Lavabox M DNA 75 Review

Lavabox M DNA 75 Review

Fountain of liquid magma Fine Electronic Cigarettes is situated in Hawaii, have been furnishing the vaping network with quality items since 2009, and generally known for the Lavabox DNA 200 Box Mod. After the accomplishment of quite a very much fabricated and ground-breaking gadget, why not lessen the size by 20% while keeping up the wonderful stylish of the first; and the Lavabox M DNA 75 was conceived.

The Lavabo M DNA 75 is 10mm more limited than the DNA 200 variant and a couple of millimetres more modest around the border. Tipping the scales at a stunningly low 96g (the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast weighs 79g for an examination), 141g with a battery introduced, it's incredibly lightweight, minimized, and compact enough to convey in your pocket with no uneasiness or massiveness. With the Lavabox M DNA 75, going through your cash for quality, exact planned Box Mod is the thing that you get in the event that you choose to commit to Volcano.


The Lavabo Mini can fire to 75W running on a solitary high-channel 18650 battery (excluded). This is utilizing a Sony VTC5a cell and has been turned out great (Volcano suggests, in any event, a 20A consistent rating). This removable alternative varies from the bigger DNA 200 renditions Lithium Polymer Battery Pack. The battery makes association with Gold-plated battery terminals bringing about zero clatter or additional development. The DNA 75 barricade permits interior charging to 1A when connected to the miniature USB port on the front face, yet it is suggested to eliminate and to charge all batteries remotely. When maximized at the full 75W, the gadget will get warm; however, the battery venting provided on the base lightens this warmth issue. The Lavabo Mini has upgradeable firmware ability through the Escribe programming.

The Volcano Lavabox M DNA 75 highlights the Evolv DNA 75 chipset alongside Escribe customization programming (PC as it was). A 6.2V yield limit and the capacity to fire to 0.25ω in Power Mode and 0.15ω in TC Modes (I had the option to fire my SS316L 0.07ω form in the two modes) with temperatures between 200°F-600°F. The eight prearranged profiles incorporate the standard loop choices (Nickel, Titanium, and SS) alongside power, yet with Escribe, you can include any TCR of your favoured wire utilized for vaping and arrangement your very own profiles. Evolv's Temperature Protection Technology will give you limitless solace while vaping in TC Modes in view of demonstrated exactness and security.

The exchangeable Stealth Black and Rubber-covered Polypropylene Plastic battery entryway has an extraordinary vibe to it and is agreeable when holding the mod for extensive stretches of time. It's held solidly set up with two huge magnets (uncommon earth magnets is the way Volcano depicts them), one on the top and base, which contrasts from the entryway of the Lavabox DNA200 that was appended by screws. Pulling the entryway off is basic and when introduced, hangs on close creation battery trades a snappy and direct cycle. Inside the battery entryway is some etching and an illustration of incredible scrupulousness Volcano kept up with the Lavabox Mini.

Display and battery

The Lavabo M has a coloured OLED show that nearly looks undetectable when the screen is killed. On account of the colour, seeing it under brilliant lights can be troublesome; notwithstanding, you can change the splendour utilizing depiction. Simply recall that expanding the splendour will affect the timeframe your battery will last in case you're considering doing this. All the data you'd expect is shown on the screen, for example, loop opposition, power, temperature, voltage, and battery level. It could be fundamental, yet it functions admirably. The Lavabo M uses a solitary 18650 battery. The battery terminals are gold plated for productive force move, and they fit the battery spot on to forestall any clatters.


  • Customizable covers – Swapping out battery covers is a decent touch to make your mod closer to home
  • Firmware upgradeable – The capacity to refresh your gadget's product is consistently an or more
  • Temperature control – The choice to utilize temperature control is gradually turning into the business standard in factor mods
  • DNA 75 Board – Using perhaps the best load up in the business guarantees you effective, precise, and safe vaping constantly
  • Fabricate quality – The construct quality is amazing and makes the value point more bearable.
  • Ergonomic – The more modest plan makes the Lavabox M simpler to deal with than its bigger 200-watt


The Lavabo M comes in a classy box with a futuristic design. Inside, you'll find the device and a user manual. The device is quite eye-catching.

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