Innokin Oceanus Review

Innokin Oceanus Review


The Oceanus Kit is the most recent delivery from the profoundly respected producer Innokin. As indicated by Greek legend, Oceanus was a Titan Lord of the Sea and is regularly referred to as the "Father of the Waters". The Oceanus Mod is a Variable Wattage gadget that offers up to 110W of intensity and requires a solitary 20700 battery; however, interestingly, Innokin remembers two of these batteries for the crate. The Oceanus is Innokin's new leader box mod. This single battery 20700 mod is just possibly bigger than numerous 18650 gadgets yet conveys up to 110 W of yield. Innokin has dialled down certain highlights for the Oceanus, eliminating temperature control and memory settings. The outcome is a straightforward box mod that is intended to turn out best for mid wattage vaping. The unit ships with two 20700 batteries, and in a move we've generally expected from Innokin, you can quick charge them through USB.


The Oceanus has an extremely striking plan and is exceptionally alluring. Developed from Zinc Alloy, the gadget has the perfect measure of bends and feels structure benevolent and agreeable to utilize. Regarding size, it is equivalent to the IPV8 and the SX Mini ML Class; the lone observable contrast is the profundity which is shallower than both.

As far as weight, the gadget is a little hefty when the battery is fitted, and the Oceanus is pleasantly adjusted. Innokin has picked 20700 batteries for the Oceanus, and the unit ships with two of them, enveloped by silicone sleeves. The batteries don't dispatch with a full charge, despite the fact that they do fit most outer chargers. You can likewise charge the 20700s inside by means of USB. Our example went from void to completely energize in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Remarkable features:

Fabricate Quality 

The Oceanus mod has spring stacked, gold-plated 510 pins. The mod keeps up the wedge-like type of the past Coolfire mods and loses some pointless mass. Up top, it's 24.5 mm wide, killing the shade that the Scion tank endured on the Coolfire Ultra 150 TC mod, yet your 25 mm attys will at present sit somewhat enormous on top. The battery entryway adjusts attractively properly and has five venting openings, every 2 mm in the distance across, running along the length of the battery compartment. Battery contacts are gold-plated, and the negative post is spring-stacked.

Hand feel and list of capabilities: 

The Oceanus has discarded a large part of the list of capabilities we have generally expected from ongoing box mods. This gadget offers no temperature control, TCR profiles, wattage bends, or memory settings. In that sense, it's a re-visitation of the type of prior Innokin items, the non-TC Coolfire mods, and the MVP3. That bodes well, considering the tanks combined with the Oceanus. The Scion tank's pre-made loops are Kanthal just, and you get a solitary 0.5-ohm curl, appraised between 70 – 110 W, with the Oceanus. The 2 mL iSub V.E. tank has been made in view of the TPD guidelines and furthermore comes combined with 0.5-ohm curls. This restricted list of capabilities drives me to imagine that Innokin planned the Oceanus in view of convenience – somebody who is glad to vape in straight wattage mode, searching for a tasty sub-tank and a cycle of cloudage as well.

As indicated by Innokin, a piece of the choice to leave out TC mode is that less vapers are utilizing it. For this situation, the selling focuses are Bypass and pre-support usefulness. This ought to fulfil progressed clients while being basic and clear to utilize.


This is a splendid unit from Innokin. The lone drawback is an absence of Temperature Control, yet actually, many vapers don't buy into the temperature control framework. The gadget functions admirably in Wattage Mode, and the additional force mode with the 20% lift is valuable when utilizing tanks or RDA's with enormous Clapton loops. The incorporation of not one but rather two batteries makes for an exceptionally liberal arrangement, and the included tank functions admirably and offers both good flavour and cloud creation. In an ideal world, It would have actually preferred to have a TPD agreeable Scion tank instead of the iSub VE in particular since it looks all the more stylishly satisfying, and the way that it accompanies an RBA head will be an inconvenience to numerous in the EU who may feel somewhat scammed.

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