Lost Vape Orion Q Review

Lost Vape Orion Q Review

The Lost Vape DNA Go was one of the most mainstream unit frameworks of 2018, primarily on account of its flexibility and execution. I mean, please now, Lost Vape made a case vape that incorporated a DNA chip; how would it not be acceptable? You could change your wattage settings utilizing Escribe, approached Replay Mode, and it conveyed flavour that was totally poppin' for a unit vape. There was a great deal to love. Now, Lost Vape has delivered the Orion Q. The Orion Q is practically indistinguishable from the DNA Go yet with two principle contrasts: no DNA chip, and it's not exactly a large portion of the cost.

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From an external perspective, the Orion DNA Go and Orion Q are for all intents and purposes indistinguishable; the main contrast is the marking on the highest point of the gadget. 'Lost Vape' is composed on the DNA Go, while the Orion Q has 'Lost Vape Quest' composed of all things being equal. It's a minor distinction that isn't even perceptible except if you understand what you're searching for.

The Orion Q utilizes Lost Vapes in-house chipset, and it will fire at up to 17W when completely energized. It packs an entirely enormous 950mAh battery, and this is very noteworthy when you consider the Orion Q's too minuscule size.

The units for the Orion Q are 1.0ohm and have a 2ml max limit. These units have a flexible wind current ring that can be utilized for either DTL or, somewhat, MTL. Right now, these cases are the main units accessible for the Orion Q and aren't cross-viable with the DNA Go.

Much the same as the first, the Quest has movable wind current and again, on certain units I've utilized, it is close on difficult to contort – anyway, you can eliminate the trickle tip to put it where you like. Once lubed up, there is some development anyway. I truly discovered them exceptionally hardened for sure.

The Orion Q is an amazingly strong and very much constructed case vape. It's developed of tempered steel, and the fabricate quality is heavenly, as anticipate from Lost Vape.

The gadget is additionally very much machined. With the case introduced, the Orion Q is a little profound in your grasp, yet it's still little and light enough to slip into a pocket. The 950mAh battery is essential for the purpose behind this weight, yet that it's justified, despite any trouble.

Battery and Performance

Concerning battery life, it's been incredible whether I'm utilizing the 0.5-ohm (GO) or the 1.0-ohm (Q) units. In any event, when my light is red, it appears to last any longer than the rate accessible. I generally get over a day and at times, two entire outings of a charge. I timed the charge at over an hour and a half while connected to my PC really awful; there is no pass-through charging on the grounds that it's a long charge.

The exhibition of the Orion Q is acceptable, and I appreciate utilizing it; however, it's not as clear as it sounds. Despite the fact that the units vape unobtrusively, and they don't break, spit or pop, some have an excess of cotton in the curl substantially.

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That expands an opportunity to immerse and an opportunity to break-in the curl. It appears to be unreasonable to do DL hits on a 1.0-ohm pod, yet it works. Shockingly, the Q doesn't do so well for me with MTL; the 17 watts on the 1.0-ohm loop make the tip awkwardly hot when enduring progressive shots when the wind stream is stopped. Aside from that irritating clatter, the remainder of the gadget is organized and feels firm in hand. You'll have no issues eliminating the cases insofar as you utilize the 'catch and track' strategy and do ensure you utilize the sliding button.


  • Incredible flavour
  • Incredible mists
  • Incredible cost
  • Good form
  • Incredible plan
  • A great case of life
  • Incredible battery life
  • Wind stream control
  • Simple to utilize/fill
  • No holes


In this case, you get the Orion Q gadget, one 1.0ohm case, a cord, a client manual, and a miniature USB link. The cord could be valuable in the event that you need to be extra certain that you don't drop it; however, I didn't generally utilize it myself. With the pack you get:

  • One Orion Q 17W Pod System
  • One 1.0-ohm Pod
  • One Lanyard
  • Client Manual and Guidance Manual
  • Miniature USB Cable

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