7 Best Vape Starter Kit Brands in UK

7 Best Vape Starter Kit Brands in UK

7 Best Vape Starter Kit Brands in the UK

Vaping has grown exponentially since 2004. All you need to do is press a button and enjoy the flavour instead of inhaling the harmful tobacco from a cigarette. This multi-billion business with splashy London launches is even popping up the streets with vaping stores.

Helping smokers to eventually quit the habit, it’s being considered less harmful as compared to smoking cigarettes. During this era of vaping, everyone is interested to know which best vape starter kit is in the UK. Well to be honest, there are many great kits available in the market, but you must find out which one is the best vape kit for you.

If you are a smoker and are looking to switch or searching for the best vape starter kit to recommend to a dear one, this article will definitely help you out as we here have selected 7 best vape kits UK brands for you. After testing more than a dozen of brands, we found Dotmod, Vype, Juul, Aspire, Juno, Eleaf and Vaporesso to be the best starter kit brands in the UK.


Being the top UK brand, Dotmod offers premium quality vaping hardware along with its accessories for adults around the world. The manufacturer prides on the quality of their products as every product at dotmod is engineered, assuring precision and beauty with performance and style. Offering a limited lifetime warranty of any manufacturing, material or workmanship defects, dot mod lets its customers enjoy its products. This manufacturer also provides its customers with basic vaping warnings and precautions.

Dotmod targets advanced vapours over the age of 21. Their products are not for those who are new to vaping or beginners. Representing the industry’s gold standard, the customer service, design and fulfillments are all operated in San Diego, California. Providing joy and beauty to its users, empowers a healthier lifestyle.

Besides e-pens, box mods, drip tips, atomizers and other accessories, this leading brand offers luxurious vaping starter kits featuring stunning colours with ultra-luxurious visual presentation. Knowing specifically for their premium and high-end vape mods, rebuildable and tanks, you can easily customize them with colourful drip tips and accessories for suiting a variety of vapes. Dotmods products range includes some limited-edition options too.


Vype is the flagship e-cigarette brand of British American Tobacco, which is the largest tobacco company in Europe. They launched vype almost 6 years ago. Vype was introduced with a great product launch in Toronto. These battery-powered electronic devices heat the e-liquid containing nicotine. Vype vapour range consists of both open systems and closed systems. No combustion or tobacco takes place in vype. That’s why it is being less risky than smoking. Even the public health community believes vype has substantially reduced risk as compared to cigarettes.

For proving the reduced risk potential for vype, British American tobacco uses a five-step framework for testing it. Vype makes its e-liquids in a wide range of nicotine strengths starting from 0mg/ml to 18 mg/ml. For a more satisfying experience, vype starter kits look great and are easy to use along with inbuilt safety features.

Vype e-pod starter kit brands feature a smooth and minimalist design with an array of flavours. Being the pioneers of flavour development, the initial package of vype epod starter kit contains a vype ePod, USB charging cable, e-liquid cartridge and a user guide. Vype best selling e-pen is Vype E-Pen 3.


This American electronic cigarette company has its headquarter in San Francisco. It features single time use cartridges. At Juul, everything is designed keeping smokers in mind. It separates itself from other e-cigarettes and vape devices by delivering high nicotine concentrations as compared to other e-cigarettes, so it’s high nicotine addictive. A single Juul pod contains nicotine worth almost 20 cigarettes.

Juul provides satisfaction to its users to meet the standards of smoking and is quite small and portable and is charged in a USB port. Juul arrives in a variety of flavours which makes it more appealing to young users. Taking over almost half of the e-cigarette market share, it proves the products quick rise in popularity. The manufacturer clearly says Juul is made for adults. This starter kit allows you to experience a variety of flavours.

Juul being a sleek device is attracting youth to a large extent due to the wide range of flavours it offers. Juul starter kit arrives with everything an adult smoker wants to get started with. It includes the Juul device, four juul pods and a charging dock. It also offers a one-year limited warranty with its starter kit, which obviously is a great plus for vapers.


Having a long and distinguished history among the vaping community, Aspire owns a large portion of today’s industry. With great flavour and perfect wicking, it features new and innovative designs. This USA brand provides amazing quality of products, leads the industry in innovation and has built a great reputation over time.


Being the leading innovator in the segments of tank and atomizer, it has extended to output technologies and starter kits. Established in 2013, It offers the industry a go away from the smoking alternate. Aspire has established itself as a leader in the e-cig industry. From high-quality customizers and tanks to innovative, it features highly acclaimed atomizer coils and powerful carbon fibre batteries.

