7 Best Pod Vapes

7 Best Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are basically ultra-portable vaping devices that you can carry around anywhere you want. They are highly recommended for someone who has just started vaping and is new to this industry. Pods are lighter in weight than the mod system. They are very simple devices, and their primary target audience is the people who are coming off cigarettes and want something simple. Also useful for vapers who are looking to use something stealthy that they can carry anywhere. These systems are very easy to use, they are small in size, and you can buy them with pre-filled cartridges or refillable cartridges.

These devices do not require separate tanks as the tanks are incorporated into the device. Because they are small, they have relatively low battery life, and they also do not have a great power output. So to get a really good vaping experience with most pod systems, you need to have a much higher nicotine level. Pod vapes, unlike mods, have preinstalled batteries that you can easily charge with the help of a USB charger. These devices are much easier to use, and the coils are pre-built, so you do not have to customize your coils. These systems are much less expensive than the pod system. They do not offer very dense vapour clouds but are quite convenient for a flavourful vaping experience. If you are new to vaping, the pod vapes are perfect for you as they are portable, and everything inside them is pre-built and preinstalled, so you just have to pour some flavour and start vaping. Following is the list of the best pod systems available in the market that will ease up your selection process regarding the most suitable pod for you.

Aspire Breeze 2 kit

Aspire Breeze 2 kit is the first pod system on our list. Aspire breeze has made a staple in the vaping industry, being a compact vape that provides a satisfying hit with a reasonable price tag. The new breeze 2 looks really different from its predecessors. It has a more angular shape that tapers down to the drip tip. Overall it has a more bold look and is available in different vibrant colours. It has a front-facing fire button for smoke release. There are also two buttons on the sides, and pushing these buttons together will release your pod system. Inside the pod are replaceable stainless steel coils.

These new pods hold about 3ml of E-liquid in them. To fill up your pod, just pop it out of the device, and you will notice a small rubber plug at the bottom. Remove the plug and fill it up easily. This makes the filling process easier and less messy. Aspire Breeze 2 has a whopping 1000 milli-amp battery. It usually lasts the whole day. It also has an amazing feature of adjustable airflow present at the chimney that allows you to adjust the draw. Overall it is a nice vaping mod and perfect for a smooth draw.

JUUL Device Kit

Juul device kit is a very popular vaping pod and has revolutionized the vaping industry. It is one of the first mainstream devices to really utilize salt nicotine. Juul is very easy to use the device. When your pod is empty, just pop it out and pop in a new one. It is easy to charge and has USB cables available for efficient charging. It has a lightweight design and a portable pen-like shape.

Overall this device is easy to carry anywhere you want and ensure a good flavour hit. You do not have to fill in the flavour. Just buy the replacement pods and replace them with the older ones. These replacement pods hold about 0.7ml of e-juice. A full pod lasts for about two days, which is quite economical. Juul is overall a very handy vaping device that you can carry out anywhere you want.

SMOK Fetch Mini Pod Kit

The next pod system on our list is the Smok fetch mini pod kit. This pod system has a metallic hard body and is available in different shiny colours. The coils are press-fit to the pod, so it is easy to remove and replace. It has two different pods to fit either RPM 40 coils or Nord coils. These devices have 40W wattage. They also include another tank set up for your regular 0.6-ohm resistance Nord coils. The tank holds 0.7ml of e-liquid and is powered by 1200 milli-amp batteries.

You also have a regular tank for your mesh coils and RPM. On the side of the pod, you have a fire button, a micro USB charging slot and two up and down buttons for temperature adjustment. The bottom of the pod has venting holes to maintain a smooth airflow. Click the fire button five times, and the device will get activated. A good feature of these pods is that they incorporate an LED screen that displays the temperature, wattage and battery percentage. It does not have an adjustable airflow option, unlike other pod devices. Overall it is very effective for mouth to lung vaping.

