E-Cig Battery Types – Every Thing You Need to Know

E-Cig Battery Types – Every Thing You Need to Know

The engine which drives your vaporizer is known as a battery. The battery of an e-cig device keeps it running as it powers the atomizer, which then transforms the nicotine into thick clouds and delicious vapour. You need a powerful and long-lasting battery for enjoying the tasty clouds with peace of mind. There are 3 major things you must consider before buying a battery, output, capacity, and safety. You must also consider which e-cig battery type you want to choose. Here will we focus and learn about e-cig battery types.

Basic categories of e-cig batteries

There are two basic categories of batteries.

Automatic batteries keep the device simple as the power on the device is automatically switched on every time you inhale through the tip. The pressure sensors fitted in automatic batteries detect the rush of air when the user starts vaping and turns it on when the user starts to inhale. Automatic batteries are usually smaller, while manual ones are bigger in size. That's why vapers who use e-cigs for longer periods between charging mostly choose e-cigarettes with manual batteries. Automatic e-cigs start vapour production once you start inhaling. However, the delay is only somewhere between 100 - 200 milliseconds. This is the reason the majority of automatic battery users are accustomed to this pause while vaping. Most cig-a-like vaping devices have the automatic operation of batteries.


- Easy to use

- Resembles cigarette a lot

- Short charging time


- The delay between puffing and inhaling

- Might need some short puffs for heating the coil up before the main puff

Manual batteries require you to keep the button pressed on the side of the e-cigarette when you start to inhale during vaping. Though this may seem less convenient, the performance of vaping devices is mostly better with manual options. You get used to it quickly and have more control over your draw. Another reason people prefer manual batteries is that it has less delay while inhaling the vapour. If you press the start button before inhaling, your e-cig gets time to produce vapour before you inhale.


- More power, more vapour, better throat hit

- More control with a longer cutoff period

- Longer life as compared to automatic batteries


- You usually need to click the battery 5 times for turning it on and off

- Needs more expertise

- Large size

E-cig battery types

There are many types of e-cig batteries, but there are basically 2 types of batteries.

Integrated batteries

These are the built-in batteries in the mod itself. These sophisticated devices featuring internal batteries include cig-a-likes, eGO, and evod style mods. The batteries of such vapes arrive precharged for your convenience. For easy recharging, these mods are normally charged by a USB cable and take some time to charge.

  • Cig-a-like batteries

These e-cigs are named cig—likes as they resemble tobacco cigarettes a lot. This is the very first e-cig that came to the market. They are small and cylindrical in shape. Ex-smokers prefer them usually as they closely mimic the experience of smoking. The cig-a-like category includes all the white cloud products.

The e-cig batteries are mostly automatically activated with a light-up tip. With in-built safety features, cig-a-likes prevent the battery from overheating. You must do proper research on the cig-a-like product's brand before buying them and always select the ones who have no reports of battery issues. You must follow the package instructions to stay safe.

  • eGO e-cigarette battery

These batteries have a larger cylindrical appearance like the "pen-style" e-cigarettes. Variable voltage vape pens have a tube shape like simple manual batteries. Being compatible with a range of tanks, they are mostly used within e-cig starter kits.

  • Variable output e-cig battery

These batteries enable the user to adjust the power output and increase or decrease the display in either voltage or wattage. It's done by either pressing a button or twisting the battery's end. They are the next step of manual batteries. While using variable wattage batteries with Aspire Cleito Exo and Smok TFV8 baby, you can even control it further and change the atomizer's resistance in your tank.


- Easy to use

- Compatibility guaranteed

- Doesn't require any fitting

External batteries

They are also known as removable batteries. They provide the user with the option of removing the batteries and then externally charging them. They are available in many different sizes like 18650, 20700, 21700 and 26650. Being a preferred option of the vaping industry, it allows the users to carry a spare set of batteries around, so they can swap it whenever they run out. They charge more quickly when compared to integrated batteries, though it still depends on the type of charger used. Users should make sure to use the right removable batteries for their mods. Otherwise, incorrect ones will affect the performance along with being hazardous.

The lithium-ion batteries commonly used are ICR, IMR and hybrid batteries. Lithium batteries hold a charge for longer if compared to other types of batteries. Being box-shaped, mod batteries are usually large. Many vapers even create their own e-cigs, but you must have a clear understanding of physics for building a safe device. Variable wattage mod has a box-like shape with buttons to control the power. Though it features are the same as variable voltage devices, but they have much bigger batteries and can be used for a longer period of time without the need for recharging.

  • 18650

These are the first generation lithium-ion batteries. 18650 represents the measurements of batteries. Here 18 stands for 18 mm diameter, whereas 65 stands for 65mm length. Zero represents the cylindrical battery. Most mods support this battery type as it's the most standardized battery in the industry and has an overgrown AA battery as it packs much more punch to it.

  • 20700

They are mostly used with box mods, and here 20 stands for 20mm diameter and 70 stands for 70mm length. The zero here again indicates the shape of the cylindrical battery.

  • 21700

Having an increased 1 mm diameter as compared to 20700, a selected group of mods support this battery size.

  • 26650

These odd ones have 26 mm diameter and 65 mm in length. They pack a lot of energy and are used by only a few devices.

  • E-cig mod batteries

These e-cigs are named e-cig mods, as a mod here is derived from modification. These customized devices are built to match each individual vapers preferences. You get much greater control of your vaping but may lack some safety features as compared to cig-a-likes. A mod is usually the culprit when you hear of an e-cig explosion or fire.


- More choice of batteries

- Extends the life of mods

- Easily add in separate batteries

- Same size battery is interchangeable with other devices

Size and voltage of e-cig batteries

The smaller the battery is, the lower is its mAh. Shorter batteries need charging more often. Bigger isn't always the best as they don't have the same look and feel that of traditional analogue cigarettes. The starter kit usually has two sizes of batteries, so users can use the ones which suit them the best. With higher voltage, the vape will get higher watts, and you will get a warmer vape.

The standard batteries used for vaping are 18650 batteries. If you choose a high-quality brand of 18650, it will provide more safety. They give you over 250 recharging cycles. With some exceptions, like compact mods that may encounter 18350 or 18500 batteries. Their widths are the same as the standard ones but are slightly shorter. Modern devices are more likely to run with larger batteries. With a lot of power and a much longer charge, the 26650 batteries are used in the biggest devices. Some mods even run on multiple batteries, which is the latest trend. It boasts maximum power along with increased battery life. If used properly, the removable batteries are safe and are used by experienced vapours in mechanical mods.

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