Dotmod Oncloud Ion Pod System Review 2020

Dotmod Oncloud Ion Pod System Review 2020

Oncloud ion pod kit


In this article, I am going to talk about the new dotmod pod system that I recently purchased. This Oncloud pod system has a really unique egg-type shape; it is actually a pod system inside a flat shell. It is a kind of wacky-looking device, and I really liked the strange egg-like shape. On the bottom, there is a USB charging port and a draw hole on the other side. Now talking about the size of this pod system, it is pretty slim but a little bulbous on the front.

The weird thing about this device that I also liked was that it looks like an egg, and at the same time, it also pops open like an egg. So you can basically separate the two egg shape casings from the actual pod. These casings go around the actual body in order to provide protection. The pod system itself has a really fine finish. What I think is that the pod would have been a lot nicer if the shell was not around it. The on/off button looks great and is extremely smooth to press.

I was really impressed by the fact that the entire pod is controlled by the single firing button. There were no up and down or menu buttons. Five clicks on the firing button were enough to turn on my device. Clicking the button three times and then holding it would change the wattage, and it puts me in the seven watts range, which is indicated quite efficiently by a blue light on the fire button. Then if I click the button 3 times again, it puts me in eleven watts which are displayed by a red light. There is also another cool feature in this mod called the curve mode.

This mod starts off at 11 watts and goes down to 9 watts. Curve mode is represented by blue and red colour. It's really cool that they built a curve mode in these small pod devices. I will also mention the nice clear glass pod on the top of the pod system. I really liked the fact that I was able to see my juice levels clearly through this glass. That is the reason why I was really shocked to see that they covered this beautiful body with that weird egg shell casing. On top of the glass, there is a nice drip tip. This drip tip gets covered too underneath the shell. I noticed that I was able to get better suction through this drip tip in the absence of the was hard to create a seal with my lips when I added the eggshells over the pod.

Another thing that I would like mentioning about this pod is that it is a magnetic pod. I found this to be extremely handy for me personally, as the pod just snaps right on the device. Another interesting thing about the tank is that you have a fill port at the bottom. There is a plastic part covering the fill port that you can open for refilling. It also includes a white plug that is quite efficient addition for airflow control. I was able to get more airflow through my pod by pulling this white plug out. It creates a slit that offers more surface area for a direct lung hit.

Now talking about my vaping experience and the pros and cons of this device, I would like to mention that I am not too thrilled about the shape of this pod system. The egg sell makes it so much thicker and tough to get a good seal around the drip tip. I don't like the feel and look of this shell. So, believe it or not, this device feels so much better without the eggshells. Another reason that I don't like this eggshell is that I feel that when I vape the product without the shell attached to it, It actually creates a better seal with my lips on the pod. When the shell is attached, it feels so awkward as I am not able to get a proper seal. That is the main reason I am giving this shell a thumbs down.

 Now talking about the pros for this device, I liked the lanyard that they included with the packaging. It was a nice looking lanyard with a clip attached to it. I also loved the slim and pocket-size design of the pod as it was easy to carry around in my pockets. I was able to put it in my shirt pocket, and it has a nice smooth finish to it. I also loved the magnetic connection between the device and the pod. The semi-adjustable airflow below the tank is also a huge pro for me. I was able to adjust the airflow quite easily by simply pulling the airflow plug and making it a little looser.

I also loved the flavour quality on these pods. The flavour is very consistent as the pod operates on continuous discharge. I also like the fact that when you fill the e-liquid, the plug for the actual pod stays on the pod. The last pro that I would like to mention is the adjustable wattage system on these pods. It is a quite effective feature for pocket-size pods like these, and I really appreciate the fact that all of this wattage control is managed by a single firing button.

As far as the specs of this pods are concerned, it has a 430mah inbuilt battery that is great and lasts easily for a full day of vaping. There are two pods included in the kit and feature a 2ml e-liquid holding capacity with a 0.6-ohm coil inside. The device can fire up to a maximum wattage of 10W. It also includes an LED light indicator that displays battery levels.

Now, as far as my vaping experience is concerned with Dotmod Oncloud Ion pod system, I am really getting some nice flavour and saturated cloud production. It is definitely not a huge cloud producing device, but still, it provided me with good clouds. The flavour is actually very good, and the performance on it is excellent. I am really impressed by the vape quality on these devices. Overall these are nice, portable and compact device, but they would be much better without the shell, in my opinion.

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