How long does a disposable vape pen battery last?

How long does a disposable vape pen battery last?

Although disposables are inexpensive by nature, if they don’t last you more than a few hits, they can become expensive in a hurry. When assessing how long a vape pen can last, one of the most important items to consider is the battery. The vape device's beating heart is the battery, but the battery in disposable vapes cannot be charged. You won't be able to use the gadget if it runs out of juice before you finish vaping it.

And if you use a rechargeable vape pen, then your battery life would depend on your usage. For example, your typical battery will offer you roughly 300 puffs from a full charge, this should be enough to enjoy a new cartridge, or only require one charge to complete the cartridge. This amounts to around a week of continuous use before requiring a recharge, which isn't awful. 

Yet, irrespective of how much a battery has been used, we recommend replacing it once a year. We also suggest 510-thread vape pens for consumers, as most 510-threaded batteries and cartridges are interchangeable and compatible.

Well, it depends on several things:

Size of the disposable vape pen cart.Is the vape cart you purchased 0.5ml or 1ml? Half a gram vape cart has been reported to get anywhere between 50-150 draws (puffs).

How many seconds is your draw? (puff)Why is there not an exact number? Because some people inhale CBD vape longer (3-6 seconds) and others just for one second. So this will make a 1ml vape cart last you anywhere between 100-300 draws. Our vape carts come in a concentration of 600mg broad-spectrum CBD Vape Cart, but they are all 1ml. And all of our disposable vape pens contain 300mg of broad-spectrum CBD in 0.5ml.

Battery size and quality of your disposable vape penMost disposable vape pens are made with lower-grade batteries, that do not have higher storage (mAh). Our disposable vape pens are made with high-quality cells and are also equipped with a protection circuit as we as a micro-USB female rechargeable port! In case you misplace your vape pen and find it a few months later all you would have to do is plug it into any micro-USB charger and in few hours you will bring your disposable vape pen back to life! (as long as you still have cbd vape juice in it)

Final Thoughts on How Long Vape Pens Last
As can be seen, how long vape pens last can be a tricky question. Statistically, your pen will last about 6 to 8 months before all of the parts need to be replaced. But this figure usually depends on the type of pen you use, the amount of time you smoke your device each day, and the general quality of the pen you're using. Batteries and coils will need to be changed regularly, but routine maintenance is usually required. Once you've done that, the device gains a new lifespan. But if you're beginning from scratch, it's best to replace all components simultaneously to ensure greater longevity.

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