5 Best Sub-Ohm Tanks in 2020

5 Best Sub-Ohm Tanks in 2020

Sub-ohm vaping took the vaping industry by storm, and now every company has a sub-ohm tank or mods. All the coils used in these mods have a resistance reading. What sub-ohm means is that the resistance of the coil you are using to vape is under 1 ohm. These tanks are efficient as the lower the resistance of your coil, the more power you are able to pump through it. This results in bigger and denser smoke clouds. These days sub-ohm tanks are improving quite drastically, with the different types of coils that offer you more flavour-packed clouds. Building your own coils for these sub-ohm tanks is the go-to method when you are looking for the most vapour. For the most part, these sub-ohm setups are catered for direct lung inhale. This means that instead of inhaling in the mouth and then into the lungs like most of the starter kits, you will actually be inhaling directly into your lungs. Sub-ohm vaping is perfect for someone who is vaping on starter kits and is now looking for a bit more performance on their setup. These tanks are perfect for a mouth to lung vaping action and provide you with a lot of fun in chucking massive amounts of vapour. When you switch to a sub-ohm setup, you will instantly notice more flavour because there is much more vapour entering your system. These tanks run through battery power and flavour much quicker than your starter kits. That is because these devices are very powerful. Following is the list of the best sub-ohm tanks available in the market right now. The list will enable you to choose the best tank to make your vaping experience more exciting.

Aspire Cleito Pro Sub-Ohm Tank

Sub-ohm vaping started in late 2014, and Aspire Atlantis was the first-ever, so popular sub-ohm tank to release. So Aspire has been one of the pioneers of sub-ohm vaping tanks. Aspire Cleito pro is Aspire's latest entry to the stable of Cleito tanks. Aspire Cleito pro is available in different colourways. It is a 2ml tank. One of the greatest features of this tank is the introduction of Aspire's very own Cleito mesh coil. It is a 0.15 resistance coil and rated 60 watts. It is a really nice flavour-some vape at a high wattage. Aspire has also introduced a new slide to fill capability in these rainbow tanks. To gain access to the full pool is such an easy process. Get purchase on the top cap and pop the lid off. This enables you to easily fill the tank from the side without any fluid leakage. Airflow wise, these sub-ohm tanks are very efficient. You have three airflow slots that can be closed or opened when required. Having them slightly close will enable you to have a not quite airy and amazing flavour due to the performance of mesh coils. The flavour is incredible, and the tank has a really wide mouth fill. You can definitely run these tanks at high wattage, and the juice will taste exactly as it is meant to taste. If you are looking to switch to sub-ohm tanks, these will prove to be the top-notch flavour tanks for you.

FreeMax M Pro Sub Ohm Tank

Free max pro-sub-ohm tank is a 2ml tank that comes with a range of sub-ohm coils. These sub-ohm coils include:

  • Dual mesh builds
  • Triple mesh builds
  • Quad mesh builds

Along with these coils, Freemax also offers preinstalled 0.2-ohm Kanthal single mesh coil. A spare 0.15-ohm Kanthal single mesh coil is also available in the packaging. These sub-ohm tanks have a stainless steel body. The best feature of these tanks is that they are very easy to fill. They offer a skidding top filling mechanism that ensures the leakage-free filling process. The tank can fit any mod possible. An adjustable 510 pin is attached to the tank that offers easy lowering or raising of the tank according to the mod requirements. These tanks are highly durable, and the additional drip tips offer more compatibility. Several o-rings are also present to offer smooth airflow. An adjustable airflow ring is also present at the bottom of the tank to ensure smooth vaping. These sub-ohm tanks are small and have a U-shaped stainless steel design that is easy to carry and can effectively fit any mod. You can conveniently use these tanks at high wattages, and the flavour will not hit your throat hard.

SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank

Smok TFV8 big baby tank is the next sub-ohm tank on our list. It is the advanced version of TFV8 baby tanks and offers more E-juice capacity that is around 5ml and more vapour production. The built quality of these tanks is immaculate. They have a stainless steel body with an adjustable drip tip present at the tank's top. The drip tip is actually a Delrin tip that helps to increase the airflow to the mouth, providing you with a more powerful lung hit. Then you have a glass tube that helps to keep a check on the fluid levels. At the base of the tank, you have an adjustable airflow system. It is sort of a ring that can be rotated to adjust the air pressure at the base of the atomizer. These tanks are extremely safe to use. A locking button is present at the top cap to prevent any accidental fluid leakage. These TFV8 sub-ohm tanks feature a top refill system that is completely leakage proof and helps you refill the tanks without leaving a mess. These sub-ohm tanks are most effective when used with RBAs. You can easily build your own RBAs for these big baby tanks to increase the mouth to lung airflow and to create denser vapour clouds.


Vaptio Frogman vape tanks are the next sub-ohm tanks on our list. These are highly compatible vape tanks with a jet black stainless steel body. These tanks are very useful for the fact that you can apply any coils from various companies to these tanks, and they will work effectively. So they are designed to perform with different multi-core coils. Originally these tanks come with a frogman W8 and W2 coil. These tanks have a 2ml fluid holding capacity and a top refilling system. On the top, a cap can easily be opened by pressing and then twisting it. This lid is highly durable and prevents any fluid leakage. On the bottom, you have a 510 drip tip that helps to maintain smooth airflow and offers high heat resistance. There are multiple holes present on the tank to maintain a smooth airflow. These holes can be opened or closed by turning a lid. Overall these tanks are highly durable and fit easily with different mods to offer a smooth vaping session. They are highly compatible with multi-core coils and offer a strong mouth to lung action and dense smoke clouds.

UWELL Nunchaku Vape Tank

The last sub-ohm tanks on our list are the U Well Nunchaku vape tanks. These are pocket-sized tanks and offer a unique stainless steel design. The tank has a rainbow colour scheme and comes with a 510 drip tip. You also have adjustable airflow on both sides. Inside the tank, you have a separate filling port that offers an easy top fill mechanism. On the bottom, you have a ring that can be opened to remove the coils. To fill the juice, you have to unscrew the top cover and put drops of the fluid inside the filling port. These tanks are available in various colours, and you can get matching colour for your pod. The flavour and airflow on these tanks are really nice. The best feature about these tanks is that the coils do not need to be screwed in, it just pops right out. These tanks offer smooth airflow with minimal dry hits. It is a nice looking tank with no spit-back issues and offers a complete flavourful vaping experience with dense smoke clouds.


So the best sub-ohm tanks are in front of you. Each of these tanks has its own varied qualities and features that make them highly famous amongst vapers all over the world. If you are using starter kits and want to switch on a more powerful device, then these sub-ohm tanks will prove very useful for you. These tanks have a high battery wattage and offer more powerful and low resistance coils to ensure a complete burst of flavours to your taste buds. The sub-ohm tanks are safe to use. You will definitely witness more dense and thick smoke clouds from these devices. So go through the above list and select the best sub-ohm vaping tank to make your vaping experience more exciting.

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