SEA Pods Review

SEA Pods Review

In this article, I am going to share with you a newer and tastier alternative to Juul pods. I am talking about the brand new SEA pods. These pods are designed to be used with almost every Juul pod device. They are capable of holding 1ml of e-liquid inside, which is about 0.3ml more compared to the original pods from Juul. Each of SEA pods offers a nicotine concentration of 5 per cent that is ideal for nicotine consumers who are looking for a tastier and less harmful alternative to smoking.

Now talking about the flavours, these SEA pods provide you with the option of 16 exotic flavours. Most of these flavours are from JUUL and include some of the classic ones like the Juul mango and mint flavour. Whereas the rest of the flavours are completely new. A cool thing about SEA Pods is that each of the flavours is refreshing and are designed for a mild and not too strong vaping experience. SEA Pods are best known for their range of sweet and tangy fruity flavours, but apart from that, they also have a variety of other exciting flavours like menthol. Here I am going to discuss some of these flavours with you and will also share my views regarding these flavours and overall SEA Pods. So without further ado, let's dig right in and see the tasty flavour range from SEA Pods!

SEA pods flavour range


Mint is one of the most exciting flavours that SEA pods offer. This flavour is inherited from the original line of Juul pods. I really like the crispiness of the SEA pod mint, and it is one of my favourite menthol-flavoured pods. It tastes more like a double mint bubble gum and is not too sharp. I would say that it is a more fresh version of mint.

Pineapple lemonade

Pineapple is one of the tastiest e-liquid fruit flavours, in my opinion.

 SEA pods offer a unique combination of sweet pineapple flavour toppled with tangy lemonade to provide a refreshing vapour. The tartness of lemon complements well with the sweetness of pineapple. The flavour hits the spot and is not too harsh on the throat.

Pink Lemonade

Here we have another lemonade fusion from SEA pods. This flavour will definitely blow your mind, and I bet you have not tasted anything like this before. It is a refreshing yet sharp citrusy flavour that is toppled with refreshing mint crisps. It definitely tastes like a cold glass of lemonade.


When it comes to fruit flavoured e-liquids, strawberry is the first flavour that comes to mind. The SEA pods strawberry flavour is really dominating and of high quality. The flavour is long-lasting and leaves behind a beautiful strawberry odour. It is not too sweet, neither too tangy and creates a perfect balance that is ideal for all vapers.

Strawberry Menthol

SEA pods also offer a fruit and mint combination in the form of strawberry menthol flavour. I've had many fruity and mint flavours in the past, but I would say that the quality and balance on this one is impeccable. The flavour is mild and has the perfect sweetness of strawberries which is not overly sweet, and on top of that, you have a refreshing burst of mint flavour. This cold fruity flavour is probably my most favourite from the lot, and I really enjoyed vaping it. I would definitely recommend this to you as the flavour is of the highest quality and is totally smooth on the throat.

My personal experience with SEA pods

I really loved the fact that SEA pods offer a rounded mouthpiece, unlike the JUUL pods. This mouthpiece feels comfortable on the lips. The size is a bit bigger compared to JUUL, as these pods can hold more e-liquid.

One thing that I did not like about these pods was that they are not temperature compatible. On the very first puff, you always hear a satisfying crackle. But, if you keep taking longer puffs over a short course of time, you are at risk of getting a dry hit. Still, the flavour quality is good, but I personally like those longer puffs more.

I would like to add that the overall performance of these pods is pretty solid, and they fit tightly to the device, and I hardly witnessed any dribble. They are also quite protective in terms of leakage problems and hardly leak. These SEA pods are one of the most high-quality pods that I have ever used in terms of build quality and flavour. The throat hit is also much smoother compared to the JUUL pod device, whereas the nicotine concentrations are the same.


SEA pods are a good alternative to Juul pods as they are cheaper and can hold slightly more amount of e-liquid. They also have a wide range of flavour options to choose from. All the flavours are refreshing and sharp. These pods perform fine; however, they are not designed for chain vaping as the vapour heats up pretty quickly.

So, I would say that these SEA pods are not better than JUUL pods, but still, they are a good and cheaper alternative that you can switch to for a change and to have access to more exciting flavour options.

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