Eleaf iStick Pico 75w Review

Eleaf iStick Pico 75w Review

Eleaf istick pico 75w review


The Eleaf iStick is one of the most well-realized brand names in the realm of vaping, and all things considered. Mods in this famous arrangement have consistently been easy to understand, solid and, maybe in particular, truly moderate. For quite a long time, the Chinese organization has been at the front line of development in this profoundly serious industry. The freshest expansion to the iStick arrangement, the iStick PICO 75W, demonstrates that they actually have an edge. As you're going to see, there is a whole other world to this little gadget than meets the eye, and when matched with the new Melo 3 Mini sub-ohm tank, it's simply a lean, mean haze making machine.

The iStick PICO starter pack arrives in a plastic-wrapped white cardboard box and contains a 75W iStick PICO miniature mod, a Melo 3 Mini tank, two EC curl heads, a USB link, husky client manuals for both the mod and the tank, and a little sack of extra o-rings. It's a finished bundle that helped me to remember the SMOK R80 starter pack that is not some time in the past, in that it's a decent choice for the middle of the road and even tenderfoot vapers who need to do the change to cutting edge mods. For this situation, all you require is a 18650 battery, some e-fluid, and you are all set.


The principal thing you notice about the iStick PICO is its decreased size. At simply 70.6 x 45.2 x 23.2mm, excluding the Melo tank, it's unquestionably the littlest box mod I've ever utilized. Regardless of whether you have little hands, it's truly agreeable to hold and fits in the littlest of pockets and satchels, so certainly or more on convenience. In any case, here's the truly fascinating part, the PICO is really more limited than a 18650 battery, so do you get one to fit inside the gadget. Another intriguing thing about the iStick PICO's plan is the situating of the catches. A bent fire button sits flush on one side of the gadget, directly over a genuinely enormous LCD show and a miniature USB charging/update port. Indeed, Eleaf put them on the best spot for them was the lower part of the mod. They are situated in a little ebb and flow, so they are flush, which means you don't need to stress over them getting squeezed coincidentally when you place the iStick PICO on a level surface. Having become accustomed to these catches either as an afterthought or on top of the mod, some discovered their situating somewhat abnormal from the outset, yet immediately became acclimated to it and ultimately had the chance to like the cleaner look of the mod. The highest point of the mod highlights a smooth customizable 510 stringing and will oblige a 22mm breadth tank pleasantly.

The LCD show is genuinely huge for the size of this mod, and except if you have genuine vision issues, you should have the option to peruse all the data without any problem. In reserve, the screen shows the set wattage/temperature in a bigger textual style and the obstruction and voltage in more modest characters, close to the battery life symbol. At the point when the fire button is squeezed, the screen changes to a puff clock.

Since the iStick PICO 75W is a solitary battery mod, the miniature USB port can be utilized for both overhauling and charging the gadget, sparing you the difficulty of utilizing an outside charger. The normal length USB link additionally permits you to utilize the PICO as a pass-through while it's charging.

Temperature Control (One Chip, Many Mods):

Temperature control is best in class for a mid-estimated chip (as theorized over, this is evidently a similar exclusive chip Joyetech utilizes in the Centurion, Stout, and RX200), with customizable temperature and wattage, fixed settings for nickel, titanium, or hardened steel wire, in addition to three client programmable custom TCR settings. No, temperature restricting on the Pico chip isn't as perplexing or refined as on the very good quality Evolv or Yihi chips; however, it's easy to understand and precise enough for everything except the most requesting temp control vapers.


  • Minimal plan.
  • Pocket inviting
  • Simple to utilize
  • Strong, all around constructed
  • 75W Max Power Output
  • Temp Control
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Fueled by replaceable 18650 battery


  • Eleaf Pico 75W Mod
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

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