Eleaf Istick 100W Review

Eleaf Istick 100W Review

Recently I decided to elevate my vaping, and I purchased the 100W TC mod from Eleaf called the Istick TC mod. In this article, I am going to share my personal experience regarding this mod with the hope that it may help you in selecting the right device that suits your desired vaping requirements.

Talking about the general build quality and mechanism of this mod, I found it extremely easy to use the device. The bright LED screen in the centre quite effectively displays the entire mod settings and functions, including different modes like wattage, temperature control, power mode and voltage mode. The best feature that sets this mod device apart from other 100aw devices is the temperature control mode. That is the prime reason why I choose Eleaf Istick in the first place. This 100W device comes with a temperature control mode that allows you to have an optimum vaping experience at variable temperature ranges with the help of high-quality Nichrome wires present at the coils. These wires offer excellent heat resistivity that prevents harsh throat hits at high wattage levels. Apart from the functioning, Eleaf Istick is also a decent looking mod that is compact and sturdy and can be used for your daily vaping activities.

Build quality and design

One thing that I loved about the overall design of this mod is the simplicity. It is not a flashy mod by any means. It has a simple and ergonomic metallic body that offers a compact box shape to the device. The smart micro USB charging port is located at the bottom. Another thing that I really liked about this mod is the placement of the LED screen. The screen is placed on the side of the mod and offers a vivid and bright display. You can easily access the temperature control features on this LED screen. The backside of this mod holds together your batteries. The battery is packed inside a solid stainless steel cover that protects it from leaking and also helps to prevent battery rattle. I found it easy to open and close the battery door and hardly had any troubles.

Airflow review

One thing that I cannot neglect regarding this 100W TC Mod is the airflow quality. As it is a high wattage device with temperature controlling properties, so I expected it to deliver the perfect airflow, and it really stood beyond my expectations. It offered a smooth airflow that was easily adjustable. This helped a lot while vaping at high temperature and wattage levels. I witnessed a smooth throat hit even at the 75 to 80W range. There is a manually adjustable airflow ring located at the tank. It was quite easy to adjust the airflow and allowed me to access different styles of vaping, like a restricted mouth to lung and direct lung.

Tank features

Now talking about the tank, Eleaf Istick features the I just 2 tank. A cool thing about this tank is that it can hold a good amount of e-liquid without causing any leakage. It features a whopping 5ml e-liquid holding capacity which is excellent. I also loved the fact that they include a spring load of 510 atomizers on the tank.


Eleaf Istick is exciting for the fact that it allows you to have external batteries. You are not stuck with the inbuilt batteries as featured in most of the mods. These external batteries can be placed inside the metallic door present at the backside of the mod. This battery door is hard and sturdy and helps to keep your batteries in place while travelling or to vape on the go and really helps to prevent battery rattle.

My personal views

Eleaf Istick 100W TC mod is the best 100-watt temperature control device that I have used so far. I really loved the simplicity that this device offers. It is not a high tech mod, and it is quite easy to use. At the same time, it is quite powerful as well and can fire from 5W to 100W in a matter of seconds. The entire mod settings are actively displayed on the bright LED screen. I loved the way this screen is placed on the side of the mod and allows easy wattage and temperature adjustments. I would definitely recommend this device to you if you are into temperature-controlled vaping as it is an excellent choice for both beginners as well as professional vapers.

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