Kanger Subtank Mini Review

Kanger Subtank Mini Review


The Kangertech Subtank Mini altogether merits its standing as one of the stand-apart sub ohm tanks available today, with great execution across various loop types, a strong RBA head and an easy to understand configuration; it's truly difficult to blame. It manages a ton of the issues vapers had with the first Subtank because of improved wind current, a superior RBA head arrangement and the cumbersome size and still catches all that was incredible about it. A parcel of individuals was griping (us included) about the size of the bigger ordinary Subtank, so the scaled-down speaks to a more modest alternative that is comparative in size to the style mists from a clearomizer Aspire Atlantis. Though the ordinary Subtank was exceptionally cumbersome and didn't fit pleasantly (covers and so forth) on mech mods and smaller than normal box mods, the Subtank Mini fits impeccably.


The Kanger Subtank Mini is an extremely sleek tank, with a metal casing, red O-rings that go about as features, and a hearty tank. There is likewise a wind stream control ring at the base that fits properly. This decrease incidentally turns during transport or use. Inside the tank, there is a fireplace that is appended to the top piece of the tank. Not at all like more seasoned tanks that have the fireplace appended to the base part, has the refreshed plan permitted clients to supplant the loop head or even modify another one without discharging the tank first. This plan removes a portion of the disappointments individuals had with more seasoned tanks.

The Subtank Mini is extremely powerful with some weight to it, however not all that much as to get awkward. The edge is made of high-grade hardened steel, while the glass is created from break safe pyrex, which makes it harder than the standard glass tank.

Distinguishing features:

Usefulness and Performance 

The best part about the Subtank Mini is that it hasn't lost any of the incredible presentations from its bigger sibling. Truth be told, I would venture to state that on the RBA, the exhibition has improved (will go into subtleties later). They have figured out how to keep a similar extraordinary exhibition while accepting client input to make it more modest and lighter. The new 4.5ml estimated tank, is for me totally awesome, not very enormous and enough for a decent couple of long periods of vaping.

Ease of use 

The Kanger Subtank Mini is intended for fledgelings and progressed clients the same. Utilizing it is simply contrasted with different tanks, and it is an incredible section tank for new vapers to get into sub-ohm vaping. The tank is effectively adjustable also to make it the go-to tank for cutting edge users. For new vapers who don't have the foggiest idea of constructing their own loops, the Subtank Mini has replaceable curl heads that clients can undoubtedly screw on once the former one gives way. There are two substitution heads remembered for the crate, and extra heads can be bought separately. Advanced clients who would prefer to fabricate their own loops will locate a rebuildable head in the case that is anything but difficult to work with. Curls are gotten on to the two posts, making it simpler to screw on close, and the deck itself is sufficiently enormous to give adequate space to work with.

Battery Life and Atomizers 

The Subtank Mini doesn't utilize any batteries; however, it can influence battery life on your mod. The lower the ohms tank, the quicker the battery channels. So clients who lean toward longer battery life should adhere to over 1-ohm protections, while the individuals who would prefer to get thicker fume can pick sub-ohm protections.


There's an explanation the Kanger Subtank Mini is one of the more mainstream sub-ohm tanks available today; it works brilliantly. The assembling quality is first class, it is anything but difficult to utilize, and above all, it performs fantastically. New clients will discover comfort in the fact that it is so natural to supplant the loop heads, while progressed clients will like the simple to assemble deck and enormous fume creation.

Most sub-ohm tanks are typically intended for cutting edge clients, yet the Kanger Subtank Mini is made for vapers, all things considered. Regardless of your vaping experience, the Subtank Mini merits an attempt. It performs so well that you may make it your essential tank in the wake of attempting it. The truth that the mists are similarly on a par with the bigger tank also shows how amazing this tank truly is.

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