EFusion DNA 200 Review

EFusion DNA 200 Review

Made by Lost Vape, the Efusion DNA200 takes the structure factor of the Esquare DNA40 and expands on it with the incorporation of the Evolv DNA200 chip, a client workable FullyMax 1300 mAh 3 cell LiPo battery pack (comparable to 3900 mAh 3.7v) with XT30 connector, and staggering looks and structure factor with the external shell made out of anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum.

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It's a lovely looking little unit and controlled by the completely adjustable DNA200 chip; this vows to be an extraordinary looker, yet a remarkable entertainer as well. The Esquare DNA40 was a great minimal mod with shocking looks and extraordinary structure factor, and the Efusion DNA200 hopes to expand on this significantly further with the joining of the DNA200 chip.


Good grades to Lost Vape for the plan of the Efusion-it rates as one of the most dazzling units I have ever had my hands on. The body is exactness CNC processed from 6061-T6 aluminium, with an anodized shine finish also, with carbon fibre framing on each side of the unit. This is one genuinely fine-looking mod! Custom sideboards are additionally accessible for the Efusion, and you can access and administration the LiPo battery through the cautious evaluation of one of the sideboards. At the top is a hardened steel 510 connector with spring stacked nickel-plated metal focus pin, which empowers a flush fit for your atomizer.

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Along the edge of the unit, you will discover the Power, Up, and Down catches, screen and the USB port for charging; at the base of the unit are four vent openings. The structure factor is eminent with this unit. It's the perfect size for my hand and feels truly great to hold.

The exceptionally processed tempered steel catches are effectively reachable while working in the Efusion unit while additionally being material and extremely responsive. The screen is splendid and plainly coherent, offering you data on the current battery level, force, voltage, and temperature limit.

The anodized metal packaging makes the carbon fibre boards pop and gives them a hearty yet up-to-date look. The structure factor is very pleasant; it feels extraordinary in hand, notwithstanding the way that it is neither little nor light. I have not yet dropped it and don't anticipate doing as such; however, it feels sufficiently strong to get hammered. The catches are agreeable to push, and the screen, similar to any DNA 200 mod, is excessively brilliant and simple to peruse.

The one I got turns out to be red, yet in the event that you look on the site, you will presumably concur that it glances similarly amazing in pretty much shading. Not an enormous enthusiast of the gold one, but rather even the green one looks, boss.

With temp control, you can embed custom wire settings directly from the Steam Engine application in light of the kind of material you are utilizing. Another extraordinary element is the capacity to change the warming bend, so your curls heat up quicker or slower. I delighted in utilizing the Rafale tank at around 490 degrees Fahrenheit with a .3 ohm loop. By the day's end, nothing beats impacting out Kanthal double claptons with 50 watts of crude force; however, whatever floats his boat. Evolv proceeds to enhance and lead the route in vaping innovation.


One of the primary things you will see is a stamped increment in battery life and more exact execution in temperature control with Stainless Steel and Titanium, so it's certainly justified regardless of your while taking as much time as is needed setting up your new Efusion unit. The DNA200 chip utilizes the opposition of the atomizer to compute the temperature of the loop and ceaselessly hopes to check whether another atomizer has been associated. When utilizing a temperature control loop, you need to guarantee that you have held up until your atomizer has cooled to room temperature in any case, the temperature may peruse and ensure erroneously until the atomizer has arrived at room temperature.


  • Extraordinary feel (Mmm… carbon fibre)
  • Still agreeable to use regardless of being stout
  • Strong without being hefty
  • DNA 200 Chip
  • The solid, clicky fire button
  • Spring-stacked 510


Within the clamshell bundling is:

  • Efusion DNA200
  • USB link
  • Guidance manual

The LiPo battery pack discovered inside the Efusion DNA200 is client workable, and you can buy extra LiPo battery packs and USB as well independently for the Efusion.

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