SMOK Alien Review

SMOK Alien Review

So quite recently, I got my hands on the latest 220W Alien kit from Smok. I have been trying for a month to elevate my vaping experience and to take it to a brand new level. I desperately needed a dual battery mod that can help maximise the smoke output and flavour quality and provide me with the desired high-end vaping experience. My friend suggested me this Smok 220W Alien Kit, and now this kit is my go-to device for cloud chasing and high-quality vapour production.

Lateral Firing Pin

I love this Smok Alien Kit for the fact that it is quite stylish. Moreover, it utilises a lateral firing bar instead of those traditional round firing button. This lateral firing bar is far more clicky and responsive and helps to prevent misfires. Plus, it is also extremely smooth to press! The zero misfire rate and quick and responsive action make this Smok Alien kit an extremely durable device and something on which you can rely on!

Compact and powerful

Smok Alien Kit became an overnight sensation in the vaping world when it was released back in September last year. The most common reason for such hype was the overall form and specs of this device. The best part about this Alien kit is that it is extremely portable compared to the fact that it holds dual 18650 batteries inside and yet offers a compact and handheld design.

The batteries are also packed inside durable popping doors that prevent any sort of rattling and also helps to keep the batteries intact. This door will easily pop up once you apply a little bit of pressure. Hence, it is quite simple to remove and replace these powerful batteries.

Moving on to the basic design and structure, this Smok Alien mod is extremely ergonomic and well designed. It has the perfect size to weight proportions that allow you to fit it inside your pockets and carry it around anywhere you like. The firing bar is so smooth that once you become used to it's haptic and responsive action, you will never go back to those traditional buttons. So, Smok Alien offers an intelligent built with a compact construction and modern features that allows it to stand out!

Settings and Functions

The best thing about the Smok Alien Kit that stands out is it's a bright and wide display that covers almost the entire front area of the mod. This maim screen actively displays the entire settings, including:

  • Wattage levels
  • Ohms
  • Puff counts
  • Duration of every single puff
  • Voltage levels


Along with that, the mod also provides real-time monitoring of your internal PCB board. So what more can a handheld mod device offer?

The usage is quite simple. In order to turn the device on, you just have to click on the firing button three times, and it will automatically take you to a selection screen where you can access different settings and can upgrade the mod according to your desired vaping levels. You can press the firing button hardly in order to scroll through the additional menus.


Smok Alien Kit offers different Modes that help to elevate the vaping experience. It includes a wattage mode that can be accessed using the fire button and left control button.

The device also offers a temperature control mode that helps to utilise your nichrome wire coils or titanium nickel coils.

You also have a puff screen that displays the exact amount of pulls you have taken. It's also a really great feature as it helps to keep a record of your vaping regime.

There is also a settings menu that allows you to access additional settings and modes, including the Stealth mode. You can also adjust your screen duration and can also turn on the auto-lock feature. It also helps to adjust the screen visuals like brightness and contrast.

There is also a power screen that helps to power down your mod. It can be done by selecting OFF and holding the fire button.


Smok Alien provides an ergonomic and compact design with carbon fibre layering that offers durability and toughness to the mod. There are two adjustment buttons and a clicky firing bar. On the bottom, you have a USB port for charging.


There are six battery venting holes on each side of the mod that allows maintaining proper airflow and preventing the device from overheating. Apart from that, the device also comes with a 24mm atomiser.


Smok Alien device can run up to a maximum wattage of 220W due to the dual 18650 batteries inside. For me, the ideal wattage range is 80 to 100W when using bigger coils. I usually replace the batteries once during the day.

Moving on, the wattage output on this device is very accurate and legit compared to other mods that I have tried. The batteries are pretty efficient despite the bright LED display.

It is extremely easy to use this mod as it fits tightly inside your palm. The firing button is very responsive and offers a smooth, vaping experience.


So right now, I believe there is not much left for me to say about this Smok Alien Kit as this device speaks for itself. It is designed to last and stand out!

The build quality on this mod is immaculate! It is extremely compact and yet handheld despite the fact that it utilises dual 18650 batteries and can operate at a maximum wattage of 250W. Still, you can easily keep this device inside your pockets!

So if you are looking for a powerful and compact vaping experience, this device is your ultimate choice. I've literally experienced smoke clouds with this Alien kit that will blow your mind off!!! Plus, the flavour quality is so smooth, it literally enhances every corner of your mouth. The adjustable settings allow you to modify the device to fit your desired style of vaping. So, what more do you expect?

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