IJOY Diamond PD270 Review

IJOY Diamond PD270 Review


The Ijoy diamond PD270 is the most recent mod from Ijoy. This double 20700 gadget gets its name because of the plan of the front and back plates, which distend and give the mod the state of a jewel. It truly looks pleasant. The Diamond has all the standard highlights of the IJOY IWEPAL chip, including temperature control, adjustable preheats (into equal parts second augmentations for three seconds), temp control for SS, Ni, and Ti wire, and two TCR memory settings. It's accessible plenty of tones, including some not seen all the time, like mirror gold, reflect blue, and matte pink.


This vape gives a very decent impression with its strong feel. It's somewhat substantial yet not very hefty and just feels truly all around assembled. The size isn't a lot greater than most double 18650 mods. It utilizes a standard attractive backplate for the battery entryway that fits incredibly with no play. The score to take the entryway off is on the base right corner of the entryway itself, much like the Vaporesso Revenger arrangement. IJOY utilizes a focused 510, and the mod is sufficiently wide to effortlessly oblige a 30 mm atomizer with space to save. They guarantee 33.5 mm as the maximum without overhang.

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The Diamond PD270 is recorded as having a 234-watt max yield. They don't list the most extreme amp or volt yields. Different test outcomes indicated the watt yield practically arrived at the publicized sum and maximized at 232 more than close enough to consider it precisely appraised. Strangely, it really had the most noteworthy yield with the 0.11-ohm loop, while most double battery mods maximize somewhere in the range of 0.15 and 0.20 ohms. At 0.15 ohms, there is an option to get 215 watts. The greatest voltage yield was 6.732 with a 0.51-ohm loop, which is directly in accordance with most double battery mods that have support circuits like this one, yet a little lower than typically with Sony VTC5a batteries during testing, likely because of the bigger battery hang in these 20700 batteries. The amp yield estimated at 46, which is better than expected for a double battery mod. The normal these days is 40.

The Ijoy Diamond PD270 additionally includes preheating settings of delicate, typical, hard, and custom (six settings for 0.5 seconds each). In wattage mode, the "typical" preheat act more like a "hard" preheat, so the mod may feel like it's hitting harder than it really is. There are a couple of mods that do that, giving the figment that they fire quicker. Accordingly, there is no observable fire delay in this mod.

Temperature control execution 

Utilizing SS316 wire with the default SS mode and TCR mode set at 00092, I tried four forms going from dispersed round wire in single and double curls to multi-strand single-loop, and double curl fabricates. In any event, going as low as 320 F, the Diamond actually creates dry hits. Once in a while, it scarcely fires, yet generally, it just never cut off. The mod feels sturdy from the outset handle. It permits two batteries inside an attractive entryway. The Captain tank sits precisely in the centre – no place near making overhand, which implies you could fit a lot greater tank. The fire button is huge and clicky and has a similar jewel plan as the mod. That is a truly decent touch. The screen is huge and brilliant in any case since it's covered with the coloured plastic outside; it seems dimmer than it really is. In any event, during typical utilization, the screen looks faint.


  • There are a lot of alluring shadings to browse
  • Can hold a tank of up to 30mm in width
  • The 510 connector is dead-focused – Love it.
  • The terminating button is huge and clicky
  • TCR changes work appropriately, not at all like other comparable mods
  • The force yield execution is precisely introduced
  • Preheating alternatives work as planned
  • Brisk reaction time
  • An easy to use menu framework that flickers richly

Packaging and Esthetics:

The box itself is colossal, and you can reprimand right the bat that it's pressing warmth. Subsequent to unpacking, there is a battery connector, miniature USB charging link, and a baggie of extra O-rings. Additionally, a gigantic besides, an extra curl head is included. The Captain X3S with a pre-introduced 0.4ohm loop. Push the top compartment to reveal the filling opening. The tank itself offers your standard tasteful and experience. 

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