PG vs. VG

PG vs. VG

You must have heard the term PG and VG while switching to electronic devices, and you must be curious to know what they are, their ingredients, are they safe? To bring you out of this confusion, here ill explain both these terminologies, their differences and much more!


PG or propylene glycol is the most popular e-liquid in the market. This is a petroleum by-product. Having no colour and odour, it is less viscous than VG. It gives a similar throat hit to that of smoking tobacco. With much more flavour as compared to VG, it is used for flavour concentrates.

Its uses and safety

PG is used in many common household items like beauty products, oral hygiene products, medical products, pet food, inhalers and many more.

PG is proven by the FDA to be safe to ingest orally. That is why it is used as a food additive, but it's not preferred in the consumption of aerosol form. The study in 2010 concluded that PGs might increase the risk of respiratory and immune disorders among children.

Allergies linked to PG are rare. If you find a rash or any unpleasant reactions, then you may have a mild sensitivity to PG, and you should select a high VG juice instead. Usually, people get dehydration, thirst, dry mouth, and sour throat, but you can easily avoid them by drinking more water.


VG or vegetable glycerin is a natural chemical that is derived from vegetable oil. It gives a thick vapour sensation to e-liquids. Being thicker than PG, its taste is slightly sweet too. With a much smoother throat hit as compared to PG, its best for sub-ohm vaping.

Its uses and safety

It's found in many foods, medical as well as personal care products, like beauty products, soap and hand creams, baked goods and dental care products.

The FDA has generally recognized VG as safe as it's regarded to be among the benign substance known to man. It has low toxicity when consumed with a low potential for skin or eye irritation. Due to its safety for humans, it's widely used in food and medicine.

PG vs VG

  1. Consistency

PG has a much thinner consistency as compared to VG due to its runny consistency. It's absorbed easily inside the customizers and tanks.

  1. Allergy risks

PG gives users more allergy risks as compared to VG. Dry mouth, dehydration, thirst, and sour throat are the common side effect of PG. VG, on the other hand, is known to be safe for use. Due to these allergies, most of the vapers switch to VG.

  1. Throat hit

With VG, you get less throat hit, whereas PG gives you a stronger throat hit like that of tobacco cigarettes.

  1. Sweetness

VG has its own slight sweet taste, so it makes the flavours a bit difficult to detect, making the e-liquids sweeter, whereas PG is a tasteless and odourless substance.

  1. Gunk

The VG gunks up due to its thick consistency ending up with clogged vaporizers which require more cleaning. PG is a low-density e-juice, so it doesn't build up gunk on the heating elements.

  1. Vapour production

VG tends to produce more vapours due to its thick consistency. So it's best for cloud chasing.

Which one is better?

In VG, its increased thickness reduces the atomizer's life as compared to PG based juice. Coils get up clogged more rapidly with high VG liquids and risk the working of certain tanks.

On the other hand, PG has common side effects of dehydration, thirst, sour throat and dry mouth. So choosing a PG or VG is a matter of personal choice as many preferences of vapers are involved.

  • Flavour & throat hit: For vapers who prefer sharp throat hit, PG is the best choice. It carries much flavour and gives the desired hit at the back of the throat.
  • Cloud chasing: VG is the best option if you want to cloud chase. To cloud chase, you must opt for high VG.
  • Smoothness: with a much thicker mouthfeel, high VG fluid gives a smoother feeling to the throat.
  • Stealth vaping: for stealth vaping in public, you must go for high PG.

Which one is safer?

VG is much safer to use as compared to PG as it has no serious health impacts on vaping. VG allergic risks are very low; that is why it's a useful alternate for vapers being allergic to PG.

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