INNOKIN Proton 235W Kit Review 2020

INNOKIN Proton 235W Kit Review 2020

INNOKIN Proton 235W Kit

Okay, so first of all, this mod is stunning. It works well and has nice features. And the kit here is the star of the show.

Today I am going to give a review of an extraordinary kit from INNOKIN called INNOKIN PROTON 235W KIT. I have also tried this many times and find it amazing as it gives me a sign that this is the KIT I have been looking for. If you also use a vape, then I recommend you try this once. As it presents a sleek yet fully ergonomic chassis design.

Features of Innokin Proton 235W Kit

Initially, the proton can be adjusted with a joystick which then can be fired by a large firing bar.

This includes a scion 2 sub-ohm tank having 0.15ohm plexus coil with mesh design and 0.6ohm plexus coil With quad vertical design. The innokin proton requires two high amp 18650 batteries which are not in the box. 2 high amp batteries sold separately. Its detailed accessories include

Variable temperature control is different for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. Temperature control range 300 – 600 F / 150 – 300 C. Pre-heat function. Joystick control. It has a hidden side fire button.

I recommend an external charger for optimal charging. Front micro USB charging port. Dual circuit protection. Note that Temperature control requires nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils.   

Scion 2 is 24mm in diameter, 49mm from base to the top tip.


Just after opening the box, you'll find your amazing innokin proton 235w kit. And then you will have a charging cable for charge, a scion 2 sub-ohm tank, innokin vape band, a proton QR code card, a thick warning and safety card, battery care guide, a bubble glass for scion 2, an extra coil head, a plastic warranty card and last but not least 2 innokin stickers.

It comes with an option of multiple colours like black and rainbow, only black and many more satisfying colours.


To switch ON the kit, you have to press the fire button three times. Really very slick interface. I really like it. I think they are doing an amazing job here. INNOKIN PROTON 235W KIT has an attractive body design. Inside scion, it has 4 coil design. The kit is about 85mm tall and about 43mm wide, and its upper side is 26 to 29mm wide. It also has a 3D mate type design in front, and having the PROTON logo at the side makes it more attractive. It got that smoke alien type of shape. At the bottom there, you find batteries adjustment. Positive and negative signs for batteries are marked inside the batteries hole. After turning on the kit, you will see INNOKIN and two batteries level and your WATTAGE. You can access all modes from joystick-like wattage control and temperature control, and many other options.


Plexus coils are unique in design. The coil is composed of a flat strip of Kanthal with a honeycomb-like array of holes in it, leaving the strip looking like a piece of mesh. The mesh is wrapped around into a loop, with legs at either end for connecting to the coil. You can use MTL (mouth to lung) with sub-ohm devices, but the vape will get uncomfortably hot or irritatingly hot, and flavour taste will be diminished.


0.5 ohm or sub-ohm -under 1 ohm is for direct lung hits, inhaling directly into your lungs. 1.5 ohm is used for MLT (mouth to lung)


DTL (direct to lung) tends to be better on your throat than MTL (mouth to lung). There is still a slight throat-hit with DTL, but it's much insignificant


Innokin proton 235w kit has ranged from 6 watts to 235w. however, I'm using it in between 80 to 85 watts, and it really gives me satisfaction


In the menu, you find options like a coil, TCR, curve, bypass. To control temperature setting, you have to hold the joystick upward, and then temperature starts blinking then you can change your temperature according to your need by pressing left and right you can access adjustment of WATTS

In setting, you have got vape cutoff, colour adjustments, puff count, firmware and many other options


First of all, it's easy and well thought out. INNOKIN does not put out a ton of product. They don't put out new kits every two weeks or anything like that. So, after using this kit, you can tell that they really thought out about this product.


First pro

The first pro is that INNOKIN PROTON 235W has better battery life than aegis legend, though.

Second pro

The second pro is that if you are a person like who wants 1 kit 1 tank you use it to go out, then I don't think there is a lot in this price of around 65 bucks range that really beats it. I mean you can get the whole kit is a very good and reasonable price.

Third pro

The third pro is that it's all just very easy to go yourself through all modes, and it's not anything like that you are diving in sub-menus and bunch of anything like that, it's just well thought out, and this is what happens when you give your time in making an amazing and beautiful kit.

Fourth pro

The fourth pro is that I'm not telling that this is the best in the world, but it is one of my favourites that I come across because of its simplicity and to the point modes. I don't think that in this price range of around 65 bucks, there is much else out there to beat it. It also depends that what you want to use on top, obviously 30mm atomizer tank stuff like that. They did a fantastic job on the KIT.

Fifth pro 

The fifth pro is that it gives you warning about excess of watts things with bypass and etc.

First con

The first con is that I think there should be a curve feature for TC (temperature) mode as well.

Second con

The second con is that there is no back button, so if you want to go back in settings, you have to press the fire button to go to the main screen and do all process again. It's kind of odd, like who want trouble like this.

Third con

The third con is that they could have made the screen a little bit brighter; in normal use, it is fine, but if you are out in super sunny weather, you might have a hard time seeing it.

Overall, these are minor effects; I love this kit; it's in the top kits I use this year. 


The whole INNOKIN PROTON 235W KIT is around 65 bucks, so is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

For this price range, I think this is best, and no one out there can beat it within this price range. From now on, guys, I definitely continue to use this kit, and right now, this is the favourite that I have tried so far this year. This device is quite convenient for anyone out there who is getting into powerful mods; all you have to do is to turn on the device and f

ire it up.

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