Innokin Coolfire 4 Plus Review

Innokin Coolfire 4 Plus Review

Coolfire 4 plus review


The Cool Fire IV Plus is replacing the Cool Fire IV that dw1986 explored quite recently. It presently includes a 70 Watts yield alongside an enduring 3300mAh battery while keeping its tiny structure factor. The new Coolfire IV Plus is hardly thicker and heavier than the first, yet accordingly flaunts a bigger battery limit, higher max wattage and can fire down to a lower opposition. The Coolfire IV Plus has a pleasant 3300mAh battery versus the 2000mAh on the first. The Plus now has a maximum wattage of 70W, up from 40W on the first. Finally, you would now be able to fire down to 0.1ohm on the Plus, though the first could go down to 0.3ohm. In a market where higher force and lower protections has become very standard, the Coolfire IV Plus flaunts some genuinely necessary upgrades. The Coolfire IV Plus does not have temperature control, so you should take a gander at Innokin's new Cortex mod, all things being equal on the off chance that you are searching for that.


The first Coolfire IV was a pretty smooth looking gadget. While the new Coolfire Plus is somewhat chubbier than the first, Innokin has figured out how to, some way or another, make it look much sleeker. The one we have in Black looks truly pleasant, and it sits pleasantly in the hand while vaping.

The Brushed Aluminum finish on the Coolfire IV Plus feels truly strong. The entire mod is made well overall, and it seems like a top-quality gadget, as we have generally expected from Innokin. The catches are significantly better on the in addition to those on the first felt to some degree plasticky. This is not true anymore, and there is no catch shaking by the same token. The stringing on the 510 association is caused well overall, and you can feel that the strings are powerful. The 510 association likewise accompanies a pleasant spring stacked pin. The Cool Fire IV Plus is accessible in a scope of shadings. The painted completion is pleasantly done and does not seem to discolour. The inside battery is 3300mAh so this gadget will handily last throughout the day on the off chance that you are a moderate vaper and running your atomizers at lower wattages. One side of the device has astounding venting for the battery highlighting 44 air openings in two arrangements of 22.

The OLED screen is impressive, being both huge and brilliant. The common data's entirety is shown: curl obstruction, wattage, and voltage. What's more, it additionally shows the battery charge. The front of the gadget includes the Micro USB port so you can advantageously charge the battery while it is stood upstanding. The included pass-through innovation likewise permits you to vape during your charge. The Cool Fire IV is stacked with wellbeing highlights to give you a complete bit of psyche.

It has a great little structure factor, and the manner in which the gadget is bent methods it fits totally in my grasp. The fabricate quality is impressive, and the Cool Fire IV Plus has a truly pleasant load. It is somewhat heavier than some different gadgets yet not awkwardly so.


Offering up to 70W of power means that this device will suit most typical users, and the resistance range means you will have no issues using any atomizer. I have used the Cool Fire with the included iSub Apex tank, my Tilemahos V2 Plus, and also my Rose V2-S. Bear in mind that the Cool Fire IV Plus does not include temperature control, but here, not everyone requires that feature, so do not feel the device is less appealing without it. Battery life has been very good but using it at 16-35W goes without saying that if you use it at a higher wattage, the battery will drain much faster.


  • Incredible form quality and structure
  • Magnificent battery life
  • Both the tanks that accompany the pack (iSub G and iSub Apex) perform well indeed
  • 70W of intensity should sufficiently be to keep most degrees of vaper cheerful


  • 1x Cool Fire IV Plus
  • 1x Apex iSub tank pre-fitted with 0.5ohm loop
  • 1x extra 0.5ohm loop
  • Miniature USB charging link
  • Client Manual
  • A few item stickers

The entire bundle is very first-rate, and the crate gives fantastic insurance.

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