicotine as well as great flavour with efficiency.

5: White fox

White fox was recently launched in 2019 by Gajane. Their nicotine pouches were the first all-white tobacco-free product. They are unique and feature minimal drip with guaranteeing no discolouration of teeth to give you a long-lasting snus experience. Though there is no tobacco, it gives you the nicotine kick which you crave for.

With a wide range of flavours and formats, the White fox is known for having the highest nicotine levels in the market. They surely know how to satisfy your nicotine needs. Featuring the design of a can, you can clearly see the snow-white pouches through the sides of the can. These super soft pouches leave an icy sensation under your lip. Having a similar flavour to the traditional snus, white fox pouches are tobacco-free. They feature both strong and extra strong spearmint and peppermint flavours.

6: Kick up

The kick-up brand is owned by Winnington. The nicotine pouches by kick up are designed for an active lifestyle. It's full of ingredients and gives you the energy to boost your health and keep you running in the healthiest way possible. It's basically a health revolution to change your nasty habits forever. This snus doesn't contain nicotine or tobacco and is made from tea leaves added with some vitamins, minerals, ginseng, and guarana.

Kick up features a variety of options and flavours, mixed with traditional snus flavours giving you a kick up twist. All of its users are familiar with its well-known flavours of liquorice, bergamot, mint and fruity tones accompanying your favourite snus. All of its ingredients are of natural origin and not like the traditional nicotine and tobacco found in other nicotine pouches. The kick-up brand is being bought recently by British American Tobacco, which is the second-largest manufacturer of tobacco in the world.


Nicotine pouches are invented as an alternate to smoking and vaping so you can use nicotine in a less harmful way. All the nicotine pouches mentioned above give you a great nicotine kick which you have always wished for. Every one of them is unique with its own flavours. All of them are tobacco-free and made out of natural ingredients.

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