Plus Pods Review

Plus Pods Review

In this article, I am going to review an exciting range of pods from the Plus Pods. These pods are designed to be used as an alternative to the JUUL pods. They are available in a pack of 4 and are much cheaper than the Juul pods. Furthermore, they also have a high e-liquid holding capacity of 1ml and contain 6 per cent nicotine concentration that is ideal for vapours of all kinds as the nicotine is mild and not too harsh on the throat and offers a smooth inhale.

Plus Pods are available in 14 exciting flavours. These flavours revolve around mostly fruits, and there are also a few menthol flavours and unique combinations like cream too! I was really excited to see that they included the original mango flavour as well as the Iced mint flavour in their lineup. Here I am going to share my personal review and experience regarding some of the Plus Pods flavours that I've tried. This might help you in selecting the right flavour to suit your vaping style.


Plus Pods mango flavour tastes just like the original Juul mango. The extra 6 per cent nicotine salts are a boost up to the refreshing mango flavours. It has a natural taste and odour and offers the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours. You will love these flavours if you are into sweet e-liquids.

Iced Mint

It is also one of my favourite flavours from the lot. It tastes so much like the spearmint bubble gum. The flavours are not too sharp nor too mild. They are perfectly balanced, and if you are a fan of peppermints and menthol, you are going to love this flavour.

Blue Raspberry

Raspberry and blueberry are one of the best e-liquid flavours that you can get. This Blue raspberry flavour from Plus pods offers a tangy mix of blue razz that enlightens your taste buds with a long-lasting flavour. The flavours are refreshing, although they do not have any mint or menthol effect on the exhale. They are perfectly balanced, not too sour nor too sweet. In the beginning, I got a few dry hits, but later on, it began to work perfectly.

California Cream

This is one of the unique flavours that I have tasted. It has a light creamy touch that is not too sweet and leaves a refreshing cream essence. The flavours are subtle, and if you are into cream and custard flavours, this is ideal for you.

Green Apple

I was really happy to see that the apple flavour is available for JUUL. It tastes just like fizzy apple candy and is quite sharp and refreshing. I personally don't like such sharp flavours, but if you are into fizzy and tangy flavours, you might love this one.


Plus pods watermelon flavour is really unique and of high quality. It is really well balanced as it is neither too sweet, not too sour. Personally, I don't like watermelon, but still, I had to admire the quality of this flavour. It had more of a natural taste rather than a candy flavour. Overall, it is a decent watermelon flavoured e-liquid.


Plus Pods lemonade flavour is simply amazing. I tried it and became a fan of it right on the first hit. The taste is natural, and I really loved the fact that it wasn't too fizzy, not too sugary. The flavours blended well inside the mouth to offer a refreshing mix. This is one of the most natural flavours that I've tasted.

Plus Pods performance and my verdict 

Plus pods are easy to use. I hardly had any issues using them with my JUUL battery. Their performance is pretty solid, but I'm not sure whether or not they are temperature control compatible. I did not experience any sort of dry hits, and the flavour was also very consistent. I really feel that I had full control over the pods, and they were not getting vigorously hot on-chain vaping.

I also loved the fact that Plus Pods offer a round mouthpiece as it fits well in your lips and provides that comfortable inhaling. The pods hit really well with the 6 per cent nicotine concentration that is mild and not too harsh on your throat. The overall performance is amazing, but I would still say that they are not as great as the original ones, but still, they have a slight advantage in terms of high nicotine concentration and a wide range of flavours to choose from.

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