JoyeTech Riftcore Duo Review

JoyeTech Riftcore Duo Review

Joyetech is entering into the ring of coil fewer atomizers with their new Riftcore Duo RTA. This is very far external to the standard for Joyetech. The Atty is Joyetech's first since forever endeavour on a rebuildable, besides the different discretionary RBA decks for a portion of their stock loop tanks and the RDA/RTA decks that accompanied the ProCore Remix tank. In any event, calling this "rebuildable" is a stretch; however, it is rewickable. Joyetech has increased their expectation by, in any event, two associations over the previous year, as I would like to think, and they are quick getting perhaps the best brand available for complex, mid-wattage style-explanation vapes.


The Joyetech Riftcore DUO is average. Its squatty organization and shockingly tight mouthpiece cause it to appear as though a lot more modest atomizer than the 26mm measurement infers. This is assisted along by the 3.5mL limit, which isn't much by present-day guidelines or even principles from a couple of years back. Along these lines, directly from the beginning, be set up to top off right on time and regularly with the Riftcore. In any case, Joyetech is relying upon you not disapproving of the topping off a recurrence since it promises unrivalled flavour and long haul execution through its advertising effort. Utilizing terms like "vertically situated RFC network" and "sub-atomic warming", Joyetech truly accepts this tech is changing the game for vape tanks.

Much bolder is Joyetech's case that the perpetual RFC network warming plates will offer 1 million puffs prior to waiting to be supplanted. Realizing how most vapers are, those numbers will never be drawn nearer. There's no doubt; the construct deck is the critical feature of the Joyetech Riftcore DUO RTA. The deck foregoes customary loop mounts and rather includes two lattice warming plates, each enrolling at 0.5 ohms. Contingent upon your style of sub-ohm vaping, you can leave the two plates in for a genuinely free 0.25-ohm obstruction or eliminate one for a snugger draw.

The cotton at that point sits in the middle of the plates, held set up by the smokestack when connected. There are no screws, fixing, changes or wonky opposition readings. It's pretty damn simple to Lerwick and utilizes, and Joyetech was pleasant enough to incorporate five pre-cut wicks entirely fit for the deck. However, experienced clients will have no issue accommodating their own wicks in, contingent upon inclination. Joyetech was additionally insightful enough to incorporate an estimating and situation instrument in the case, for sure. Yet, it's to a great extent pointless since this is probably as simple as vape building gets.

Flavour and vapour:

The vibe of the tank joined with a wind current that is totally smooth and predictable all through the settings and the way that you can generally depend on the component to be fit as a fiddle, given you've cleaned it and keep your cotton in great scratch, is something of a selling point here. Concerning vape creation, it is additionally very consistent; in any case, 75 watts on this arrangement feels more like 50W on your famous standard sub-ohm curls of a similar opposition, just with considerably less flavour.

The best way to cause 75W to feel such as itself is to just have the wind stream several mm open which is a confined DL vape, which I truly wouldn't fret, however, which is clearly a few out of every odd vaper's cup of sauce. Considering the way that the suggested best wattage for these components is 40-50W, this is very disastrous if, state, you purchase this tank for your 50W max yield mod and don't care for a confined hit the slightest bit.


  • Strong development with astounding machining
  • Top-notch trickle tip
  • Undying warming components
  • The capacity to routinely fit new cotton 
  • Smooth wind current
  • Durable warming plates for a super-broadened life expectancy
  • 'Self-cleaning' components, o.25Ohm double and 0.5 Ohm single
  • Coil-less deck
  • Honeycomb trickle tip
  • Sliding cap with top fill


Completely stunning little embellishments box included with the tank, which has every single essential screw, Glass, o-rings, cotton, and even a little metal layout to help you cut your cotton square shapes perfectly. Inside the packaging there is,

  • Rift core Duo
  • Joyetech RFC Heater
  • Cotton Pack
  • Cotton cutting layout
  • Allen Key
  • Tweezer
  • Guarantee Card
  • Cautioning Card
  • Save Glass, screws, and O-rings

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