Council of Vapor Mini Volt Review

Council of Vapor Mini Volt Review

I recently got my hair on the highly affordable box shape mod from the Council of Vapor. This mod is called the Mini Volt. in this article, I am going to share my complete experience regarding this device that may help you in choosing the right box mod to elevate your vaping experience.

Easy to use a mechanism

Mini Volt features an easy to use manual that allows you to turn the device on or off by clicking the fire button 5 times. You can easily adjust the voltage levels with the help of the up and down buttons. There is also a power boost mode that allows you to adjust your power to flash by pressing the fire button and the down button simultaneously.

Excellent build quality. 

The build quality on this box mod is immaculate; it is designed to last. It provides a solid feel and a tight grip when held in your hand, and really loved the way the LED screen is placed on the top of the mod. The buttons are also really formed, and its quick connection and provide you with a smooth response with minimal button rattling or misfires. The mod displays a carbon fibre structure that smooth agents that look a little bit like rubber and also includes tiny spots that allow you to grip it tightly inside your palms.

Overall look and design

This mod offers any static field with the carbon fibre junction combined with a black rubberized finish offering a subtle look. It has tones of black colour that make it quite decent yet exciting at the same time. The mode is not too large and as a decent size that can fit easily inside your hand, and you can also put it in your pockets and can carry it around.

Power modes

This Mini Volt box mod features three power modes. These are Soft, Standard, and Power. The soft modes provide a slow heating up of coils and are excellent to follow wattages. Standard mode is simple and perfect for any sort of vaping. Power mod elevates your waiting experience and starts eating the coils with a bit more intensity to offer an optimum experience.

Battery strength

This mod features a walking 1300mah battery that can add up hours to your vaping. I really love the battery life as it was quite decent and impressive.

My opinion and overall views

What I think is you are looking at a decent box mod with all the features that you need to start up your vaping experience. One thing that I noticed about this mode and that I will highlight that it automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity, which in my opinion, is something that they have to work on. Another thing that I would like to point out is that the battery life is fairly short when using low resistance coils or while operating your mod at the maximum power levels. Apart from these, this is a decent device with excellent build quality and a superior look with bold black colour and carbon fibre finishing that is designed to last and will offer you an optimum viewing experience up to a maximum range of 40 watts.

Talking about my personal experience, I really love the way that this device works, and it hits your throat. The flavour quality is amazing, and I hardly had any burning sensation while vaping it at high wattage levels. The smoke production was also decent; it wasn't too dense but still quite effective compared to the small size of this mod. Overall I would like to say that it is pretty stealth and compact device with well-made buttons and good looks that will offer you an excellent vaping experience at a fantastic price range.

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