Things You Need to Know About Five Pawns e Liquids

Things You Need to Know About Five Pawns e Liquids

Five Pawns e Liquids

I have been a vaping enthusiast for quite a long time and have tried almost every e-liquid brand that is available in the market. Recently I tried the five pawns e-liquid, and I am quite excited to share my experience with all of you.

The one thing that I loved about five pawns was the extensive line of flavours to choose from. Every flavour that I tried offered a fruity punch and burst of sweetness. The flavour quality was immaculate, and you cannot expect any better. The flavours retained their high end feel inside the mouth for a long period of time. Each of these flavours is available in three nicotine concentrations that are:

  • 0mg nicotine
  • 3mg nicotine
  • 6mg nicotine
  • 12mg nicotine
  • 18mg nicotine

I like a moderate sort of nicotine strength, so I selected the 6mg nicotine variant. The strength was good and fully quenched my nicotine cravings. It resembled the actual cigarette tobacco but with a touch of fruity flavour.

Another good feature about these e-liquids is that if you are using a pod system, these e-liquids will wick really well to it. They maximise the liquid output on every inhale and provide high-quality flavour. I also used these liquids on sub-ohm devices, and they worked great. Due to the high VG levels, these liquids burnt perfectly on high wattages and provided me with a smooth sub-ohm vaping experience. These high VG flavours were included in the Red Line from Five Pawns.

I tried the Kibitzer flavour and bought a 60ml bottle of it. The flavour was sweet and had a cake-like fruity essence. It had a serious and up-forward pineapple flavour that you can instantly feel on the inhale. I got a fruity throat hit with a caramelised vanilla flavour in the background. This flavour from five pawns was really amazing. It had a unique fruity flavour with a bakery touch. I vaped it all day and did not feel any harsh throat hits. It was absolutely smooth, and the flavours stayed in the mouth for quite a long time.

The next flavour that I tried was Isolani from Five Pawns. This flavour provided an instant lemon zest on the inhale. After that, I gradually felt the vanilla flavour sweetness rounding the citrus. It was a pretty well-balanced flavour with a perfect combination of sweet and tangy flavours.

I also experienced the original line flavours from Five Pawns. I tried the Symmetry Six flavour first, and my experience was quite magnificent with that flavour. I tried that flavour on high wattages, and it fired perfectly. There were no spit backs at all. The juice primed well to the wicking ports. The flavour was very bold had a bakery fruit thing going on. It provided a creamy throat hit on every inhale. I really loved the combination of sweet strawberry with cream.

Overall all the Five Pawn flavours that I have tried so far have given me quite a remarkable vaping experience. Each of the nicotine salts featured in these flavour bottles is extracted from high-grade tobacco leaves from all over the world. You can actually feel the rich tobacco essence on every inhale. I will highly recommend these flavours to someone who has switched from smoking to vaping. The good thing about these nicotine salts is that they are available in a variety of nicotine strengths that target every individual.

These are perfect for someone who is looking to cut down on nicotine as I am. They can select a low nicotine variant such as 6mg or 3mg. I have been using the 6mg variant, and by far, I am quite satisfied with the nicotine intake. It is quite comforting and, at the same time, very smooth on the throat. If you want to elevate your nicotine intake, Five pawns also offer high nicotine concentrations that go up to 18mg. So you have a variety of nicotine salts and a wide range of flavours to choose from.

I really liked the flavour combinations offered by the five pawns. The best thing about these flavours is unique combinations. These combinations also complement each other well. So you do not experience a single flavour covering up your taste buds. There is a beautiful mixture of sweet and tangy flavours on every inhale. Plus, you can vape these e-liquids for as long as you like.

You should not be worried about hurting your throat or having spit backs. I used to vape them almost 6 hours a day and never experienced harsh coughs, even at high wattage levels. The reason is that these Five Pawns flavours are wicks excellently to the coils and also prevent the coils from burning at high temperatures. This prevents strong throat hits and also helps to retain the life of your coils.

Now, whenever we talk about vaping, there are only two things that concern us the most. One is the flavour quality, and the second is the smoke production. Me being a mod user, I always wanted high-density smoke clouds on every to exhale so that I can show off in front of friends and can perform different smoke tricks. For that purpose, I tried a variety of e-liquids, but the experience wasn’t satisfying. I had huge smoke clouds but on the other have the flavour quality was barely acceptable.

After trying these five pawns e-liquids, I am pretty sure that there is no other vape liquid in the market that can offer such an amazing flavour quality and mind-blowing smoke production. I witnessed huge smoke clouds on every exhale. It literally filled my entire room with smoke and a beautiful flavour aroma. Along with that, the flavour was also better than any other e-liquids that o have tried.

So on behalf of my experience with Five Pawns, I will definitely recommend all you mod users out there to definitely give these e-liquids ago. These liquids are perfect for someone who wants high smoke output with a quality vaping experience.

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