Joyetech Ego AIO Review

Joyetech Ego AIO Review

So quite recently, I purchased the new Joyetech Ego all-in-one kit, and in this article, I am going to provide all the ins and outs of this starter kit and will also share my personal experience with the hope that it might help you in selecting the right AIO kit to start up your vaping experience!

This is an all in one device that can be used for both mouths to lung as well as direct lung vaping. It is quite easy to operate, and in my opinion, it is perfect for someone who is new to vaping. Another plus point that I liked about it is that it has an inbuilt battery. It also includes a leak-proof tank that has a 2ml e-liquid holding capacity. It also features a top fill system and a child lock protection that keeps your liquid safe from any sort of leakage.

As far as my opinion goes, this kit is perfect for someone looking for an alternative to smoking. It features a tight draw and a smooth mouth to lung hit that is satisfying and provides an exciting vaping experience.

Coils specification

Joyetech Ego all-in-one kit comes with two coil SS coils heads that feature a 0.6-ohm resistance. These coils have narrow wicking ports that offer a tight draw and a smooth mouth to lung hit.

Airflow review

I really loved the fact that they include an adjustable airflow in this device. The widest settings allow a direct lung hit that is excellent, and you hardly feel any burn or spit back. You can also turn the airflow ring to 90 degrees in order to switch from mouth to lung. It offers a restricted draw that mimics the action of smoking a cigarette and provides a satisfying vapour at every inhale.

Childproof locking

A cool feature that they added to this AIO kit is the childproof top-fill lock. This is very effective as it makes refilling your tank easy and hassle-free. You can open the top fill lid, which is protected by the childproof lock and can easily pour in your e-liquid.


Joyetech Ego AIO kit provides you with great flexibility, and you can easily switch between mouth to lung and direct lung hit by just turning the airflow ring. Another good thing about this kit is that it is easy to operate, and you do not need to read an extensive user manual to use thing kit.

Battery capacity

Joyetech Ego all-in-one kit features a whopping 1500mah built-in battery. This battery is amazing compared to the small size of this kit. I really loved the battery timing, as it easily lasted for about 5 to 6 hours of vaping.

Size and shape

Ego AIO is a decent looking device. It is not too big and features a slim and easy to carry design that you can slide inside your pockets quite easily. With the childproof lock, you do not have to worry about any sort of leakage. Hence, this slim and stylish kit can be used as your everyday vaping choice.

Drip tip

A nice thing about this all-in-one kit is that it features a spiral drip tip. This drip tip is excellent as it prevents spit backs, so I hardly had any when using this device!

Tank capacity

I really think that Joyetech should have provided a bit more tank capacity on this kit. The current capacity is 2ml which is okay compared to the small size of this kit, but with the top fill, I really think that they should have increased the capacity to at least 1ml more.

Overall views and review

I am really impressed by this fine-looking AIO kit from Joyetech. It is an excellent device for someone who is new to vaping. With the sleek and slim leak-proof design, you can easily carry this device anywhere you want. It is also excellent for someone who is looking to get rid of smoking as it features a smooth mouth to lung hit that is satisfying and exciting. I also loved the fact that they provided the option of switching the airflow from direct lung to mouth to lung, as it gives you a range of options to make your vaping experience more fun. If you are looking for an easy to use an all-in-one kit, I will definitely recommend this one!

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