4 Different Types of Vapes You need to know

4 Different Types of Vapes You need to know

Vaping basically originated after people started to practice smoking cigarettes. After the first modern e-cigarette was invented in 2003, vaping evolved and has risen at an incredible rate because of its ease to get started.

In the beginning, it took some time for smokers to adopt it because of its high cost and some confusing arrangements. Later on, many smokers adopted vaping as an alternate to smoking because it is believed that vaping dispense less harmful substance as compared to the conventional tobacco, killing the desire for smoking and helping to quit it easily.

Knowing little about vape and want to know more? Well, different types of vapes have been introduced in the market, keeping in mind the preferences and usage of vape users. Vapes these days come in different sizes and shapes to fit everyone’s expectations and lifestyles. Some vape at home; others may want to vape at work or while going for a walk.

Well, to get started with vaping, all you need is a vaping device. Every vaping device, no matter how modern it has three main components

  • E-liquid
  • Battery
  • Atomizer

Once you pour in the e-liquid, the atomizer heats it with the power of the battery and turns it into e-liquid vapour.

Different types of vapes

There are four basic types of vapes. Each one is different from the other, with some innovative features which were missing in the prior devices before. We can rather say they are generation classified due to the technological advancements in vaping. Now don’t get confused about getting the latest and greatest devices. Their basic function is the same. So select your vaping device according to what works best for you.

  1. Cig-A-Like

They look quite similar to cigarettes among the different types of vapes, especially in their size and appearance. It’s basically where electronic cigarettes originated from. Usually, all vapes can be called e-cigarettes, but more commonly, it’s used for Cig-A-Likes. The basic idea behind this is to mimic your smoking experience as close as possible for a smoother transition from smoking to vaping.

Its parts

Cig-A-Likes feature really simple characteristics. All it needs to work with is a LED light, battery, draw activator, cartomizer (this innovative feature combine’s atomizer with the flavour cartridge into a single piece).

How it works

This simple device has a short learning curve. Vapers usually start off with a Cig-A-Like and then transfer to stronger preferences with time. A Cig-A-Like features an innovative two-piece setup consisting of a cartomizer and battery instead of the traditional three-piece setup (battery, flavour cartridge, atomizer). As it is draw activated, it requires no buttons to press.

It is a mouth to lung device. Just like smoking a cigarette, you hold it in your mouth and then inhale it in your lungs. To retain the flavour, you can fill the smoke in your mouth. It’s an entry-level device with low wattage, less vapour production and demands a tighter draw. It holds almost 1 ml of e-juice and has nicotine options of 0, 6, 12 and 24 mg.

Types of Cig-A-like

There are 2 basic types of Cig-A-Likes

  • Refillable

These are the 2 piece e-cigarettes. Here you refill the e-liquid manually according to your own preference. Once the wicking material is used up, you need to replace the cartridges. These blank cartridges are available in packs of 5 or sometimes more.

  • Disposable

These are usually the one-piece designs where the cartridges are pre-filled with e-liquid and available in the market, usually in packs of 5. Once the cartridges are used, you need to replace them in order to vape on!

The Goods & Bads

These affordable Cig-A-Likes are small and easy to use. They are perfect stealth for vaping and unobtrusive. These affordable vapes are quite discreet, which adds more to its specs.

The little hiccups they posses is short battery life, tight airflow and low e-juice capacity, along with low vapour production.

It is usually not recommended for smokers as their first investment because there are many other devices that have a greater value while being comparable in prices, such as vape pens and pod mods.

  1. Vape pens

Among the different types of vapes, these cylindrical pens come in various styles. They are the advanced form of Cig-A-Likes with increased battery power and cloud production. They were introduced in the mid-2000 with a larger battery size having a microchip inside its battery with the innovative use of different atomizers.

Many latest features have been incorporated into these vape pens today. Due to the advancement in vaping technology, these vape pens have gained much popularity. You must opt for a high-quality device and tale proper battery care of the vape in order to stay safe from exploding or catching fire.

Its parts

It has several parts. It consists of a firing button, tank, battery, battery indicator, coil, USB charging port and an auto-shutoff safety feature. Its atomizer further consists of different parts, chimney, tank, battery connecting thread, coil, mouthpiece and air control flow.

How it works

Its features are quite simple to use and its recommended as a perfect starter kit for beginners due to the strong performance it offers. With less than 80 W, its battery power is somewhere between 650 mAh to 3000 mAh.

The tank capacity ranges from 1.8 ml – 5 ml. the safety feature microchip you from hitting longer than 10 seconds and prevents overheating the battery too. The nicotine strength of these vape pens ranges from 0mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg.

These Pen style vape kits can either be direct to a lung hit device or an MTL device as they are able to change the airflow intake. These DTL devices produce a massive cloud as the vape travels directly to your lung due to the more open airflow. These vape pens in the market today are featuring a combination of both second and third generation.

