Smok Fetch Pro Mod Kit Review 2020

Smok Fetch Pro Mod Kit Review 2020

Smok Fetch Pro Mod Kit

I have been using the Smok RPM80 pod device for quite a while now, and recently, I decided to elevate my vaping experience, so I bought the new Smok Fetch Pro mod. So let me tell you about this device first, and later I will share my complete vaping experience with you. Smok fetch pro is an all in one single 18650 device. It has almost the same features as the RPM80 mod. Now talking about the ins and outs of this device, it comes in nice packaging with two pods! One pod is for the RPM coil, while the other one is for the RPG coils.

The tank for the RPM coils is nice and sturdy. I really loved the all-black colour and was impressed with the 4.3mls capacity. It was much more than I expected. Another cool feature about this tank was that it included a removable 510 drip tip. This helped me a lot as I was able to use my own 510 drip tips for these tanks. The coil head was also easy to remove and replace. It just pops out of the tank with ease. One drawback that I witnessed regarding these tanks was that they lacked the airflow control ring. The filling is, however, quite easy. You have a little rubber tab on the tank that acts as a lid for the filling port. It fitted tightly and also prevented the liquid from leaking. The coil was also quite efficient as far as my experience is concerned. I personally love mesh coils, and I am a huge fan of sub-ohm vaping. The tank has an RPM mesh coil. I tried this coil on 20W, and the flavour quality was really nice. It was not as powerful as I expected in terms of smoke production, but the flavour output was remarkable.

Now talking about the other pod, it is for the RGC coil and has a red engraving over it that represents the RGC coil. This pod has a slightly less e-liquid holding capacity. It holds 4mls of e-liquid. It also has the same 510 removable drip tip on the top and the same filling method as the RPM tank. A really cool feature about this tank is that it has an airflow control ring at the bottom of the coil. This ring is quite similar to the one featured in Smok RPM80. It was really effective for me as I was able to switch between mouth to lung and direct lung style with ease. The coil can be removed easily. It is a highly powerful conical mesh coil. The coil was able to fire up to 60W. I normally vaped it on the 60 to 70 Watt range, and the smoke production was tremendous. I rarely experienced any strong throat hits. The flavour was smooth on every inhale. I found it to be the same as I was using early in my RPM80 kit.

Now talking about the body of the mod, I purchased the orange colour version from a bunch of different colours. I really liked the tiny slots on the body that effectively control the airflow inside the mod. Another thing that I really liked about this mod was the side buttons. All the buttons, including the fire button, are located on one side. This makes it quite easy for me to hold the pod and press the button simultaneously. Another cool feature that I cannot ignore about this mod is the type C charging port. I personally really like type C charging ports, and they are much more effective and have a higher charging rate.

The battery featured in this mod is also quite easy to remove. It is protected by a metallic lid which is placed quite innovatively at the bottom of the mod. I just had to pull the lid open to remove the batteries. I hardly experienced any sort of battery rattle or disconnection as the battery was quite intact in its place inside the lid.

The display screen is also quite effective and features a really small design. The screen was easy to activate. Just push the menu button five times, and you will have the display. I was able to navigate the display screen quite easily. It displayed my battery life, voltage, resistance and also indicated my puff count. It is also quite magnificent that you can actually lock the screen by pressing the fire button three times. The screen will be locked at default settings, and you can vape for as long as you like. I was also able to lock and unlock the wattage setting by pressing the up and down buttons simultaneously.

Now from my personal experience, I have noticed that including a type C charging made this device quite effective in contrast to the Smok RPM80. I hardly found any cons in this device. It does what it supposed to do quite effectively. It has a nice airflow control that I personally really liked. The removable 510 drip tip is also a pro for this device. The tank holds a significant amount of e-liquid, and the display screen is also quite bright and effective. I still somehow wanted the device to be a bit taller instead of being wide.

I tried it on the RGC coils, and the vaping experience was awesome. The flavour on these coils was completely top-notch. I also loved the smoke production on these things. It literally filled my whole room. I also loved the size form factor of this device. It fitted nicely in my hand and was quite handy to use due to the side fire button. I haven’t had any issue vaping these devices. I also vaped it while blocking the air vents, and still, the airflow was amazing. If you are into the pod mods and all in one device, you are really going to like these devices. The flavour quality and smoke production are amazing, and on the whole, these are really nice and compact devices.

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