Freemax Mesh Pro Review

Freemax Mesh Pro Review

The free max mesh pro-sub-ohm tank is the latest and best edition so far by free max. This is basically the follow up of the famous Fire Luke mesh release. Its optional full resin body features absolutely stunning looks. It is the first multi mesh sub-ohm tank which has introduced four new coils in the market, having single, double and triple mesh coils. This new sub-ohm tank features multiple mesh coils.

This massive tank has a standard capacity of 6ml; it has also got 4ml and 5 ml bubble glass options. The 28 mm wide resin tank has a slide top fill system; its airflow is adjustable on its base. You can also adjust its gold plated 510 connection to mods that are without spring-loaded connectors.

Free max mesh pro-RBA come in 6 resin colours, orange, purple, blue, black, pink and green, whereas 5 stainless steel colours, golden, silver, black, gun, rainbow which are recently released. The glass of free max mesh pro is reasonably thick.


  • Metal or resin body tank 25 x 59.8 mm
  • 9mm wide bore 810 drip tip
  • 40 - 410 W
  • Gold plated and adjustable 510 pin
  • 2ml capacity along with 4,5 and 6 ml glasses
  • Top-fill design
  • Dual adjustable and bottom airflow control
  • Wide coil option: Kanthal single, double and triple mesh coils

Coil options

The coil options which are available for this tank in the market are four each from mesh coils and regular coils. All these free max mesh pro coils are high quality and have very minute flavour carry over after refills. Though these high-performance coils do drain liquid quickly. The head of these coils is also anti-leak. The tanks' extra capacity avoids often refilling.

  • Kanthal single mesh coil (40-70w) of 0.15 ohm
  • Kanthal double mesh coil (60-90w) of 0.2 ohm
  • Kanthal triple mesh coil (80-1210w) of 0.15 ohm
  • Kanthal DVC coil (50-100w) of 0.25 ohm
  • Kanthal DVC coil (60-120w) of 0.15 ohm
  • SS316L single mesh coil (400 F- 550 F) of 0.12 ohm
  • Firelock sextuple coil (60-140 w) of 0 .15 ohm
  • Firelock duodenary coil(80-180w) of 0.15 ohm

Coil performance

The free max mesh pro arrives along with the pre-installed kanthal double mesh coil as well as a spare kanthal single mesh coil. That's not it! The box also includes kanthal triple mesh as well as SS316L single mesh. Free max mesh pro coils include

  • Single mesh coil

With 0.15 ohm resistance, the power range recommended for it is 40-70w. In the wicking material around the edge of the coil, there is no space, so the wicking material and coil are in direct contact. For vapers who don't need a huge cloud, 40w will provide a good Luke-warm vape.

At almost 60w, the coil works its best with good flavours and nice vapour production but still, if you compare it to double and triple mesh coils, its performance is average. I also noticed that the tank becomes noisier if a single-coil is installed. This is the simplest as well as the smallest among all the four types. Having a single vertical mesh coil, there are no holes drilled in it.

  • Double mesh coils

With 0.2 ohm resistance, the power range recommended for it is 60-90w. This coil produces a thicker vaper and much more flavour as compared to the single mesh coil. This coil has a pretty good life span. With at least 80 w, you can have an amazing experience out of this coil.

  • Triple mesh coils

This is the actual star among the mesh pro coil headline. With 0.15 ohm resistance, the power range recommended for it is 90-110w. With 3 vertical mesh coils, 3 massive holes are also drilled through its wicking slots so the juice can reach the coils fast. Its thick and dense vapours have almost the same level of flavour as the double mesh coils. For a truly sublime vaping experience, the triple mesh coil features extremely high wattage having 0 nicotine e-liquid. If you seek a hotter vape, you must try this!

  • SS316L single mesh

These are the coils used for temperature control vaping. With 0.12 ohm resistance, the temperature range recommended for it is 400-530 F. for an extremely nice vaping experience, 500 F temperatures are perfect. With flawless temperature control, the life span of this coil is almost the same as the dual coil.

What arrives in the box?

  • 1x free max mesh pro tank
  • 1x 0.2-ohm double mesh coil head
  • 1x 0 .15 ohm single mesh coil head
  • 1x 5ml glass tank section
  • 1x 6ml bubble glass tank section
  • User's manual
  • Spare parts pack

Colour options

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • purple

Manufacturing, design and built

When you look at the free max mesh pro, the first thing you notice about it is its size. Being absolutely massive, the distance from its base to tip is almost 55 mm. though the tanks' actual diameter is 28mm; its base diameter is 25 mm and has a 9mm wide bore drip tip. With a playful design, this beautiful tank comes in a resin finish, but I must say it doesn't look pretty like fire Luke mesh. This resin version is very fragile, so you must be very careful while handling it.

The push to open the top fill system features is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is to push the top cap outward exactly above the big red dot. It slides away and reveals a massive fill port that fits almost any size of a dropper. A 5ml tall glass is already installed in it, but its kit also includes a Pyrex bubble glass of 6 ml.

Having a perfect build quality, its top cap and the airflow control ring slide smoothly. These two airflow slots being massive please the vapers who like extreme vapour production. Its coil swap has the standard screw to base design which of course, is very effective. At its bottom is the gold plated adjustable 510 pins, which you can use with hybrid mods too.

To prevent leakage, the mesh pro has a silicone lip. Towards the bottom of the tanks is too large, fully adjustable airflow slots that can be fully closed. With an easy and convenient filling system, the push to fill opens with a wide radius making it more convenient.

Another attraction of this top-notch tank is its fishbowl glass, along with the well-machined metal sections. The coil screws in its base section while the top screws attach to the top of the coils. The O-rings fit on the top and bottom of the glass nicely, so everything feels snug and secure.

How does it perform?

Enough about its build and design, now let's have a look at how it performs. With no real hiccups, the mesh pro performs really well. Using this is a breeze as both fittings it together and taking it apart is so easy. The adjustable pin at the bottom of the tank allows you to fix your resistance reading. In this case, you simply need to undo the screw to add some extra length. You can even give your connection issues a tweak if you have any.

As free max is the first among the mesh sub-ohm tanks to have a triple coil head. The wicking slots in these coils have holes that allow the juice to flow directly in the coil head. This minimizes the risk for dry hits as the juice reaches the coils in a uniform manner.


With quite open airflow, it also depends on which coils you are using. Though the slots for airflow are on its outside, still the single mesh coils have less airflow as compared to double and triple mesh coils. I experienced the best airflow in its mid position.

With a smooth airflow, free max mesh pro has an average noise level if you take slow drags, though its louder with big as well as fast hits. The single mesh head is even louder if you close the airflow. Though the single and double mesh coils are very airy and light, they still deliver a good flavour. With triple mesh coils, the flavour literally pops out of the tank. The triple mesh coil works best even if the airflow is fully open.

Its goods?

  • Quality built
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth draw
  • Leakproof
  • Massive size
  • Multiple coil options
  • Lots of 810 drip tip options

It's bad?

  • Much e-juice is consumed with multi mesh coils
  • Loud with big hits
  • Triple mesh coil isn't included in the kit


Mesh pro is, no doubt, an incredible creation by free max. Being really popular in the market today, the looks free max mesh coils may not impress you, but I can guarantee it's amazing flavour and dense flavour will win your heart. Its fantastic performance with triple mesh coils has never left any vaper in regret. For having the best vaping experience with free max mesh pro, you must opt for triple mesh; if not, you should go for a double mesh one at least!

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