Juul vs Juno What You Need to know?

Juul vs Juno What You Need to know?

Juul and Juno both are renowned vape companies that have been creating vape devices and flavour cartridges for their pods for a long time now. Here we are about to show you a comparison between both these brands. This article will help you select a better brand to make your vaping experience more flavourful and worthy.

Vape device

First of all we are going to talk about the vape devices from both Juul and Juno.

Juul device kit is a very popular vaping pod and has revolutionized the vaping industry. It is one of the first mainstream devices to really utilize salt nicotine. Juul is very easy to use the device. When your pod is empty, just pop it out and pop in a new one. It is easy to charge and has USB cables available for efficient charging. It has a lightweight design and a portable pen-like shape. Overall this device is easy to carry anywhere you want and ensure a good flavour hit. You do not have to fill in the flavour. Just buy the replacement pods and replace them with the older ones. These replacement pods hold about 0.7ml of e-juice. A full pod lasts for about two days, which is quite economical. Juul is overall a very handy vaping device that you can carry out anywhere you want.

Now talking about Juno, the Juno starter kits are quite similar to Juul, but they offer you more flavour options. So you have a wide range of flavours to choose from. Juno is an ultra-portable device and comes in two different kits. One has tobacco fruit dessert flavours, while the other one has mint and dessert flavour. So the only difference between the two pods is that one has menthol while the other features tobacco. These kits usually come with three pods. So it offers you more pod options as compared to Juul. The extra pods have 36mg nicotine, and you can switch between nicotine quantities as there are lots of variants available for nicotine as compared to Juul. One of the most important thing that sets Juno devices apart from Juul is the flavour. With Juul, you will only get a menthol or tobacco flavours option. Compared to that, Juno provides you with a wide range of flavours to choose from, including:

  • Dessert
  • Cinnamon Menthol
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Grape Apple

Apart from that, Juno has also partnered up with a renowned flavour brand called Naked 100, so it has compatibility for Naked 100 pods too. So the best part about Juno is that it provides you with 20 different flavour options as compared to Juul. With Juul, you are only stuck to the 50mg nicotine variant, and if you want to cut down your nicotine, Juul is not really the right device for you. Juno, however, on the other hand, can help you stop smoking because they have different levels. You can start up from 48mg, then can come down to 36mg, and can then ultimately cut down to 18mg. So if you are looking to stop smoking, the Juno devices can work for you. Some people also prefer Juul because of their throat hit as they offer a smooth hit. Compared to that, Juno hit really well too.

Another reason why Juno kits are better than the Juul is the price. The Juno kits are also bigger in size as compared to Juul. So these kits are hard to lose and also fit effectively in your hand. They also have micro USB ports, which make charging easy, whereas Juul features magnetic charging which is a bit difficult, and those magnetic chargers are far more expensive as compared to USB chargers. So it adds more to the cost of Juul devices.

Juno devices have different nicotine levels that allow you to switch between nicotine based on your cravings. Compared to it, Juul only features one 50mg nicotine variant, which is good if you have a high nicotine requirement but is not suitable for someone who is looking to cut down on nicotine.

Now talking about the pods, the Juno signature pods will tantalize your taste buds with rich and savoury flavours. Juno Pods offer you a wide range of E-liquids to choose from. This liquid comes in a pack of 5 cartridges. They are available in three different nicotine concentrations, including

  • 8% salt nicotine
  • 6% salt nicotine
  • 8% salt nicotine

These cartridges feature an exceptional. The flavour is savoury and is perfect for sub-ohm vaping devices. The nicotine concentration allows you a complete mouth to lung vaping experience. Each of these cartridges contains up to 400 delectable puffs. They are compatible with your Juno vaporizers. It uses natural nicotine salts which are freshly extracted from tobacco leaves. Each pod cartridge is equivalent to a single pack of cigarette. It is highly recommended for someone looking for a smoking alternative.


  • 3 different nicotine concentration
  • A savoury nicotine flavour
  • 400 puffs per cartridge
  • Each pack includes 5 cartridges
  • It contains natural nicotine salts
  • Compatible with Juno vaporizers
  • Pre-filled with 1.6ml of E-liquid

Compared to it, the Juul pods have a far less liquid capacity which is only 0.7ml. They do not provide you with different nicotine concentrations, and you are stuck with only 50mg nicotine which is not ideal for every user. Moreover, Juul pods are only sold as a single piece. They deliver 200 puffs per pod which are far less than Juno, which offers you 400 delectable puffs for each cartridge. Another reason why the Juno pods are better than the Juul is the price. So Juul is a bit pricey as compared to Juno. Compared to the price, Juno also holds more E-liquid as compared to Juul. Juno provides you with 1.6ml liquid capacity, whereas Juul only holds 0.7ml liquid. So you are getting more liquid from Juno at a cheaper price. So what more do you want!

Naked 100 is also in business with Juno and makes limited-edition Naked 100 flavours for Juno. Some of the most popular flavours include:

  • Lava flow which is one of the most popular Naked 100 flavours
  • Brain freeze
  • Hawaiian POG

Another thing to note about Juno is that it is super easy to use. You can easily pull the pod out and can snap it in whenever you want. Juul and Juno both do not have adjustable airflows, but the Juno device offers a semi restrictive mouth to lung pull. This pull is a bit more restrictive as compared to Juul.

The flavour output and smoke production of Juno is far better than that of Juul.

 So, in my opinion, and in the light of all the above statistics, Juno is a much more superior device as compared to Juul. They have a far more range of flavours as compared to Juul. Each of the flavours come in 18mg, 36mg and 48mg variants which provides a nice nicotine range that targets users of different nicotine preferences. These Juno pods are ideal if you want to tear down your nicotine levels. Contrary to it, Juul restricts you to only 50mg nicotine level. Juno is also small in size, and you can easily carry these devices anywhere you want. The draw is great, and the flavours are way better than Juul. They provide you with twice the batter and twice the juice as compared to Juul. There is no magnetic charger, so that you can charge Juno devices with a micro USB charger. The battery life is 380mah which easily gets you through the day.

So we have provided you with a detailed comparison of both Juno and Juul devices and pods. Now it's up to you to select the one which suits your flavour and nicotine preference and also your pockets.

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