The aspire vape starter kit may sometimes have a flavour drop off at the lower power levels but Aspire generally a good vape and is loved by most vapers. The line of vaping kits by aspire bring some of its very best products together in a complete kit, with the sole exception of e-liquids, so you can instantly start vaping. With an extensive selection of tanks and the amazing line of box mods and batteries, it enables satisfying hits along with being fabricated with the finest details.

The atomizer coil of aspire provides and enhance truly robust flavour along with phenomenal vapour production. Their designs are solely based on the needs and want of vapours. Aspire assures an incredible amount of quality check during its manufacturing process to ensure every user gets a proper functioning device. The spectacular selection of aspire vape starter kits is the perfect choice for both beginners and advanced vapours.


Juno is created by twelve vapours. Giving you a similar experience as Juul, Juno is a draw-activated pod vape system that features disposable Juno pods of 380mah, which are prefilled. It offers much personalization options for nicotine content and flavour selection. You can customize among almost 50 different wraps. Picky vapers choose Juno due to its opportunity for personalization.

With a rechargeable battery, the innovative Juno vaporizers have a sleek design. With an ultra-portable and lightweight design, Juno earns a notable ranking among vape starter kit brands in the UK. This all in one kit makes vaping easy and convenient. All the starter kit pods are 36 mg. being a popular choice of on the go vapours, it’s even a great choice for vapers who have recently switched.

Juno has three vape kits available in the market, and they all include a rechargeable battery with 3 disposable prefilled menthol juice pods of different flavours. With a relatively smooth draw, it kicks the throat strongly. Featuring lip sensing technology it ensures a clean hit each time. Its inhale resembles that of a cigarette as it’s more restricted. With a relatively smaller cloud, its flavour pays off as it’s much stronger.


Eleaf is a new brand in the vaping community and a subsidiary of Joy tech. All the products at eleaf are fabricated with a massive high tech facility and are furnished further with the most advance equipment. Each device endures an extensive series of safety checks prior to its release so that every customer has a pleasant and hassle-free vaping experience.

It is a name known virtually by all vapers as it features fantastically popular products. At very affordable prices, it offers extremely high-quality hardware. Being one of the most friendly starter kits in the market, each component in eleafs vaping kit goes through a meticulous multi-step process. While carefully observing and listening to the wishes and desires of the vaping community, the devices they manufacture are state of the art and serve the needs of their customers.

This high-quality starter kit is truly wonderful and arrives with all the essential hardware you need to start vaping with. Every component in the kit is designed to work with the other optimally. The kit makes the purchase much more cost-effective then if you buy each component individually. Eleaf joins its marvellous atomizer coil with its top of the line batteries and tanks. Providing tasty, rich and intense flavour, it has a massive vapour production too, resulting in a satisfying hit every time.


Backed by a team of outstanding designers, engineers and state of the art facility, it’s a subsidiary of Smoore Corporation. Offering groundbreaking vaping hardware to the industry, the manufacturer maintains a firm grasp of the needs of the vapours around the world. The designers, engineers and fabricators at vaporesso are highly dedicated and knowledgeable.

Dedicated to offering high-quality vaping starter kits, they are second to none in delivery, quality, performance and innovation. Offering user friendly e-cig kits, vaporesso provides all the necessary functions and features and amazes you with its pleasant vaping experience as much as possible.

The vaping kits of vaporesso have advanced MODS with truly spectacular tanks and produce intensely rich flavour with massive vapour clouds. Vaporesso is able to satisfy all vapers, either they are beginners or advanced; that is why Vaporesso has earned a coveted reputation worldwide among the vaping community. It stands among the most trusted brands among the vapers due to its sensationally popular devices.


For enthusiasts who are transitioning to the vapour platform, these seven best vape starters kit brands in the UK offer them an excellent choice. These vape starter kits are compact in structure to be geared towards convenience. Being extremely streamlined, these vape pens uk have no complex mechanisms or interface systems so that beginners can focus directly on their vaping experience.

These tremendous UK brands offer attractive packages in their vape deals UK to add the greatest value in the vaping arena. As these beginner vaping kits are smaller, the needless material for manufacturing. And so, the associated costs of replacement pods and cartridges automatically lean towards the inexpensive side.

Last but not least, finding the best and affordable vape starter kit, especially if you are trying to switch from smoking, isn’t an easy task. Do consider the brands we have discussed above as we know it’s not an easy job to choose the best vape kit among the dozens flooded in the UK market.

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