Dovpo Blotto RTA Review

Dovpo Blotto RTA Review

In this article, I am going to provide you with a complete insight into Dovpo's 25.6mm RTA. I will highlight it's main features and functions and will also share with you my personal experience using this RTA. So, without further ado let's dig right in and discuss the Dovpo Botto RTA!

Introduction and specifications

Blotto RTA is a uniquely engineered RTA that is designed to deliver a restricted lung hit. It is a 25.6mm RTA that features a straight glass tube followed by two bubble tanks. It also includes one glass and one ultem. The straight glass has a capacity of holding 2mls of e-liquid inside, whereas the bubble tank can hold a huge amount of 6ml. It features as.oojh draw due to the new dual diffusion airflow technology. This is a bottom-fed airflow featuring multiple honeycomb-style air vent holes. The air comes out of the bottom of the mod, thus providing a 242-degree airflow for your coils that keeps the coils cool at high wattage levels and also prevent dry hits.

Design and structure

Dovpo Blotto is a compact RTA that is very well designed with high build quality and excellent O-ring tolerance. It is 26.5mm at the base and 43mm tall without the drip tip attached. The chimney is 19mm and features a gradual dome at the top, which goes down to 8mm. It comes with a metallic drip tip that has a metal around it, which matches the colour of RTA.

This RTA is quite easy to use. You can easily refill it through the quick release fill cap. It features unique knurling that makes it aesthetically pleasing as it gives it the bottle cap like look. The glass tube has about 3ml e-liquid capacity, whereas the bubble glass features a whopping 6ml e-liquid capacity.


Wicking this Blotto RTA is quite easy. I would suggest you keep the cotton loose as it helps in preventing dry hits and also keeps the liquid moist and flavorful. You can cut your cotton according to the RTA's floating deck so that it just covers the juice feed holes. This helps in ensuring excellent priming of feed holes. The size of these feed holes is pretty decent, and they effectively absorb the juice through to the wicks. I hardly experienced any dry hits or leakage. It is quite an easy RTA to wick and use.


I was really impressed by the airflow of this RTA. It features the modern dual diffusion airflow technology that offers a much smoother draw with reduced dry hits. The airflow is on the bottom with 52 honeycomb-style holes that offer a 3D airflow toward the coils, which helps to keep the coils cool at high wattage levels. You can easily adjust the airflow using the airflow ring. There is also a stopper that can be used to open or close the airflow.

My experience and views

I really loved the way this Dovpo Blotto RTA performs. I am using it for quite a while now, and I must say I am shocked by the way this RTA works. It is quite smooth when it comes to a good lung hit. I rarely witnessed any harsh hits, even at high wattages, as the airflow on these RTAs is excellent, and I have not seen such an airflow. The flavour production and quality are also excellent. The draw is more of an open draw with zero turbulence. Moreover, this RTA is quite easy to use too. It does not matter whether you are a professional vapour or a beginner; it will offer you the best vaping experience that you can ever wish to have!

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