GeekVape Nova Review

GeekVape Nova Review

In this article, we are going to talk about the latest mod from Geekvape called the Geekvape Nova. This mod is equipped with dual 18650 batteries that can go up to the maximum wattage range of 200 watts. I was really enthralled by the design of this mod at first sight. The colour screen was nice and vibrant, and the size is also perfect for a dual battery 200W mod. It is neither too big nor too small. I really loved the paint job that they did on these mods. That textured resin paint really stands out and provides it with an exciting look.

The menus are easy to access. The colour screen displays an individual battery monitor, which helps to keep track of battery levels.

Overall look and design

Geekvape Nova is a very well designed mod that displays a subtle yet exciting look. It is extremely comfortable to hold despite the fact that it incorporates dual 18650 batteries.

The mod features a bright LED display screen on the front and resin panels on the sides. The battery door is locked together with the help of magnets and is easy to get on and off.

The mod weighs around 120g and is lightweight compared to other dual battery mods. Overall it is a stylish looking mod with all the latest features.

Modes and settings

Nova mod comes with many functions that help to enhance the vaping experience. These include power mode, TC mode, Bypass mode and a Watt curve mode. These modes are all you need for an exciting vaping experience.

Easy to use

Geekvape Nova is an easy to navigate mod. Five clicks on the firing button will help to turn the device on or off.

You can enter the menu mode by clicking the same button three times. There are two up and down buttons that can be used to adjust the settings of each mode. The mod also allows you to adjust the screen brightness by pressing the up and down button along with the fire button. You can also lock your screen settings by pressing the up and down buttons together.

My personal experience and overall views

I fired this device with the Sony VTC5A batteries and reached a maximum wattage of 223 Watts which is a bit higher than the listed 200 watts range. This mod is definitely a powerhouse, and I was really impressed with the sturdiness and power pack vaping experience.

The smoke clouds literally blew my mind off. I was shocked to see such a volume of vapour on every inhale. The flavour quality was tremendous, plus this mod is really compact and easy to carry around. So I will totally recommend it to you if you are into high powered vaping as it offers all the modes and settings that you want for a complete vaping experience.

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