Horizon Falcon King Sub-ohm Tank Review

Horizon Falcon King Sub-ohm Tank Review

Today I am going to review a highly anticipated sub-ohm vape tank from the company called Horizon falcon. Falcon completely re-designed this tank compared to the past tanks. It is available in different vibrant colours and includes bamboo fibres inside. If I am not mistaking, there are nine different colours available.


It comes with complete packaging, and inside the packaging, you get spare O-rings. The colour of these O-rings is determined by the colour of the tank top fill gasket, straight glass spare coil, and your Falcon king sub-ohm tank.


Now looking at the stats on the falcon king tank, we have a 26-millimetre diameter at the glass. The straight glass has a 4ml fluid capacity, whereas the bubble glass will have a 6ml capacity.


The tank comes with two coils and an 810 style drip tip with the O-rings on the drip tip.

On the top, you have a button. Click on that button, and a spring hinge will open your top fill. I did not have any issues with this button. Although it was a hard press to get the thing opened but by using it, I haven’t had this pop open on me at all.


Now looking at the airflow control ring for the tank. This airflow ring does have a stopper and three different openings. From my experience with this sub-ohm tank, I shall advise you not to use it on a hybrid top mechanical mod.


The tank overall has a stainless steel chrome finish and is available in different assorted colours. The tank overall has a wattage of 75 watts. On the inside, it has a 0.3-ohm mesh coil and bamboo fibres. The bamboo fibres are rated up to 80 watts.


They also send me a sample of bamboo fibres in a zip lock bag. It was kind of a mixture of bamboo and cotton. But it feels like cotton and easily tears apart. Alright, so it was all about the structure of the Falcon sub-ohm tank; now, I am going to share my vaping experience with these sub-ohm tanks.


Initially, I had both coils running. The single one that I was vaping on had a wattage of 75 watts. I smoked it at full wattage. To tell you the truth, I did not find any complaints about this product.


The 810 drip tip with the O-ring design provided me with a wide opening. The flavour fully enhanced my taste buds. It did not hurt my throat at all. I love the colours on the drip tips.


 I love the fact that they made the tank a little, not smaller so that it can fit exactly in the mouth and seems easier to carry and use. The bubble glass is also tall, and it is not fat, unlike the other resin ones that I was using in the past.


Now the most important thing about this tank that I noticed was the airflow. It offered lots of airflows. The airflow is not super loud, but a nice and smooth airflow. It was a little bit on the louder side when I used it with mesh coils, but overall it was a smooth airflow experience for me.


I also did a little chain vaping action on these coils at about 75 watts of power. On hitting it continuously at 75 watts, I noticed that it needs a little bit more power and wattage. So I switched it to 85 watts and started chain vaping. The experience was simply delicious. It has no problem, almost a saturated smoking experience, and the flavour adds a wow factor to your taste buds. They recommend 75 watts on the packaging, but I would say 85 watts is more convenient for a cloudy vaping session. Talking about smoke clouds, the smoke was the thickest that I have ever experienced.


The clouds were not saturated or viscous. They were clear and gradually made my whole room cloudy after a smooth chain vaping session. I had to get the exhaust on to clear the atmosphere!


I also tried chain vaping on the two coiled versions of these sub-ohm vape tanks. I started at 80 watts because that is what they recommend maximum. I took three or four puffs and then jacked up the wattage. On pumping up the wattage to 90 watts, I did some fast forward vaping, and the experience was totally fruitful. It gave a saturated and flavourful vaping experience. It did not hit my throat even at a higher wattage and gave me a smooth, flavourful experience.


Overall this vape tank from the horizon had proved quite convenient for me. I have witnessed smooth vaping sessions at a high wattage. The flavour burns smoothly and does not hit the throat. The overall design is quite flashy and gives an eye-pleasing vibe. The airflow was also smooth, and I experienced flavour hitting every corner of my mouth. The vapour clouds were really dense and were perfect for filling the entire space and for performing smoke tricks. Both the sub coils inside, along with the bamboo sticks, provided me with the perfect power that I needed for a prolonged vaping session. The tank is durable and lightweight. It is easier to carry, and the transparent design helped me a lot in keeping a check on the fluid levels. The coils lasted for about three weeks, and I used to vape a lot, so it proved quite convenient for me. It was a fair deal compared to the price I paid for these vape tanks. I fully enjoyed my experience with these, and I will continue using these vape tanks from a falcon in the future too. I will also recommend all you vape lovers out there to try these Falcon king sub-ohm tanks.

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