SMOK Nord Pod Kit

The Nord kit by Smok is an all in one device that comes with an MTL coil head and also a mesh sub-ohm coil, and an 1100 milli-ampere battery. Inside the box, you are going to have a user manual along with a warranty card. The Smok Nord device comes in a bunch of different colour combinations. The body has a honeycomb design on it. The box also includes a USB charging kit and two coil heads. One is the 1.4 ohm MTL coil head, and then the other is the mesh coil head, and it is called Nord mesh. The Nord mesh coil head is slightly lighter and is only 0.6 ohm. This is a push-button device, and a single button is incorporated on one side of the tank.

You have a micro USB charging port at the bottom. The liquid level inside the pod can easily be seen through a little transparent window. This helps in keeping a check on the flavour levels. The pod has a press-fit design and can easily be pulled off to change coils or to refill the liquid flavour. The mouthpiece inside the pod is fairly large. The juice, when added to the tank, takes time to set and prime. You can fill it with 3ml of liquid, and it is a fairly large fill port. To turn the Nord kit on, you just need to click the fire button five times. After that, the tank is activated. Press the fire button again to inhale the flavour. So it gives you a flavourful vaping experience with dense smoke clouds.

SMOK RPM40 Pod Kit

It is a 40 watt all one pod style device. It has replaceable coils and comes with two RPM coils and another tank that fits with the round wire Nord coils. The regular Nord coil has a resistance of 0.6 ohms, and the black Nord tank offers a liquid capacity of 4.5ml. The other tank is a clear one and has the new RPM coils inside for mesh, and the tank has 4.6ml of liquid capacity. Each of these tanks has a lid attached to the bottom. In order to refill the tanks, you have to pop up this lid. The pod has two slots present on both sides for airflow entry.

There is no airflow adjustment option in this mod. The body of the mod is durable and has carbon fibre all around. In the centre, you have a wide LED display screen along with the fire button and temperature adjusting buttons. You can also change different colours for your menu and can also lock your screen by pressing the up and down buttons three times. On the bottom, you have the micro USB charging port. Click the fire button five times to turn the mod. These devices' overall smoke production is excellent, with dense and thick vapour clouds on the exhale. These small devices offer the right amount of power for a direct lung hit.

Smok RPM80 Pro Pod Kit 

The Smok RPM80 takes a single 18650 battery that is replaceable and highly powerful. Inside the packaging, you will get two tanks. One is for your RPM coil that holds 5ml of E-liquid. The RPM mesh coil is preinstalled inside the tank and has 0.6-ohm resistance. The other tank has RGC coils and also includes an airflow controller for the RGC coils. Both of these tanks have a 510 drip tip that is not removable. These tanks offer a top fill system. Just pop open the lid and fill the liquid. They have an angled slot for the liquid that helps in filling the liquid by angling the bottle without leaking any liquid.

This pro kit has a beautiful display with a conical shape. On the side, you have a wide display screen with the up and down buttons, fire button and the micro USB charging port. There are two points of entry on each side of the pod for airflow. The display function of this device is the same as RPM40. However, it is way more powerful and fires up to 80 watts. You can also change the colours on your display screen. This pod comes in different colours and designs. It is a highly compact and powerful vaping mod with an adjustable airflow option and highly powerful 18650 batteries.

Twelve Juno Portable Starter Kit 

Twelve Juno starter kit is the last vaping pod on our list. It comes with three replaceable cartridges for the E-cig. You also get a standard USB charging cable. It is very simple to use the device. The kit itself is an automatic unit, meaning you just start pulling on it, and it starts firing. You have a little sensor button on the mod to let you know when it is firing. It turns green when the batteries are fully charged, and eventually, when it starts to die, the sensor turns red. The micro USB charging port is present at the bottom of the pod.

The cartridges are easy to replace. You simply just pop these out and replace them with other ones. These pods are not really refillable and come with their own menthol liquid cartridges. For the kit overall, the performance is really good, and you do not experience any spit back. The pod has a tight draw, so it feels like you are smoking a real cigarette. The battery lasts for about a day, and this device does charges really quick. Overall it is a nicely portable device, easy to refill and perfect for someone looking to get rid of cigarettes.

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