Smok G Priv 220W Review

Smok G Priv 220W Review


SMOK has been at the cutting edge of advancement in the vaping business for quite a while. They were the first to present innovative advancements like Bluetooth availability and remote firmware updates to the vaping scene, and with the new SMOK G-Priv 220W mod, they are taking things much further. While the G-Priv may not be the world's first touchscreen mod, see the Siegelei T200 or the Laisimo L3 it's certainly the most impressive one at the present time, and I'd even dare to state that it's additionally the most refined.


The most energizing component of the G-Priv is the serious touch screen. Covered with shatterproof glass (and no, I didn't attempt to check whether I could break it, yet my moniker could be Super Clutz), the 2.4-inch OLED screen is intuitive and highlights pleasant illustrations. The screen lock button keeps your settings from being coincidentally changed while the mod is in a pocket, tote, or pushed down between the seat in my pickup truck. To initiate the screen lock, basically press the silver rectangular catch situated over the terminating bar.

Squeezing the screen lock button again will enact the screen by and by to permit the vaper to change settings or check the double battery symbols to gauge the remaining battery life. Estimating 85mm x 58.5mm x 28 mm, the SMOK G-Priv is a normal size dual battery box mod, despite the fact that I will say it is somewhat on the thick side. It's likewise generally weighty for its size, tipping the scales at 202 grams without help from anyone else and 292 grams with two 18650 batteries embedded.

The body is made of principally of zinc composite, the material SMOK has been utilizing on basically the entirety of their mods. A couple of exemptions are the touchscreen, which is made of break safe, stun confirmation glass, and the battery cover, which the Chinese organization claims is made of "carbon fibre material". It certainly looks like carbon fibre, yet it seems like light plastic to me. I took a stab at stripping at the corners to check whether it's, in reality, a sticker with a carbon fibre theme; however, nothing fell off.

Additionally, It will be expressed that over the three weeks since I've been utilizing the G-Priv, the battery cover has stayed in perfect condition, while the zinc compound body has many scratches on it. Another extraordinary thing about the battery entryway is the way immovably it joins to the mod because of eight major and amazing magnets – four on the cover and four on the mod. It's so firm, indeed, that you need to apply a lot of strain to pry it off the gadget. The G-priv has a gigantic scope of intensity change, going from 1 to 220 W. The base atomizer obstruction permitted is 0.06 ohms.

As anyone might expect, the G-Priv has temperature control (TC). Clients may change somewhere in the range of 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. What is somewhat astounding are that all the extravagant accessories are incorporated, and that isn't something seen frequently at a mod in this cost range. The G-Priv has modes for ni200, titanium and tempered steel.


  • The Big Baby Sub-ohm tank truly is a monster!
  • Truly attractive mod (and tank)
  • Carbon Fiber decorate on the solid magnet battery entryway
  • Flexible TCR for tempered steel loop clients
  • Five attracting impacts to dial your vape
  • Natural touch screen with shatterproof glass
  • A huge scope of intensity changes for most vapers


The G-Priv touchscreen mod comes in the standard SMOK bundling, an enormous cardboard box with an exquisite hard paper holder highlighting a polished image of the gadget on the front, and a lot of helpful data on the back – unit substance, mod details, a short portrayal, just as the standard alerts and lawful disclaimer. In case you're stressed over fakes, on the container, there is a scratch seal that uncovers a realness code, which you can check on the web.

Inside the crate, we have the SMOK G-Priv 220W sitting cosy in a froth holder, and underneath that holder, we have a miniature USB charging/update link, a client manual, a guarantee card and a little flyer on battery wellbeing. Presently, mine additionally accompanied a dark silicone sleeve for the mod; however, it's not referenced in the substance list on the bundling, so I'm not 100% sure that it will be remembered for the retail form.

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