How to use NicotinePouches?

How to use NicotinePouches?

Nicotine pouches are low moist, soft fit and discrete, a perfect combination of the revolutionary ideas and the traditional snus. They deliver a fresh flavour along with a great nice kick. These nicotine pouches are healthier than the traditional snus as they are tobacco-free, while the base ingredient of snus is tobacco. The nicotine extracted from the plant is crystallized into nicotine salt here, but the plant is excluded, so these nicotine pouches are completely tobacco-free. They don’t stain your teeth as these pouches come in all white formats.

Using these nicotine pouches is really a simple process. They are easy to use, and you can use them anywhere publically without being worried about effecting others around you. They are quite portable with ease of usage. Simply follow these steps in order to use your pouches in the right way with efficiency.

1: Selecting your favourite flavour and buying the tin

The first step here is to select your favourite flavour, like mint or citrus, as you have the option to choose from a different array of flavours. You can buy these nicotine pouches both at the tobacco shop as well as online. These flavours are labelled with different strengths like normal, strong or extra strong. If you are a beginner or are trying to quit nicotine, you better opt for the normal as it contains the least amount of nicotine. Else you can select the strength according to your own preference.

2: Using the snus

Once you buy the nicotine pouch, the next step is using it. Open the tin by breaking the perforation of the side label. To lift off the lid, you just twist it and align the top and bottom arrows. The designs of the cans may differ depending on the brand, but once you lift up the lid, it will contain many small tea bags like pouches. Grab a pouch with your fingers (your thumb and index finger). With loose variety, you often have to shake the tin for packing the snus, but as these nicotine pouches are packed, so you don’t need to shake it. To loosen the tobacco, simply roll the pouch between your fingers before putting it in your mouth.

3: Inserting the pouch

Pinch your upper lip between your thumb and index fingers of the hand, which isn’t holding the nicotine pouch. Then insert it between your gum and upper lip. Locate where you feel most comfortable and release your upper lip.

Another way of inserting the nicotine pouch is to simply put it on your tongue and then slide the pouch with your tongue between the upper lip and gums. Many people find it comfortable to place the nicotine pouch on one side instead of placing it in the middle. So it depends on what you feel comfortable with. You can even place the nicotine pouch in your lower lip, but it makes you salivate more, and you will need to spit frequently. That’s why it’s recommended to put it under your upper lip, as the nicotine pouches are designed to be spit free.

4: Time period for keeping the nicotine pouch

You should keep this nicotine pouch under your lip till you enjoy the flavour. You can even chew the nicotine pouch gently if you want it to release additional flavour. Shortly after putting the pouch, you start feeling the familiar nicotine buzz.

Its effects last for different time periods depending on the strength you choose as well as your tolerance. It also depends on the size of the portion. Users usually keep the pouch in for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour. Due to the existence of salt and flavourings, they eliminate saliva, unlike other smokeless tobaccos. Once you stop enjoying the flavour, dispose of it off.

At this point, you may experience a strong head rush or nausea or even vomiting. Some even experience a slight burn under the lip, but it’s due to the nicotine in it. Some flavours like lemon and mint may intensify it. It gradually reduces when the body’s oral system starts getting used to it. Sipping water or any beverage may help. You can also reduce the effect by changing its position on putting it on your tongue for some time. Usually, these minor symptoms disappear quickly, but if it gets severe, remove it and dispose of the used pouch in a trash can. Avoid littering by tossing it out anywhere else.

In case you accidentally swallow the pouch, it won’t be hazardous as it’s made of mostly natural ingredients. They are not meant for digestion, so if you feel unwell, then you should get it checked.

5: Store it in the refrigerator

As nicotine pouches are perishable, so it’s best to use them within 5 days as it may start losing its flavour as well as nicotine effect after that. They can last longer if stored in the refrigerator. The refrigerator keeps it fresh and saves it from drying out, and if refrigerated, you can easily use them for 14-20 weeks. This was in case you want to store the nicotine pouch for longer than a week. If not so, you can simply store it in a cool and dry place if you are not using it.

The usage of these nicotine pouches varies for every individual. Regular users may use between 3-5 boxes a week. Still, it depends on a variety of other factors like its strength, effect, and personal taste. That’s you who have to determine the right amount for you. as these pouches are small discreet, and smoke-free, you can use them anytime and anywhere without being noticed.

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