Geekvape Aegis Mini Review

Geekvape Aegis Mini Review

The Geekvape Aegis Mini Mod is the most recent box mod from long-term well-known maker Geekvape. Generally known for their atomizers like the Ammit, Griffin, and Zeus arrangement, Geekvape has likewise given us some substantial mods lately. The mod feels premium, has a sewed calfskin vanity area on its side, and like its brethren, it is water, residue, and stun safe. It's likewise A LOT more modest and conveys an inward 2200mAh battery. GeekVape has utilized precisely the same form materials this time around also: Silicon, Alloy, and Leather, and the outcome is an uncommonly superior looking vape mod.

The mod is accessible in an assortment of shading choices, as should be obvious in the pictures later on, and is planned, I think, to be a more compact rendition of the leader AEGIS. You have the greatest yield of 80W, which is acceptable, as it'll hold battery life within proper limits, just as help for TC vaping and an assortment of vaping modes. The GeekVape AEGIS Mini critically likewise includes 2A Fast Charge, a key expansion that endless mods of this kind just do exclude. It'll charge from dead to full in around 40 minutes.


The Geekvape Aegis Mini is a pretty essential mod, and on the off chance that you've utilized any Geekvape mod as of late, it works a similar way. Here's an overview.

Five ticks of the fire caught to turn on and off

  • Three ticks to enter the menu mode
  • Here and there to go through modes
  • Fire to choose the mode
  • Here and there to change different settings in every mode
  • Hold fire to acknowledge the settings
  • Fire + up or down changes the screen splendour
  • Up + down to bolt change fastens; however, the mod can even now be terminated

Geekvape records the specs at 80 watts, 8 volts, and 30 amps. I'm upbeat they recorded each of the three as I feel each organization ought to do that. During my testing, the maximum accomplished wattage was 91 watts, So it is precisely evaluated and fit for doing a touch more than the 80 watts recorded. As far as possible, I got was 25 A, which is in the normal reach for inner battery mods nowadays (25-30 A). In any case, that was with a 0.12-ohm assemble and 78 watts, so it's conceivable as far as possible is even somewhat higher than that as I was covered off by as far as possible.

The extraordinary thing about this mod is I was never covered off by the volt or amp limit. I had the option to get the full 80+ watts with every one of my tests which had protections from 0.12 ohm to 0.63 ohms. The VPC mode additionally works incredibly. The mod changes in 0.1-watt increases; however, in the event that you hold the conservative, it'll pass by a full watt until you discharge it. Not a terrible framework at all and changes rapidly. In any event, when pushed as far as possible, the mod never got hot, which is noteworthy. It likewise ends up being a pretty exact mod; however, it hits somewhat on the high side.

Battery life and performance:

With a non-removable battery, execution in this setting is continually going to be a concern. However, with the GeekVape AEGIS Mini, it simply is not with Fast Charge.

Run the mod beneath its most extreme yield, preferably 60-70W, and you'll get phenomenal battery execution from it. Whack on a solitary loop RTA set it to 45-50W, and it'll go the entire day and afterwards some. Accordingly, the fair compromise for ideal battery life dwells someplace in the middle of which is why I've referenced single curl RTAs such a great amount in this survey; you can run them overall quite low (45-50W). All vape mods with inner batteries need Fast Charge. Whack on an MTL tank like the Kayfun V5 or the GeekVape AMMIT MTL RTA, where you run the tanks in and around 20W, and you're taking a gander at two or three days from the mod's 2200mAh battery.


  • Excellent temp control execution with the correct settings
  • Lift circuit
  • Huge and brilliant highly contrasting screen
  • Handles 25 mm atomizers without overhang
  • Basic and simple to utilize menu framework
  • Full force accessible in TC mode
  • Water safe
  • A tough plan can deal with drops
  • Cowhide feels better
  • Nice paint job
  • Small and lightweight design

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