NJOY Ace Review

NJOY Ace Review

Njoy Ace is a stylish and compact pod device designed for beginners who are into the mouth to lung vaping. The throat hit is exactly similar to that of a cigarette, plus it gives a nice tobacco essence and the perfect nicotine balance to offer a satisfying all-round vapour.

This pod device's design is extremely simple, which makes it easy to use. It is a one-step pod device. It comes with prefilled pods that contain your e-liquid. These pods can be attached directly to the device. A cool thing about these pods is that they are available in 4 different flavours. These flavours are:

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Cool Menthol
  • Blueberry
  • Watermelon Twist

Personally, my favourite flavour amongst all these is the Classic Tobacco flavour as I am a nicotine lover, and that natural tobacco essence really satisfies my cravings. Each pod has a capacity to hold 1.9ml of e-liquid. This is excellent compared to the small size of the device. Plus, these pods also include a 5 per cent nicotine concentration that is perfect for quenching your nicotine hunger!

Physical features, shape, size, and weight

NJOY Ace is a portable yet durable device that has a slim capsule-like shape that feels extremely comfortable inside the palm. You can also put it in your pockets and can carry it around anywhere you like.

A cool feature about this mod is that it does not have any buttons. So it offers an automatic drop that allows you to suck in in the flavours without the need of pressing any button.

These mod are available in black and grey colours. The colours are subtle yet classy. The black part almost covers the entire part of your mod. It is hard and is composed of shiny plastic material, whereas the grey parts are the ones where you touch your fingers in order to hold your device, so they are soft and include finger pads that cover the front and backside of the mod.  

This is Ace mod weighs only about two ounces, so it is extremely lightweight; you can carry it around quite easily. So it is ideal for someone who prefers vaping on the go and needs a device that can be easily carried around inside your pockets.

Magnetic Flavor Pods

The ace mod features magnetic pods that we have to buy separately. These pods can easily pop out of the packaging. You have to remove the rubber plug that is present at the bottom and top of the pod in order to refill. These plugs are there to prevent any sort of leakage of e-liquids while refilling or removing the pod. Anyways, these refillable pod systems make this device extremely easy to use.

How to use

The Ace mod is easy to use. A plus point is that this device offers an automated draw. So all you have to do is pick up the device, attach the pod to it and start vaping, that's all! There is nothing difficult in that. It is one of the easiest for the device that you'll find in the market right now.

My Overall views and personal experience

Now talking about my personal experience, I would like to share that really love to with this device words. It is not an extremely powerful mod; it is simple to use for a device that anyone can.

It is designed to target every user and mostly mouth to lung lovers who are into a tight draw and constricted airflow. I really love the fact that they included the option of nicotine in it as it personally helped me a lot as I am a huge fan of nicotine and the nicotine hit on this device was perfect for me. I really love how the flavours work; they are not too hard or too light. They are extremely comfortable in the throat + leave behind refreshing essence and a long-lasting taste.

I will recommend this device to all smokers who are looking for a perfect alternative to smoking. I can promise that this device will definitely quench your nicotine thirst and will provide you with a satisfying nicotine experience with four exciting flavours to choose from.

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