Geekvape Frenzy Review

Geekvape Frenzy Review

Geekvape Frenzy is a portable all-in-one kit designed for the ultimate vaping experience. The design of this device is quite familiar to the Lost Vape Orion.

It features a unique design with intelligent craftsmanship displayed all over the body. This box mod is powered by Geekvape AS chipset that offers multiple modes like the power mode and temperature control mode. The Geekvape Frenzy features a 950mah battery and an E-liquid holding capacity of 2mls. It offers adjustable airflow with a restricted lung hit, perfect for mouth to lung vaping.

Shape, Design and build quality

It is a gorgeous looking mod with resin designs on the front that provide a unique and exciting look. The main body is made up of durable zinc alloy with absolutely no screws over the body. The main body features smooth edges that fit comfortably inside the palm and are perfectly bevelled to provide a smooth finish.

The Frenzy mod is slightly thick and weighs about 92grams with the 2ml full pod. Still, I personally believe that the Frenzy mod is more elegant than the other ones from Geekvape.

Frenzy Pods and their properties

This device comes with Frenzy Pods that are capable of holding 2mls of e-liquid inside. These pods feature an adjustable airflow control and a non-removable drip tip. These pods are easy to insert and remove and hardly rattle once placed perfectly. They slide to the battery with the help of a magnetic connection. The magnets are strong enough to keep the pod in its place and to prevent any sort of rattling.

One disadvantage that I saw in these pods was that they are really dark. You have to hold them in front of proper light sources in order to see the liquid levels. Therefore it's hard to predict how much juice is left inside the pod.

Refilling procedure

The refill process is also unique on these pods. It is not the usual top-fill mechanism. It takes place from underneath the pod. There is a small rubber door present on the bottom with two small silicone ports that allow the dropper to squeeze inside. Most of the e-juice bottles have droppers that fit the size of these slits, preventing any liquid from spilling or leaking.

Airflow settings and review

The airflow on this Geekvape Frenzy mod is designed for mouth to lung vaping. The mod features a barrow drip tip to provide a restricted mouth to lung vapour.

It features two coil heads with different airflows to meet your vaping needs. The 0.7-ohm mesh coils have more airflow compared to the 1.2-ohm mouth to lung coils. I really loved the open airflow that the mesh coils offered, and it was perfect for a smooth sub-ohm vaping session. Whereas at the same time, you cannot ignore the super restricted mouth to lung airflow offered by the 1.2 ohm MTL coils.

The airflow adjustment on this device is pretty easy. There is a knurled airflow ring that is easy to access. One disadvantage of this ring that I noticed is that it is very thick, and it gets difficult to see where it is set inside the little air holes. But still, a quick puff will tell you what your airflow is, so you don't really have to worry about it.

Battery performance and LED indicators

I really admire the battery in these devices. This 950mah battery easily lasted for a good 5 to 6 hours of vaping. There is also a smart LED light that indicates battery levels. You can press the power button twice, and the light indicator will display your battery levels with red light for up to 30 per cent battery, blue light for 31 to 6ó per cent battery, and a green light for above 70 per cent battery.

Vaping experience and performance

Vaping on the Frenzy mod is totally mind-blowing. It is a powerful device and is capable of working smoothly in all types of ways. It mostly used for mouth to lung vaping. I really loved the 0.7-ohm mesh coil and the smooth airflow that it offers. It used it with a high VG juice nicotine-based juice, and believe me, the flavour quality on this thing was tremendous.

Plus, it also offers s quite a satisfying throat hit with the low VG liquids as well. The mesh heads are really nice and can be easily swapped for both mouths to lung as well as direct lung vaping.

When I crave for a restricted mouth to lung hut, I switch towards the 1.2-ohm coils. The flavour on these is also perfect, and I hardly got any harsh throat hits. These coils work perfectly with high nicotine-based e-liquids. The flavour remains consistent throughout, and the smoke production is also amazing.


I will definitely recommend this device to all the mouth to lung lovers out there based on the explicit features that this pod vape offers and the range of airflows and modes of vaping that you can access and have fun with!

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