Smok AL85 Kit Review

Smok AL85 Kit Review

Smok introduces the brand new AL85 kit with a shape similar to the famous Smok Alien 220W mod. The kit features the signature box mod design with the side-firing button and a wide OLED display screen that actively shows all your mod settings, including wattage levels, puff counts, voltage, temperature and many more!

I recently got my hands on the Smok AL85 kit, and today I would like to share with you guys my personal experience regarding this box mod.

Similar to Smok Alien        

This AL85 kit is the true predecessor of the Smok Alien, even though it features a top battery cap that offers a replacement for the single 18650 batteries. I was really impressed by the size and display of this device. It is designed to be held inside the palm, and I did not have any issues while travelling with this mod inside my pockets.

Wattage capacity and display screen

AL85 kit delivers a maximum wattage of 85W, which is quite cool compared to the ergonomic design that it possesses. It also features a temperature control mod that makes vaping at high wattages safe and exciting. Both these modes are effectively displayed on the wide OLED screen that is placed right in the centre of the mod and provides information about everything, including battery life, voltage levels, resistance, vaping effect and many more!

Atomizer compatibility

Now talking about the size and shape of this beautiful looking AL85 kit, the kit has a wide diameter that can be used easily with any 25mm atomizer. You can easily use it with a 3ml Smok baby tank, and it will work perfectly.

Coils and their range

It incorporates dual-core coils for optimum performance and vapour production. One is the 0.4-ohm coil that is capable of firing smoothly at a wattage range of 40W to 80W, whereas the other one is the 0.6-ohm coil that works perfectly at a resistance range of 20W to 50W. The kit actually felt like a smaller version of Smok alien mod. It is not too heavy compared to the features that it offers. Everything is packed inside a durable metallic casing that is compact and can be used as your everyday vaping choice.

Overall feel and size

I am using this vape kit for about two weeks now, and so far, my experience has been pretty good, actually. I loved the way this device feels in hand. I would probably say that it is a smaller version of Smok Alien kit as the shape is similar, but it is a bit lightweight and portable in size.

 Different modes and functions

I was also enthralled by the colours and overall display of the OLED screen and all the menus and modes that it displays. Plus, this mod is also quite easy to use. I mean, if you are new to these high wattage mods, I would suggest you to, but this one in order to get things going as the settings are easy to access. They are not too complicated as it offers minimal modes that are perfect for an exciting vaping experience. I loved the fact that they also provide you with the option of a temperature control feature as, for me, it is a must-have mode in every high-end vaping kit.

My personal Vaping experience and overall views

I tried this device at variable wattage level, and I would say that the best vapour was around that 55 to 65W range as the flavours blend it pretty nicely, plus it doesn't hit the throat hart, so I hardly witnessed any sort of spit backs. I also loved the mouthpiece that they include with this kit as it fits in pretty effectively and also gives that mouth to lung feel.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you buying this cool AL85 kit as it will definitely live up to your vaping expectations due to its cool features and smooth action. Also, you can easily use it as your everyday vaping device as it is easy to use and can be carried around everywhere you go!

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