SMOK Alien 220W Review 2020 By UK Vaper Store

SMOK Alien 220W Review 2020 By UK Vaper Store

SMOK Alien 220W Review

Today I am going to review a much-anticipated kit from Smok called the Smok Alien 220W kit. I have been using this device for the past two weeks now. If you are a type of vaper who is looking for a mind-blowing high tech mod, then you are at the right place! It has an excellent sub-ohm tank at a good price point.

Packaging and Essentials

Talking about the packaging for the Smok Alien kit, inside the packaging, you will receive a warranty card with the certificate of authenticity. Along with that, you will receive your Alien mod with a USB charging cable. A Smok Battery warning card is also available inside the kit. A cool thing about this kit is that it also comes with separate upgradeable o-rings and a top seal for your tank. This kit also comes with a Baby Beast tank!

Baby Beast Tank

The Baby Beast tank comes with a pre-installed 0.4-ohm coil head. It also includes an extra coil head with a capacity of 0.15 ohm. Spare glass tubes are also included with the coil head.

6 Different Colours

The Smok Alien kits are available in 6 different colours. The colours are not too flashy or vibrant. Five of them are all black units with different colour trims. I got the black and red coloured mod with the red o-rings. The o-rings matches the trim, which is a very cool feature and also provides the mod with an exciting look.

Specifications and Features

Now I would like to share a few specs related to the Smok Alien mod. 

Size and shape

This mod is 85mm by 44mm by 30mm in size. The front of the mod is quite wide, and you get a big old mini screen displayed right in the centre. Right below the screen is two gel buttons that are used to adjust wattages and scroll through menus. Below the button is the USB charging port.

Side Firing Switch

This mod has a firing switch displayed at the side, which has a nice clicky touch. You also have four ventilation holes on the sides.

Carbon Fibre panel

A carbon fibre black panel that displays the Smok logo is present on the other side of the mod. This panel feels nice and compact on the palm and also provides a firm grip.

510 Connection on the top

On the top of the mod, you have your 510 connection with stainless steel threads and a spring-loaded 510 tip.

Batteries and Battery door

On the base of the mod, there is a battery door that holds two 18650 batteries. This door is quite compact and holds the batteries together quite well, and prevents rattling. When you add the batteries, the door becomes tight and snugs perfectly. Another cool thing about the battery vent is that it clearly displays the positive and negative signs for the battery as soon as you pop the door open. The plus and minus signs are also displayed on the battery door.

RDA Compatibility

This mod is compatible with 23 or 24mm RDAs. 25mm can also fit, but it gets a bit loose at times.

Settings and Modes

The device is quite easy to use, five clicks on the firing switch turn it on in an instant, and it goes straight to the menu screen. This screen displays the wattage mode, battery capacity, volts, amps mode, and a puff counter at the bottom.

Wattage settings and resistance

The wattage goes all the way to 220W in a flash! With the wattage mode, you can vapour all the way down to 0.1 ohms and then all the way up to 3ohms. With the temperature mode, you can vape from 0.06 ohm to 3 ohms.

Screen functions

You can also lock or unlock the device by clicking the fire panel five times. In order to access the mini settings, you can hit the fire button three times.

Different menus

Once you get into these settings, you will see different menus like mode, puffs, settings, power etc. you can adjust the wattage memory, the wattage settings, temperature modes like nickel, or temperature settings like Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can access the stainless steel as well as the wattage modes with just three clicks on the firing button!

Adjusting the screen display

The settings also allow you to adjust the screen display. You can change the brightness as well as the colour of your display.

Locking and unlocking the device

You can also lock your device really fast by pressing the up and down button at the same time. Now when we are in temperature mode, this is a little bit different, and when you hold down the fire button and the up button at the same time, you can change the wattage. You can also adjust between memory, watts and temperature similarly.

Pros and Cons

Now I will discuss the pros and cons that I found with this device. These are just nitpicky cons and do not affect the vaping experience that much. The pros are a lot as compared to the cons, and they actually outweigh the cons.

Fire Panel Feedback and Clicky Buttons

The first con is that when you touch the fire panel, there is a little bit of feedback. This is present mostly at the bottom of the panel and on the side. When you press it, the panel is nice and comfortable. Similarly, there is no rattle when you shake it. Just the touching produces a little bit of feedback, but it does not change the fact that the fire panel is really comfortable and clicky.

No Screen Protector

A second con that I found was that the device did not come with any protector over the mini display screen. This left quite a lot of scuff marks on my screen.

Compatibility with 25mm RDAs

The third con was that this mod is not quite effective when used with a 25mm tank. The tank does not fit tightly to the mod. There is a touch of overhang on the front. It is barely visible, but still, it is something that needs to be dealt with.

Last but not least, I would like to share my firing experience. Out of the hundreds of times that I fired each unit, I had only 3 or 4 misfires only. This device fires most of the time, and that is really great.

Nice Ergonomic Design and Light Weight

The mod has a stylish body, and the most fun thing is that they provide you with the option for matching o-rings which makes your device more attractive. It is a really efficient kit and is quite ergonomic. It feels good in the hand and is extremely light for dual 18650 batteries. So you can easily carry this device around anywhere you like. You will be amazed by the way this device looks and performs!

Overall Views and Vaping Experience

This device performs excellently in every mode. I tried it at both temperature control as well as wattage mode, and the performance is incredible. The baby beast tank really optimizes the flavour output and produces whopping clouds. The display screen is really beautiful. I was enthralled by the wonderful colours and high tech settings. The buttons were also quite nice and comfy. This is easy to use and a quite efficient device. The batteries are quite powerful, and the best part is that they hold together quite well inside the metallic casing. This door also prevents any sort of battery rattle and keeps the batteries intact for your long sessions of vaping.

My vaping experience was also beyond expectations. This device goes up to the 220W mark! And still, I only reached 100W, and the results were exceptional. The smoke output was beyond my imagination. It literally filled my entire room! The flavour, on the other hand, was exceptional and did not hit my throat hard even at the extreme wattage levels. It literally nourished my mouth with the sweetness of the flavour. I could feel the flavour hitting every part of my mouth. Overall this is a quite efficient and high tech mod. It is super competitive in contrast to the price for which you get it!

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