Myblu Review

Myblu Review

In this article, I am going to review the brand new pod kit from Blu called the Myblu. This is a super lightweight starter kit that comes with prefilled pods that are easy to access and use.

Size, Shape, Build Quality, and Weight

The myblu looks just like a slim pen and actually feels like you holding a pen inside your palm. It is extremely lightweight. The battery weighs only 16.5 grams and goes up to 21 grams once the pod is inserted.

Despite the lightweight construction, this device is still pretty solid and compact. It is a well-constructed e-cigarette with a slick design that feels comfortable in the palm.

 The only disadvantage that I personally witnessed regarding the shape of this device was that there are certain pods that do not fit tightly to the e-cigarette. This happened to me very few times, but still, I would consider it a minor con.

Comes with

The myblu starter kit comes with a micro USB charging cable, a user manual, and flavour pods. First, you will need to fully charge the device in order to get started. Take out the pod, insert it in the battery opening, and start inhaling through the mouthpiece. Once your pod is empty, you can easily replace it with a newer one.

You can easily remove the battery through the U-shaped cutouts in order to see your liquid levels. One con that I would like to highlight is that the lower part of the pod is not visible, so when your juice levels are low, You will have to remove the whole pod to check the levels.

Throat hit

Maybe it offers a comfortable and smooth throat hit. The hit is quite similar to smoking a cigarette with the same restricted draw and smooth airflow. The pods generate a considerable amount of vapour despite the portable size. Moreover, the flavour intensity is nice, and it lasts a long time.

Battery Capacity and charging

The myblu starter kit comes with a 350mah battery. This does not sound enough, but still, I was shocked to see how spacious this portable battery was. You can easily vape a full pod before your battery runs out. Therefore, you can easily get through a full day of vaping, depending on how often you hit this device.

Once you start inhaling, LED will light up, indicating the battery levels. Each battery level is marked with a specific colour. Blue light indicates a 20 to 100 per cent battery. Orange light shows 5 to 19 per cent, whereas red light indicates low battery from 0 to 4 per cent.

While your batteries are on charging mode, this light indicator will stay red and turns off once it reaches 100 per cent. Normally it takes around 30 minutes to fully charging these batteries. You can easily charge the device through the micro USB port via USB cable.


I will definitely recommend this starter kit to you as it is super lightweight and compact and is very simple to use!

The pods are easy to attach and come in a range of flavours to choose from. The device offers a smooth throat hit and a satisfying cigarette-like draw. You also have the option to use nicotine-based e-liquids. The battery life is also perfect and can easily last for a full day of vaping. Moreover, you can easily use it as your go-to starter kit!

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