Types of Vape pens

Today the vape pens feature the third generation mods as they are equipped with modern vaping technologies. There are 4 different variations of vape pens today.

  • Fixed voltage

All the vape pens created in the beginning had fixed voltage as the device used to have a constant voltage output. You can’t change the settings with the single option firing button.

  • Variable voltage

To personalize the vaping experience, this innovative feature was introduced. With this feature, you and increase or decrease its voltage and play around freely with its cloud production, throat hit, and flavour intensity.

  • Tube mods

To address your nicotine cravings, you simply press the button, and the power of its battery size along with the sub-ohm tanks simply do the job.

  • Variable temperature

This feature targets third-generation devices. It adjusts the power output automatically according to the defined temperature by the user. It adapts to the coil resistance automatically in the vaping device and avoids dry hits.

The goods and Bads

The user-friendly vape pens come in different sizes and colours. With excellent cloud production, you can opt among MTL or DTL by simply adjusting the airflow intake. If you compare it to Cig-A-Likes, the flavour of vape pens is more pronounced.

They have a long battery life as compared to cig-a-likes but a shorter one if compared to box mods. They need refill more often as they consume more e-juice.

Vape pens are affordable and a great starter as they deliver a lot of value with flavour intensity, deliver efficient nicotine and produce more cloud.

  1. Pod mod

Being one of the modern renditions and most practical devices among the different types of vapes available in the market lately, pod mods are low wattage devices. They use nicotine salt e-juices. They are known to be an improved version of the prior Cig-A-Likes and are the closed vaping apparatus for smoking a cigarette.

Its parts

Featuring simple characteristics like Cig-A-Like, it is a two-piece device, a battery, and a replaceable/refillable pot.

How it works

With a practical form factor, these vape pods are perfect for smokers who are new to vaping. This MLT device is user friendly and ultra-portable as its almost the height of a lighter. Resembling Cig-A-Like in many ways, the pod mods are low wattage devices using nicotine salt E-liquid ranging between 35-50 mg.

These affordable pod vapes are draw-activated and are extremely simple to use. Being ideal for stealth vaping, these pod mods are either replaceable or refillable.

Types of pod mods

There are two basic types of pod systems.

  • Closed pod system

These devices basically arrive pre-filled with e-liquid. They are disposable, and once finished, you should replace them.

  • Open pod system

You fill the open pod systems manually with a nicotine salt e-liquid bottle of your own choice. After an average refill of 4-5 times, you need to replace these cartridges.

Goods & Bads

They give a similar experience to smoking due to their high nicotine strength. They are ultra-portable, pocket friendly and user friendly, so they can easily carry along where ever you go.

As compared to others, they have short battery life and may even have less cloud production at times.

  1. Vape mods

Being the latest edition among the different types of vapes today, it has some advanced personalization features with more firepower. These flashlights were introduced in vapes to make more clouds.

For seeking powerful cloud delivery of vape, there is a mainstream adaptation and commercial availability of these vape mods in the market, along with a wide range of stylish designs. They use the sub-ohm coil with a resistance less than 1, which eliminates the use of having a large battery, making the flow of electrical current at a higher rate. This produces bigger clouds as more nicotine is delivered.

Its parts

Regulated mods are a bit complex than the other types of vapes. It has a sub-ohm tank, temperature control, external batteries, LED screen, variable wattage & voltage, airflow control on the atomizer. The unregulated mods, though only posses a battery, an atomizer, along a case holding it.

How it works

Offering advanced and super high tech features, the vape mods (box mods) usually have three buttons to press. The starter kit usually is a single battery mod having variable wattage and a mid-range sub-ohm tank combined with temperature-controlled capabilities.

They have long-running internal and external batteries with higher performance and many options to choose from. They can even be used with other tanks.

Types of vape mods

It is divided into two categories,

  • Regulated

They have a circuit board inside them which allows for a safety feature along with customizable features like variable wattage, temperature control, and even voltage. They are further divided into tube mods and box mods (being the best)

  • Unregulated

These mods don’t have an electric circuit implemented. It is recommended for vapours who have advanced knowledge of electrical systems so that they can handle it easily; otherwise, these vapes are risky as no electrical feature is implemented.

Goods & Bads

Vape mods, specifically the box mods, have high performance of flavour intensity and cloud production. With longer battery life, they provide the ability to personalize different settings for finding your sweet spot. You even have different options for using many kinds of the coil. You can even opt for MIL or DIL hit with it.

With a few hiccups of buying separate batteries and taking longer to charge those batteries, it’s not ideal for beginners as it takes some time to learn it.


You can enjoy vaping with anyone among the four different types of vapes depending on the use and intensity of the vapes. You must choose the type of vape in accordance with the volume and level of intake. The different types of vapes machines are totally dependent upon the different levels of vaping enthusiast, so you must choose wisely.

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